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BMW M Motorsport enters final scurry of a 2019 DTM deteriorate in a Eifel region.

Munich. For a BMW DTM teams, a weekend in a Eifel marks
a start of a final scurry of a 2019 season. The Nürburgring
(GER) is set to horde a penultimate competition weekend of a year this
entrance weekend (13th to 15th September), with races series 15 and

For BMW Team RMG it is their home event; a group HQ in
Andernach (GER) is located only a few kilometres divided from a Nürburgring.


BMW Team RMG is also celebrating a milestone: Marco Wittmann’s (GER)
100th competition for Stefan Reinhold’s (GER) team. After seven
competition weekends, Marco Wittmann (GER) in third place altogether with 167
points is a best-ranked BMW motorist in a DTM driver’s standings.
Right behind him is Philipp Eng (AUT) with 140 points in fourth place.


Eng and Bruno Spengler (CAN) will get a weekend during a Nürburgring
started with a special competition for a good cause: a ONE-World Charity
Simrace on Thursday evening. At this simulator event, any group is
done adult of one DTM pro and one fan, who cumulative their place during an
auction. The teams will finish a sum of 30 laps on a virtual
Grand Prix lane during a Nürburgring. Proceeds from a eventuality will go
to a children’s sanatorium in perfume (GER) around a Lukas Podolski Foundation.


Quotes brazen of a DTM races during a Nürburgring.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“BMW’s story in motorsport is closely related with a Nürburgring,
that is given a races on this iconic lane are always particularly
poignant for us. We will conduct into a finishing true of the
2019 DTM deteriorate there, a deteriorate that has brought us highs though also
lows so far. In a final races in particular, we haven’t matched adult to
a possess expectations. But this deteriorate has also shown that we are
means of winning. And now we have to build on these successes. We
will give it all from a initial to a final notation and concentration on
providing a drivers with a best probable package. This also
includes being stronger in subordinate again, so that we have the
possibility to grasp tip formula in a races. Our design is clear: We
wish to keep a quarrel for a pretension open down to a handle and put on
sparkling DTM movement for a fans in a final emanate of a season.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):

“The weekend during a Nürburgring is always a prominence of a season
for us given it is a home eventuality for a whole team. It is satisfactory to
contend that we all adore a Nürburgring. And this year we are celebrating
a special miracle during a Ring: Marco Wittmann’s 100th
competition for a team. We have distinguished vital successes together
previously, and this year Marco has already won 4 races. We will
keep operative tough and quarrel given it isn’t over until after a final
competition in Hockenheim. Bruno Spengler has also been on a tip step of
a lectern this deteriorate and has distinguished successes during a Nürburgring
in a past. Timo Glock has been unequivocally detrimental this year, that has
prevented him from converting his gait into a analogous results.
We wish that a waves will spin for him in a Eifel region. As a
team, we will unequivocally give it a all to have a successful home event
with all 3 of a drivers.”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Drivers’
standings: 8th, 79 points):

“I unequivocally suffer a Nürburgring. we have won there several times
already, and a throng is always amazing. we wish that we will be more
rival again there than we were recently during a Lausitzring. We
will work tough to urge a performance. If we conduct that, we are
in with a good possibility of bringing home a podium. It would be good to
make it onto a lectern during BMW Team RMG’s home event. I’m also really
looking brazen to competing in a Simrace with a cars. It’s going to
be an overwhelming event, and it’s illusory that lots of DTM drivers will
be involved. We will have a lot of fun with a fans, and it’s all for
a good cause. It’s going to be a good start to a competition weekend.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG,
Drivers’ standings: 3rd, 167 points):

“I wish that we will be in a stronger position again during the
Nürburgring. It’s a lane that has always matched us unequivocally good in the
past, and me personally. We have distinguished a few wins during BMW Team
RMG’s home eventuality in a past as well. I’ve famous a lane for a long
time by a DTM, 24-hour races and a VLN. So I’m looking
brazen to a weekend and wish that we will be means to move home
good results.”


Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’ standings:
13th, 33 points):

“I’m looking brazen to a Nürburgring. It is a team’s home race,
that always creates it special. We wish to be means to perform well
there – and that a fitness returns.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“We are rarely encouraged going into a final emanate of a season.
The races during a Lausitzring didn’t go utterly as we had hoped, though the
rug will be shuffled in a Eifel region. The Nürburgring has a own
special challenges, that both a group and all 3 drivers Philipp
Eng, Joel Eriksson and Sheldon outpost der Linde are unequivocally informed with.
It will be critical for us to lapse to a strength in qualifying
that we have already shown during many competition weekends this season. Then our
3 drivers will be means to modify their good gait in a races
into analogous formula again. The whole group has been preparing
intensely. We are all operative tough to make certain a drivers are able
to be adult there battling for a tip spots in a remaining 4 races
of a deteriorate so that they can collect adult a limit series of points.”


Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’
standings: 4th, 140 points):

“The Nürburgring is like a second home to me, and we will have to be
clever that we don’t spin onto a Nordschleife. Seriously though: I
am looking brazen to a Nürburgring, we adore being there, we like the
lane and a area. The lane is unequivocally technical in a initial zone in
particular, afterwards we have medium-speed turns in a second sector, and
finally a equivocation with a high kerbs, we need to know accurately how
to take them though deleterious a car. It will unequivocally be
interesting. we wish that we will be means to repeat a good qualifying
opening from final year and afterwards collect adult copiousness of points in the
races. I’m also unequivocally looking brazen to a Simrace on Thursday.
It’s going to be cold pushing on a practical chronicle of a Grand Prix
track, alongside a fans and all for a good cause. It will be a lot
of fun.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Drivers’ standings: 12th, 36 points):

“Nürburgring is substantially a lane that we know best on a DTM
calendar. So from that indicate of perspective I’m unequivocally looking brazen to it.
we wish that it will fit a automobile a bit some-more than a Lausitzring has –
and by a inlet of a lane it routinely should. In general, the
opening and competition gait are good, and we am looking brazen to
bringing it all together now and creation a good finish to a season.”


Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Drivers’
standings: 10th, 47 points):

“Nürburgring is a lane we like. My gait has always been utterly good
there, also already in singular seaters. The lane is fun in a BMW M4
DTM, and of march it’s a classical circuit. Everybody knows the
Nürburgring. We have some work to do, though we will do all in our
energy to make certain we have a clever weekend there.”


Media Schedule (all times CEST).


Friday, 13th September

14:30-15:00, ITR press discussion with Sheldon outpost der Linde, Media Centre


Saturday, 14th September

15:40-15:50, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Media Centre


Sunday, 15th September

09:00-09:30, Media Round Table with BMW Group Motorsport Director
Jens Marquardt, BMW Hospitality


15:40-15:50, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Media Centre