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BMW Motorrad congratulates Michael Martin. 25 years of journey travels on a BMW GS.


Michael Martin has been travelling to a many apart corners
of a earth for some-more than 30 years now and has turn a world’s
many eminent dried photographer. It was 25 years ago that the
competent geographer chose a motorcycle as his preferred
speed vehicle, indeed a BMW R 100 GS, on that he undertook
a Transafrica outing from Kenya to Cape Town.

“To me a motorcycle seemed to be a ideal means of transport
for going on my long-haul journey travels to a many remote parts
of a planet. Compared to a car, it is really light and flexible and
slight adequate to transport even on slight paths. It was interjection to the
good unrestrained of dual BMW employees for Africa that my touring
companions and we were means to set off on a dream motorcycle, the
BMW R 100 GS. We were overjoyed. And afterwards we even managed to
remonstrate Lufthansa to fly a machines to Nairobi giveaway of charge.
From there we started out on a initial large project”, recalls the
53-year old.

Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad: “Michael Martin and
a BMW GS have been a dream integrate for 25 years, a combination
that could not be any some-more successful. Michael Martin’s work is
singular worldwide and a final he places on his speed vehicle
impressively uncover we good matched a BMW GS is for precisely this
purpose. We are really happy that a partnership between Michael
Martin and BMW Motorrad has been so successful for a final 25 years
and demeanour brazen to stability it.”

Exploring Africa was something Michael Martin simply wasn’t able
to resist. In 1995 and 1998 he went on expeditions to a Nile and
to a deserts of Africa. Now he was already in a saddle of an R
1100 GS.

“It was during this time we motionless to combine above all on
a subject of deserts. In 2000 we afterwards began a plan ‘Deserts of
a Earth’. This time we was roving an R 1150 GS, that had once
again softened on a predecessor’s qualities”, recalls Michael Martin.

In 2009 Michael Martin went travelling and photographing for his
new plan “Desert Planet”, now on an R 1200 GS Adventure that was
probably combined for usually such impassioned demands. Because this time
around Michael Martin not usually explored a dry deserts, though also
cold and ice deserts in a Arctic and Antarctic. Since afterwards he has
undertaken some-more than 40 voyages and expeditions. The resulting
“Desert Planet” plan is presented in multivision format, as a
print book, as a TV Series and in a form of an exhibition.

Michael Martin starts his “Desert Planet” presentation
on 22 Oct 2016 and will be behaving his
fascinating multivision uncover until Apr 2017 in some-more than 100
German and 10 Austrian cities. For serve information and ticket
bookings greatfully go to


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