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Castlepoint, New Zealand. Today’s theatre of a 2020 BMW Motorrad
International GS Trophy is best described as a prolonged pull south along
coastal trails. The Pacific Ocean glistened an cerulean blue underneath an
harsh sun, while a riders weaved between seaside and hills on a
brew of tarmac, silt and even sand.

A shining morning over a Pacific greeted a riders as they
struck their tents for a typically early start. They rode along the
seashore to Cape Kidnappers (so named as this is where in 1769 a cabin
child on Captain James Cook’s boat Endeavour was abducted by Maori
warriors). Here a GS riders faced their initial plea of a day,
‘Gravel Push’. For this a 3 teammates indispensable to pull or pull
their F 850 GS, with a engine off, opposite a slalom march set in the
low silt during a behind of a beach. A good approach to comfortable adult for the
float ahead!

After this a march took a GS riders internal by a Hawke’s
Bay booze flourishing region, flitting a vineyards of a famous Elephant
Hill, Black Bridge and Clear View wineries. Te Mata Peak, an
considerable 400m limestone escarpment rhythmical a highway south, while the
riders enjoyed a varicoloured shade offering by avenues of poplar and willow.

The vineyards eventually gave approach to sheep and cattle grazing
stations – a primary attention in a Wairarapa. Where a riders
found stands of local manuka trees they also found another of the
Wairarapa’s rural activities: bee keeping, manuka sugar being a
rarely valued produce. From here a trails – a consistent brew of tarmac
and silt – led behind to a seashore and during Pourerere a riders found
themselves roving on a beach itself, infrequently on a extended swathes
of silt suggested by a low tide, infrequently on marks that weaved
between a dunes and toi toi (like a pampas grass).

Back on a road, a GS riders headed south to Herbertville where
again they rode onto a beach – a common thesis for a day – for the
second challenge, ‘Beach Sprint’. In this only one member was tasked
to float opposite a time on an out-and-back march opposite a sands,
finishing in a prescribed ‘stop box’. This called for full commitment
to achieve high speeds, though good technique if a supplement wasn’t to nose
dive into a silt during a turnaround or finish.

The final leg of a tour was an strenuous 200km rambling route
by a heart of a Wairarapa, as ever switching between tarmac
and silt all a way. The silt can never be devoted – as one UK
supplement found only 5km from a finish when he found low silt and
slid to a ground, though no repairs done. The finish came during Castlepoint
– another of Captain Cook’s ‘discoveries’, named on comment of the
162m stone arrangement that protects over a beach. There’s also a reef,
that sailors need to avoid, though currently creates this a renouned roller destination.

The day again valid a prolonged one, with riders still nearing after
6pm, though as ever an glorious locally-sourced dusk dish awaited,
and a special surprise: a sheep show! This being a Wairarapa what
else would we expect?

Finally, in a evening, a teams submitted their images for the
initial GS Trophy print contest. Public voting for a print competition
will open during 00:00 (GMT+13 New Zealand time) on Feb 11 and
stays open for 24 hours. Go to
for full sum on how to vote.


Rider quotes:

Tim Mitchell, Team UK

“I’m positively amatory this, a some-more we go on, saying a mountains,
and a views we’ve been treated to today, it’s incredible. We’ve had
a few hiccups in a competition, though hopefully we’ve adequate days left
to come behind into contention. The bike has been impressing me, we ride
an R 1200 GS during home though I”m enjoying a approach a F 850 GS rides in
these rambling lanes and trails – and a new supplement aids make utterly a difference.”


Shaun Terblanche, Team Australia

“Today was brilliant, a view is beautiful, a marks awesome.
You only can’t suppose a scenery, a immature hills, pleasing beaches
and a sea. We’ve left good today, as well, with good times in both
hurdles so we’re anticipating we’ll urge in a rankings. The eventuality is
incredible, it’s been positively good assembly all these riders, the
marshals, a organisation – there’s so most that goes into this event, and
a guys here have it covered!”


Yeonsoo Yun, Team South Korea

“We are amatory this event. We used any week before coming
here, as a team. we have so most honour for my teammates, we motivate
any other and work together so well, bringing opposite skills, but
always encouraged to win! I’m young, only 23, so we wish to win more
than anything, though my teammates, notwithstanding being comparison than me, they’re
pity this feeling. It’s really sparkling to have led after day one, so
we’ll give limit bid to stay ahead! But some-more than anything, we’re
amatory this experience!”


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2020 Oceania.

Day 2 altogether standings:

1 South Korea 120 points

2 France 90

3 USA 87

4 South Africa 85

5 Italy 77

6 Russia 77

7 Netherlands 77

8 Australia 59

9 Latin America 58

10 Argentina 57

11 Mexico 54

12 Middle East 54

13 Brazil 48

14 Japan 45

15 Nordic 44

16 Malaysia 39

17 India 37

18 UK 36

19 North Africa 34

20 Thailand 24

21 Int. Female Team we 18

22 Int. Female Team II 14

The event’s fad will also be relayed with most more
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Watch out for some-more information on a BMW Motorrad International GS
Trophy 2020 – brought to we directly from New Zealand!


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