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BMW Ladies Championship 2019: Hana Jang wins prestigious contest in South Korea after stirring play-off.

  • Home feat for Hana Jang: a South Korean golfer wins the
    usually LPGA Tour contest to take place in her home nation on the
    third additional hole.
  • The hero is rewarded with 300,000 US dollars, out of a
    sum esteem account of dual million US dollars

  • 70,394 spectators attend a reward eventuality during a
    LPGA International Busan.
  • Kristen Gillman (USA) hits a hole-in-one to win a BMW 7 Series.


Busan. A birdie during a third additional hole saw South Korea’s
Hana Jang start a celebrations by claiming a home win in the
BMW Ladies Championship during a

LPGA International Busan. The 27-year-old had 269 strokes
(-19) on her scorecard after 4 rounds, that put her turn with
Danielle Kang (USA). Jang took home a sum of 300,000 US dollars in
esteem income for her fifth pretension on a LPGA Tour.

Kristen Gillman
constructed a shot of a tournament.
The American golfer strike a hole-in-one on a second turn to
win one of 3 BMW Hole-in-One Awards, a BMW 7Series Sedan.

“Congratulations on Hana Jang’s winning during a usually one LPGA
contest in Korea,” pronounced Dr. Wolfgang Hacker, Head of Brand
Management of BMW Group Korea. “I would also like to demonstrate my
frank thankfulness to a galleries for their large support and applause
for entrance to a BMW Ladies Championship. BMW will continue to invest
and minister to a growth of a Korean golf sports industry.”

Jang (-7) and Kang (-8) constructed by distant a best performances on the
final day and both deserved to strech a play-off. They both recorded
standard twice on a 18th before streamer a third additional hole, a 10th.
Kang scored standard once again, while her South Korean competition went one
better, securing a biggest success of her career to date with a birdie.

Kristen Gillman annoyed furious celebrations during a second round.
The 13th hole (par 3) positively valid to be a propitious one for a US
golfer, who is personification her initial deteriorate on a LPGA Tour. The
22-year-old chalked adult a hole-in-one from 164 metres with a 4-hybrid
to win a BMW 7er Series Sedan.

“It was good to finally have my initial hole-in-one since it’s kind
of been a using fun between me and my friends that I’ve holed out a
lot of shots on standard 4s and standard 5s though never on a standard 3,” Gillman said.
“I didn’t even demeanour during a BMW 7 Series since we didn’t even know I
done a hole-in-one. When we asked my caddie, he said: ‘It’s a nicest
one. That’s a one we want.’”

However, nobody else claimed a dual other BMW Hole-in-One-Awards, a
BMW 8 array (hole 6) and a new BMW X7 (hole 16).