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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania. Day 1. Sun and surprises on Day One of a 2020 edition.

Napier Beach, New Zealand. The 2020 BMW Motorrad International GS
Trophy enjoyed a fantastic opening theatre currently as a competitors
set off from a thermal springs and Maori homelands in Rotorua to
transport by local forest, adult onto rural high nation before
forward to Hawke’s Bay for a initial stay on a trails, overlooking
a Pacific Ocean.  
The GS Trophy riders were adult before
dawn, distinguished stay forward of a 5:30am breakfast call in preparation
for a 7am start – that breakfast being unequivocally critical with no less
than 11 hours of roving ahead. After flitting by a initial volcano of
a tour, a 821m cone of Putauaki (Mt. Edgecumbe), a lane took
a riders into a local forests of a Huiarau Ranges, where gravel
roads followed a tide valleys upstream, any spin divulgence new
healthy highlights of a overwhelming beech forest, that is peppered
with local exotics like ponga, toi (mountain cabbage tree) and
fuscia. Beautiful to see, honeyed to smell.   
After dual hours the
riders reached a banks of Miniha Stream, a run to the
Whakatane River, where a attainment of a BMW F 850 GS motorcycles
dismayed a family of Kuni Kuni pigs extending on a grasses. When the
engines quietened a riders could conclude a sounds of the
forest: cicada buzzing their continuous ‘zid-zid’ while bell birds, tui
and fantails combined their innumerable song.  
It was here the
riders faced their initial exam in a 2020 Int. GS Trophy – River
Crossing. For any group a 3 riders indispensable to float a trials
march that crossed and recrossed a tide before exiting adult a steep
bank – all 3 wanting to finish a march before a 4 minute
cutoff. The stones and boulders rattled a GS bikes as good as the
nerves of a riders, quite as balance and falls attracted
additional penalties – a daunting awaiting on this opening day. Falls
did indeed come, though so did some fantastic rides, a French notably
smooth, quick and efficient.

After a River Crossing a riders regained a sand tracks,
operative their approach adult to a pleasing Lake Waikaremoana and the
considerable Mokau waterfall. Here a GS Trophy riders faced a second
exam of a day, ‘Sena Challenge’ were one supplement was effectively
blindfolded and would be guided by instructions from his teammate –
around his Sena 50R filigree intercom bluetooth headset – around a slalom
course. A elementary act of faith, and a fun test, though it also highlighted
a advantages a riders have been enjoying for a initial time in the
GS Trophy of being means to promulgate in genuine time with their
marshals and any other.  
The march altered in character
immediately after Lake Waikearemoana as a timberland gave approach to the
high nation extending lands that eventually lead down to Hawke’s Bay.
This segment is typified by high valleys, high cliffs and tenacious
sheep! Riding both highway and sand this done for a many sinuous
track that authorised a riders to suffer a F 850 GS’s lively and
punchy 95 horsepower.    The finish came during a stay belligerent only outside
a seaport of Napier, a pleasing city famed for a Art Deco
buildings – those buildings being so distinguished on comment this city
was leveled and rebuilt after an trembler in 1931. The riders could
have been mistaken for carrying survived a seismic eventuality of their own
such was their powder-white coming after fast Metzeler-created
dirt trails for many of the
Nikki outpost der Spek,
International Female Team 1: “It’s been a lot of fun today. The
nation is amazing, it is so pleasing and it’s opposite all the
time. The off-road is mostly gravel, not so tough to float though we have
to be clever of a lax gravel. The tarmac is like a competition track,
dilemma after dilemma – a lot of fun! The initial exam wasn’t easy, my
bike fell down and so did that of a second supplement so we timed-out.
The Sena Challenge suggested that we have a denunciation separator in our
team; we are Dutch, French and Colombian – so 3 different
languages! We’ll have to work on that.” 
Sunao Ueda, Team
Japan: “The lane currently was unequivocally good, pleasing if dry in the
gravel. But a good knowledge and when a organise took us to the
top indicate in a ranges a perspective was outrageous – magnificent! The tests
were good, too, nonetheless we laid my bike down in a stream, so not so
good for us. What we unequivocally enjoyed with a association of Team Italy.
With a Sena intercoms we were articulate – and shouting – all a way,
this is a unequivocally good underline of this GS Trophy.”


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania.

Day One altogether standings:

1 South Korea 65 points

2 Italy 53  

3 USA 50

4 Russia 42

5 France 41  

6 South Africa 35

7 Argentina 32

8 Middle East 32  

9 Netherlands 30  

10 Latin America 28  

11 UK 27  

12 Nordic 24

13 India 21  

14 Mexico 21

15 Thailand 18

16 Brazil 17

17 Japan 16

18 Malaysia 15

19 North Africa 15

20 Australia 10

21 Int. Female Team II 9

22 Int. Female Team we 8 
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