BMW Canada

BMW International Open 2019: a start estimable of universe champions with Lahm, Müller and Siem advantages a Nicolaidis YoungWings foundation.

Munich. Top-class start to a contest week during a BMW
International Open (19th to 23rd June, Golfclub München Eichenried):
a initial turn belongs to 3 universe champions. In a morning,
Philipp Lahm and Thomas Müller (football World Cup winners in 2014)
and Marcel Siem (Golf World Cup leader in 2006) played the
Championship Course in Eichenried.

An auction to advantage a “Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung” was won by
Dr. Christian Näther, who afterwards had a event to join this
disdainful round. Müller is an envoy for a charitable
organization that provides target-group-oriented counselling and
long-term anguish support for immature people who have mislaid a life
partner and for children traffic with a genocide of one or both parents.

Thomas Müller: “The march plays longer than I
approaching and a severe is thick. The greens make an excellent
sense and we can roughly review them to figure skating ice. We
play a contest each year for a YoungWings substructure and last
year we auctioned off a turn with Marcel, Philipp and me. Many
interjection to Christian for winning a auction and interjection to the
organisers for permitting us to play here. It is so most fun!”

Philipp Lahm: “We usually played 9 holes though Thomas
always needs some-more assistance from me than we do from him. But Thomas is still
in ideal condition and I’m certain he can still make it around a back
nine. So far, we have managed to keep a necessity down to a reasonable level.”

Marcel Siem: “I have never seen a golf march in
such good condition – large congratulations are in sequence for the
whole team. We will positively see some opposite scores this year, as
a greens are harder and concede a environment of some-more formidable pin
positions. As a immature Eichenrieder behind then, we am really unapproachable to
benefaction a illusory German march like this to a international
players. we am looking brazen to a BMW International Open.”