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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania. Day 6. No stream low enough.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand: If day 5 of a 2020 BMW Motorrad
International GS Trophy had been upscaled, afterwards day 6 was simply
super-sized. The GS riders crossed a South Island west to east,
roving 440 km over towering passes and along a Canterbury Plain to
strech Lake Tekapo, in a foothills of a Southern Alps, in a early
evening. Along a approach they encountered nonetheless some-more towering tracks, made
churned stream crossings and, as Team Middle East were penetrating to point
out, they’d been by that famous Kiwi experience: 4 seasons in
one day.

The GS Trophy riders started a day as they always do, with a 5:30
am call to breakfast prepared for a 7 am start. They afterwards enjoyed a dawn
float along a west coast, streamer south from Punakaiki Beach toward
a pier city of Greymouth. The one exam of a day came early, just
half an hour from a start. In ‘Rent-a-Ride’ a teams were
challenged to float a trials march twice, with dual opposite riders
recording as nearby as matching times as they could manage. With no
timing inclination available it came down to a third member of a team
to gait a riders. At a same time, of course, they indispensable to ride
a march immaculately with no balance or stops. And as partial of the
march was also submerged, it was a wily craving start-to-finish.

Test finished, a GS riders upheld by a Victorian bullion rush
city of Greymouth (which latterly became a port, and a tillage and
joist town, nonetheless these days tourism is an equal writer to
a economy). From here a GS riders incited inland, holding Arthur’s
Pass to cranky a plateau and enter a Canterbury Plain, although
initial came a Canterbury High Country where thespian limestone
escarpments rose high in covenant to a poignant seismic activity
that frequently reshapes a South Island.

Gravel roads afterwards brought a GS riders opposite a gentler Canterbury
Plain where for a initial time on this cross-islands journey arable
tillage churned with rural as sheep and cows grazed subsequent to fields of
wheat and barley – a peaceful ease beauty after a play of the
mountains. After a late lunch in Geraldine, a GS riders afterwards took to
a hills again, roving by a sheep stations of a Mackenzie
Country where they found technical roving in a hilly climbs and
descents and plea in a many H2O crossings, as rocks and loose
mill unseated some-more than a few.

The day finished during Lake Tekapo, located roughly rectilinear centre of the
South Island. The lake is in fact a fountainhead built in a 1970s – it
takes a stimulating blue-green paint from a silica found in the
freezing waters that feed it – and is partial of an endless hydro scheme
that provides New Zealand with 85% of a sum appetite needs. Along
with appetite taken from geo-thermal sources, New Zealand is tighten to
achieving a sum renewable, tolerable appetite supply. With riders
nearing in stay after 6 pm it had been another 11 hours roving day.
Although usually one exam was finished a riders were some-more than happy
given a plea of a day’s roving and a never-ending
fantastic scenery.


Rider quotes:

Jorge Osorio, Team Middle East:

“What an extraordinary day! We start with a good test, unequivocally technical. Then
we rode adult a towering pass, we saw large slopes with waterfalls
and a outrageous viaduct – and shivered in a descending temperature! The
views were like we’ve never seen before – beautiful. And afterwards we came
to this extraordinary off-road track where we crossed freezing rivers and
were roving adult unequivocally technical climbs, it was amazing. And by it
all we got to knowledge what a Kiwi’s call ‘four seasons in one
day’, we had a cold, a sleet and now a sunshine. Incredible.”   

Gleb Koltsov, Team Russia:

“I came here as a group publisher though after we mislaid one of the
riders due to visa issues I’ve turn a member too! And creation me
a member is like an journey – a genuine journey – since I
didn’t design to be here in this situation; we didn’t prepare, I’d
never ridden a BMW F 850 GS before. So now I’m doing every
challenge, it’s a genuine plea for me – and unequivocally exciting, if
burdensome when we have to write my story each evening. Today, we’ve
had a standard day for us – where we start a initial exam with a fail!
But after that we relax and feel a emotions of a ride. Today was a
good route. Our marshal, Jean-Luc took us on a toughest route, with
large hills and so many stream crossings, this has substantially done it the
best day of a outing so far. So appreciate we to Jean-Luc, it’s been amazing.”

Isabela Londomo Rivas, Team Int. Female Team II:

“Today was incredible. Very long, 440 km we think, with a spectacular
track with gravel, rocks, hills, lots of stream crossings and all the
time a views were amazing. Today we rode together with a second
general womanlike group and being a initial to leave in a morning
we done it a corner goal to make it initial to a stay during a end
of a day. And we did this. So okay, it’s not a competition – though we won!”


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania.

Day 6 altogether standings:

1 South Africa 309

2 France 302

3 Italy 287

4 Brazil 260

5 South Korea 258

6 Netherlands 241

7 Russia 239

8 Middle East 217

9 Australia 215

9 Latin America 215

11 USA 211

12 Argentina 198

13 Japan 187

13 Mexico 187

15 Nordic 180

16 UK 172

17 India 166

18 Thailand 165

19 Malaysia 157

20 Int. Female Team we 127

21 North Africa 110

22 Int. Female Team II 98


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