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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania. Day 4. The (No) Rest Day.

Pelorus Bridge, New Zealand. Today’s theatre was something of a liaison
as a 2020 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy transitioned from the
North Island to a South Island of New Zealand. The GS riders had
interpreted this as a possibility to rest and recharge their batteries,
usually with a 3:30 am call to breakfast – so as to locate a early
inter-island packet – they shortly realised, like Int. GS Trophy riders
before them, that there unequivocally is no rest in this foe until
a finish.

Nonetheless, currently was a good eventuality for a GS riders to share
experiences, as with 3 hours on a packet they had copiousness of time
for inter-team chats. Albeit that was after they had finished their
initial plea of a day – a ‘40 years of GS Quiz’ in that they
were tested on their believe of this iconic motorcycle that has
turn so most some-more than only a brand. In fact it was a packet float in
3 parts: believe test, nap and steer seeing, a latter coming
as a packet done a approach down a fantastic Queen Charlotte Sound
to a pier of Picton.

In Picton a GS Trophy riders combined a stir as all 140 F 850 GS
motorcycles disembarked a packet together, followed by a vast
environment of cars and trucks that support a event. Once out of
Picton – that took all of dual minutes, it’s that tiny – a GS
riders enjoyed a scenic float by a Marlborough Sounds. Although
this segment is universe famous for a booze production, a route
followed a inhabitant park route along a sounds and afterwards adult into the
valleys before reaching a tiny city of Havelock (population: 486)
where a GS riders gratefully stopped for a coffee break, or maybe
for something cooler as a feverishness was uncharacteristically
hovering around a breathless 30ºC. From here it was a brief float to
Pelorus Bridge where they found their campsite set low in a forest,
one that was again peppered with New Zealand locals such as totara,
beech and rimu.

Even a early afternoon finish was not an eventuality to rest as the
GS riders found dual some-more hurdles watchful for them. First was the
‘GPS Challenge’ in that a teams took their BMW Motorrad Navigator
VI GPS units and had to find their approach – on feet – by a forest
to find another Navigator VI section from that they extracted information to be
reported to a organise during a finish of a challenge. Warm work,
using by a timberland in a feverishness of a afternoon.

No earlier had they finished this, than a riders were shepherded to
a ‘Metzeler Challenge’ where they indispensable to denote their
bravery with a tools, changing a behind circle on their F 850 GS.
Again, as this was opposite a time a teams indispensable to have intimate
believe of a circle spacers, sequence run and stop arrangement if
they were to set a quick time.

So a eventuality has reached a median indicate and while a competition
is hotting up, utterly with a tip 3 being so tighten on
points, a going from here is set to get gradually some-more testing
with large days brazen in a large country. It’s going to be a strong
and a learned who’ll prevail.

Finally, as if there could be any some-more to do, this dusk a teams
submitted their images for a second GS Trophy print contest. Public
voting for a print foe will open during 00:00 (GMT+13 New
Zealand time) on Feb 13 and stays open for 24 hours. Go to
for full sum on how to vote.


Rider Quotes:

Jaap outpost Hoofwegen, Team Netherlands:

“We’ve had a good start to a competition. It’s an amazing
experience, public new people each day and roving by incredible
scenery. This is a initial Int. GS Trophy for a Netherlands and we
were anticipating to do well, so we’re indeed utterly chuffed with how we
are doing. Today we have had what’s been described as something of a
rest day, though we’d have to contend environment your alarm for 3:30 am to pack
your tent does not feel like resting! Anyway, we’re looking brazen to
a second half of a foe where we design a temperatures to
get cooler – maybe! – a view to get bigger and a hurdles tougher.”


Ronnie Lundberg, Team Nordic:

“This is a initial Int. GS Trophy given 2010, so it’s good to be
here. We are enjoying each second of it, it’s been good roving on
a beaches and creation friends from around a world. The view is
amazing. On day one we said, ‘woah, this is a best view we’ve
ever seen!’ though a organise pronounced ‘wait, it gets better’. And he was
right, each day is some-more magnificent. And a bike, a F 850 GS, we
adore a bike – a suspension, a power, a approach it’s so narrow,
it’s good in a gravel, good on a road, opposite all as GS
stands for. It’s a competition bike, it’s an everything-you-want bike!”


Assada Porananond, Team Thailand

“I’m Team Thailand’s journalist. It’s been unequivocally exciting, my three
guys are carrying a unequivocally singular experience. They’re also feeling
exhausted, since of a change of feverishness from day to night –
they’re not used to a cold nights and mornings. Right now they are
defunct on a tip rug of a ferry, hopefully removing their energy
behind prepared for what’s to come, that we know will be more
brave still! We adore roving with a other teams, we are not the
best with a English denunciation though motorcycling – and a GS – is a
common passion and that breaks down a barriers. And a SENA
communications units have unequivocally helped us, we can speak all a time!”


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania.

Day 4 altogether standings:

1 France 226

2 South Africa 223

3 Italy 211

4 South Korea 199

5 Netherlands 189

6 Russia 188

7 Brazil 175

8 Middle East 170

9 USA 165

10 Australia 160

11 Latin America 158

12 Argentina 155

13 UK 139

14 Mexico 138

15 India 129

16 Japan 127

17 Thailand 124

18 Nordic 123

19 Malaysia 115

20 North Africa 93

21 Int. Female Team we 89

22 Int. Female Team II 52


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“RIDE AND TALK – The BMW Motorrad Podcast”

Watch out for some-more information on a BMW Motorrad International GS
Trophy 2020 – brought to we directly from New Zealand!


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