BMW Canada

BMW M Motorsport continues a WEC Super Season in Shanghai.

Munich. Following a second-place finish in Japan final month,
BMW Team MTEK will make a entrance during a Shanghai International
Circuit in China this weekend for a fifth turn of a 2018/2019
FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) Super Season, a “6 Hours of Shanghai”.


In a #82 BMW M8 GTE, a “Six Hours of Fuji” runners-up António
Félix da Costa (POR) and Tom Blomqvist (GBR) will lapse anticipating for
success in Shanghai, while Martin Tomcyzk (GER) and Nick Catsburg
(NED) will aim to take their initial lectern in a #81 machine.  


BMW Team MTEK Team Principal Ernest Knoors feels that a group has a
good possibility in a “6 Hours of Shanghai” following a flawless
opening and clever plan in Fuji.


Comments brazen of a “6 Hours of Shanghai”:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“We transport to Shanghai feeling confident, interjection to a second place
finish in a ‘Six Hours of Fuji’ final month. We showed there that we
have a package means of winning and, by finishing only 10 seconds
behind a competition leader, only how closely rival a GTE Pro class
is. Again, a group will arrive during a new lane for them and this will
meant operative harder than all of a other GTE Pro category teams that
have raced there before. But, we did it in Fuji and we can do it
again. Now we wish for another success for a BMW M8 GTE.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“After Japan, we can all be utterly happy with where we were and how we
performed. It would have been good to have dual cars during a pointy end
during a checkered flag, though we consider with a approach a plan played
out, in fanciful conditions, we were good positioned to have a good
outcome with possibly automobile depending on how a continue went. I’m very
happy with how a group achieved – we had good pitstops, no
penalties, and a clever opening from drivers, organisation and engineers.
We demeanour brazen to Shanghai with confidence – a quick sections should
fit us even if we a tighter sections are a plea – and wish to
finish a year on a high.”


Martin Tomczyk (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“Now that a group has taken a podium, we know that we will be
rival in Shanghai. we consider a lane might fit us like it did in
Fuji – overall, it won’t be a best for us though we can use a long
true to a advantage. It’s a initial time during a lane for BMW
Team MTEK though we are still aiming for a podium. We only need to
arrive totally ready.”


Nick Catsburg (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to returning to Shanghai – I’ve raced
here on a smaller lane in a FIA WTCC though it’s a initial time on
a longer pattern and in a GT car. It’s a lane that I’ve
always favourite to expostulate on so I’m looking brazen to it. After seeing
a team-mates on a lectern in Fuji, we know that a group is where
we need to be and, hopefully, we can continue that into Shanghai. It
would be good for Martin and me to take a podium. Let’s see how it goes.”


António Félix da Costa (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“After a clever outcome in Fuji, I’m looking brazen to removing back
it a BMW M8 GTE. It’s a new lane for me and for a team, though Tom
has been here before so it will be good to have him on house once
again. We finished some good stairs brazen in Fuji so hopefully we can
make some some-more tiny stairs in terms of opening and we should be
means to follow another good result.”


Tom Blomqvist (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“Having had a lectern final time out in Fuji, it would be a distortion If I
told we we weren’t awaiting to quarrel for one in Shanghai too. That’s
really a idea for us. For sure, we have to see how a automobile will
perform around Shanghai, as any venue is a new proof belligerent for our
BMW M8 GTE. I’ve finished this competition before in LMP2 and know how difficult
a lane can be so it’s going to be vicious to spike a setup for
a race. Having not driven given Fuji, I’m flattering vehement to get back
behind a circle and we know António is only as inspired as we am for
another good result. Hopefully we are means to prerogative a group for all
their tough work via 2018.”