BMW Canada

BMW M2 CS Racing celebrates entrance in North America.

Munich. The exam and growth proviso for a BMW M2 CS Racing is
entering a home stretch. Now a time has come to benefaction a new
entry-level automobile in a BMW M Customer Racing product operation to the
public, and to intensity customers. Last weekend, a BMW M2 CS Racing
distinguished a North American entrance during a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA).
The goal is for a automobile to continue a success story started by
a BMW M235i Racing and a BMW M240i Racing in new years.

Fans were means to take a initial peek during a newest member of
a family during a initial prominence of a new season, where three
opposite BMW racing cars were in movement – a winning BMW M8 GTE and
a BMW M6 GT3 in a 24-hour race, and a BMW M4 GT4 in a IMSA
Michelin Pilot Challenge race. The BMW M2 CS Racing was on arrangement in
a eventuality area nearby a BMW M Experience truck, where anyone could
come along to take a look.

BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt said: “BMW racing
cars have enjoyed unchanging success in North America given a 1970s and
they unequivocally disturb a fans. That relates to a GT cars and to the
BMW M2 CS Racing’s predecessors that helped BMW patron teams to
secure large wins and titles over a years. From a 2021 season
onwards, we are aiming to supplement a new section to a story of success
in North American motorsport with a BMW M2 CS Racing.”

From a start of a 2020 season, shortcoming for a sale
and placement of BMW foe cars for patron racing lies with BMW M
GmbH. Their Head of Sales and Marketing, Thomas Felbermair, said:
“North America is a many critical marketplace for BMW M worldwide,
therefore it is critical for us to benefaction a BMW M2 CS Racing as
a new entry-level automobile for a initial time in a US. With this automobile we
will not usually be represented in classical engine racing, though also in the
bar racing shred and in a Track Day community. We have many loyal
fans and business in North America, who all share an emotional
tie to a brand. Consequently, we see copiousness of intensity for
a new automobile in North America. We are looking brazen to giving our
fans, business and BMW dealers a tighten demeanour during a BMW M2 CS Racing
during several events during a subsequent few weeks. we am certain that they will
adore it.”

After appearing during Daytona, a BMW M2 CS Racing was presented
to North American BMW dealers during a discussion outward Miami (USA).
In early March, a automobile will be shown during a TC America season-opener
during Austin (USA), where it will be sent into foe competition by
patron teams from a 2021 deteriorate onwards.

BMW M2 CS Racing to continue a success story in North America.

The BMW M2 CS Racing can build on a intensely successful
story of a predecessors in North America. Since 2016, BMW customer
teams have claimed 3 group titles and dual drivers’ championships
with a BMW M235i Racing and a BMW M240i Racing in TC America and
a prior series. The aim is for a new automobile to continue in this vein.

The BMW M2 CS Racing offers a best setup for successful entry
into motorsport. The new patron racing automobile is powered by an S55
six-cylinder in-line engine with BMW M TwinPower Turbo Technology
which, with a ability of 2,979 cc in a racing version, achieves
between 280 hp (205 kW) and 365 hp (268 kW), depending on a Balance
of Performance or Permit B classification. The limit torque of 550
Nm is transmitted by a 7-speed dual-clutch delivery that has been
practical regulating dilettante motorsport software. Another prominence of the
BMW M2 CS Racing is a engine management. As with a BMW M4 GT4, in
a destiny this will be tranquil around energy sticks, that enable
several opening levels to be automatic and retrieved depending on
a stipulated Balance of Performance.

In parallel, BMW Motorsport is building an ascent various of
a BMW M2 CS Racing with 450 hp, providing a constrained racing car
for a bar racing shred that is fast gaining in recognition in
North America.