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BMW International Open 2019: “I like to float my bicycle” – Martin Kaymer, Lena Gercke, Jan Josef Liefers and competition stars open a iconic German tournament.

Munich. An beguiling cycle float by a English Garden in
stately weather, on BMW Bikes from a latest BMW Lifestyle
Collection, and a organization golf foe during a Seehaus: The opening
of a BMW International Open 2019 (GC München Eichenried,
19th to 23rd June) was a star-studded affair,
hold in good spirits on Tuesday evening. Golf stars Martin Kaymer,
Sergio García, Matt Wallace and Thorbjørn Olesen were assimilated by BMW
M Brand Ambassador Lena Gercke, actor Jan Josef Liefers, Olympic
luge champion Felix Loch, and BMW works motorist Bruno Spengler, who
gave a “Tee-Off Night” a glorious it deserved.

The bicycle and rickshaw debate took a organization from a central player
hotel, a Hilton Munich Park, by a English Garden, a famous
Munich landmark and one of a largest parks in a world. The stars
were in high spirits by a time they arrived during a Seehaus, where
they were given a comfortable acquire by Pro-Am guest during a “Tee-Off
Night”, and reached for their golf clubs.

The foe was played in teams of two. While any pro had to
play an proceed shot from a specially-erected bunker, a pursuit of
putting was left to their luminary partner. The pairing of Johannes
Lochner and Martin Kaymer came out on top, wanting only dual shots.


Quotes from a opening of a BMW International Open.


Martin Kaymer (two-time vital champion and 2008 BMW
International Open winner):
“I am always tender by how
many bid BMW goes to, to safeguard that all runs smoothly. BMW
does a unequivocally good pursuit any year. The fort shot was apparently only a
bit of fun. we put a round on a immature and Johannes put it in. It is
a good approach to start a competition week.”

Sergio García (major champion and a many successful player
in Ryder Cup history):

“That was a illusory experience. It is tough to kick in this weather.
we was vacant how many people incited out and simply enjoyed a day.
The debate was unequivocally good and unequivocally good fun. It was good to see how
many fun everybody was having.”

Matt Wallace (BMW International Open fortifying champion):
“The dusk was fantastic. we have never finished a debate like
that before. we contingency regard a whole organization organisation for this
pretentious event. Cycling by a park and afterwards a fort shot
in front of 100 or some-more people was apparently a good start to the
competition week. We all enjoyed a summer dusk here in Munich,
with good food and good music.”

Lena Gercke (BMW M Brand Ambassador): “I consider we am a
improved cyclist than golfer. It was wonderful, and we had such a great
day with ideal weather. The English Garden is a dream. It is just
good fun to be outdoor in this weather. We did a brief cycling tour,
afterwards arrived during a Seehaus and did a bit of putting. That is not
indispensably one of my strengths, as we am not unequivocally a greatest
golfer. Nor do we consider we ever will be. However, it was a good honour
for me to be among so many tip golfers this evening.”

Jan Josef Liefers (actor and star of a array Tatort):
“If we have counted correctly, we trust this is my fifth time
during a BMW International Open. The opening was utterly successful
this year. we lived in Munich for 5 years, so we know a area around
a English Garden like my possess behind yard. we lived in this region, so I
spent a lot of time here. we like a fact that we are here now, and
that we are not totally safeguarded from outside, though that we have
half Munich around us. we like a approach a people of Munich acquire the
object and suffer only sitting together.”

Johannes Lochner (bobsleigh universe champion and universe cup
“It was another glorious experience. The cycling tour
by a English Garden was roughly too distant for a bobsleigh driver,
though we only about done it. The competition alongside Martin was tough to
beat. When we watch one of a best, it rubs off on you. Plus, we work
best underneath pressure. We had good weather, a people there were
friendly, and we am now unequivocally vehement about a Pro-Am.”

Bruno Spengler (BMW works motorist and 2012 DTM champion):
“It was super cool. we already knew Sergio, Martin and Matt,
since we have played Pro-Ams with them in Wentworth, perfume and
Paris. That was good fun, and we know any other good as a result. As
a outrageous golf fan, we am apparently gay to be here. The cycling tour
was also good fun. we consider it is illusory how committed BMW is to golf.”

Felix Loch (
Olympic champion, universe champion, and universe crater leader in a luge)
: “The cycling debate by a English Garden was
something totally different. When else would we do that? It was
unequivocally pleasing and a continue was mark on. It was a dream day. It
was good fun with a guys. we know one or dual of them utterly good now.
It was good in a Seehaus too – utterly in this weather. It is
distant some-more pleasing than in a winter, when it is -10 on a luge run.”