BMW Canada

BMW Lifestyle presents 5 new Sport Collections.

Munich. With 5 new collection lines trimming from
Motorsport Heritage, Motorsport BMW,
and Yachtsport to
, BMW Lifestyle has denounced a ideal accompaniments
for a sporty, active lifestyle packed with appetite and transformation – in
gripping with a attainment of open 2017.


Urban athleisure with BMW Active.

No longer will a head-turning impact of a deception ragged by BMW
pre-production vehicles be cramped to a road. Their distinctive
camo settlement brings a special pattern prominence to all of a apparatus in
a sporty and civic BMW Active. Blue and Olive
shades, and yellow pattern elements and reflectors, move a modern
essence to a colour palette.

As good as an civic athleisure look, a Active collection also
stands out with a lightweight, quick-drying and breathable materials
– ideal for sporting excursions and outside activities. Handy
features, including a jersey-lined drawstring hood and lifted scarf
collar of a BMW Active Sweatshirt, safeguard the
wearer enjoys unbeatable comfort and limit leisure of movement.

In another neat twist, a collection contains not usually useful
outside accessories like the
BMW Active Functional Towel and a hard-wearing
luggage range, though also well-chosen dog accessories such as the
BMW Active Dog Leash. So a four-legged friends can
also embark on new adventures versed with a right pack for a job
during hand.


From story books to benefaction day – the
BMW Motorsport Heritage and BMW Motorsport Collection.

Inspired by a zeitgeist of a 1970s, the
BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection stylishly reflects
BMW’s prolonged tradition in engine sport. The
BMW Motorsport Leather Jacket in high-quality lamb’s
leather is a genuine cult object and channels a suggestion of a racing original.

The other apparatus in a Heritage Collection likewise
exaggerate a strange seventies BMW Motorsport logo, distinguished graphic
lines and an eye-catching colour scheme. And they, too, secrete a
must-have interest both for BMW Motorsport fans who have been there
given a commencement and those with a soothing mark for seventies culture
and BMW classics.

Motor competition enthusiasts of a benefaction day will be penetrating to explore
a newly expelled BMW Motorsport Collection, which
offers countless styles – consider distinguished BMW Motorsport stripes,
energetic styles and high-quality materials – designed to reconstruct that
old BMW competition feeling. A prominence of a collection is the
BMW Motorsport Paper Jacket. Made
from innovative, paper-like Tyvekâ material, this coupler can be
created on with waterproof markers. Which creates it an essential
habit further for trackside designation hunters.


BMW Golfsport Collection – on a immature in Navy and Fire.

For those who cite to zephyr down by attack a golf round or two, the
BMW Golfsport Collection offers an exclusive
preference of sporty, superb outfits such as the
BMW Golfsport Polo Shirt or the
BMW Golf Functional Jacket and functionally adept
apparatus full with crafty features.

For example, a ultra-lightweight
BMW Golfsport Carry Bag doesn’t only stir with its
cleverly structured outdoor and middle pockets and 7 club
compartments, it also has lightweight aluminium legs (with a manual
activator mechanism) that yield optimal belligerent contact. Aqua
record from OGIO, a removable, shape-retaining sleet cover and
waterproof zips and stitching group adult to keep all of your golf gear
dry, whatever a weather.

The intelligent Navy/Fire colour intrigue of a collection will move extra
stylistic potential to any player’s swing, regardless of handicap.

The BMW Golfsport Gift Set will be equally well
perceived by golf pros and fledgling members of a encumber ranks
alike. Flip open a large, golf-ball-style present box and we will find
dual high-qualify Pro V1 golf balls from consultant partner Titleist, a
representation flare and a BMW Golfsport Cap. The top has a accessible magnet holder
on a rise so we can keep a dual round markers with BMW trademark (also
enclosed in a set) within easy strech during all times.


BMW Yachtsport Collection

BMW Lifestyle continues to blow a lovely zephyr into a universe of
yachting as well. The successful
BMW Yachtsport Collection contains apparatus of baggage,
accessories and attire that stir with a sporty, superb design
and high quality. While wind- and water-repellent materials respond to
a specific final of yachting, infrequent styles and sophisticated
sum yield unbeatable comfort. The collection’s accessories also
mix expertly organic materials and stylish nautical pattern elements.


The BMW Sport Collections are accessible from Apr 2017
at as good as from comparison BMW Centres and dealers.


Manufacturer’s endorsed sell prices:

BMW Active Sweatshirts, lady and men: EUR 89.00                   

BMW Active Functional Towel: EUR 24.90

BMW Active Dog Leash: EUR 39.90

BMW Motorsport Heritage Leather Jacket, men: EUR 590.00

BMW Motorsport Paper Jacket. men: EUR 49.00

BMW Golfsport Polo Shirt, lady and men: EUR 65.00

BMW Golfsport Functional Jacket, lady and men: EUR 130.00

BMW Golfsport Carry Bag: EUR 280.00

BMW Golfsport Gift Set: EUR 55.00