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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016, Day 2. Thailand reveals a healthy elegance to a GS Trophy teams.

The group riders gifted a full GS Trophy outcome today; if day
one had been a peaceful introduction, this was a ambience of a tough,
perfectionist existence that will be a week ahead. The altogether distance
competence have been short, too, during 170km, though a power meant every
kilometre was totalled if not in blood, afterwards positively persperate and tears.

Named a ‘Helicopter Trail’, today’s march started gentle, again
saying a competitors float by still farming villages, passing
along centuries-old paths between paddy fields, before descending into
a mountains. The high indicate came during 1,686m, noted by a wreckage
of a crashed ‘Huey’ troops helicopter that gave today’s march its
name, tighten to a limit with Myanmar.

The skirmish from there valid to be a day’s roving highlight, as
a route grew increasingly high and technical, squeezing to a single
track, afterwards down to a singular Metzeler-tyre’s breadth by a most
vicious sections. Not all competitors done it by unscathed, but
nothing were harmed either. It was heated and increasingly prohibited work as
a temperatures rose, from 20º during a limit to 32º in a valleys.

The initial special exam of a day, ‘Mai Daeng’, compulsory the
competitors to kick a time as they rode down a overpass embankment,
afterwards underneath a overpass along a hilly riverbed before chasing a zig-zag
trail adult a distant side of a valley. Like a special theatre in a rally,
this was about speed and charge – and a jot of calculation,
for a teams indispensable to get all 3 bikes to a finish though a
crash, as a forsaken bike would catch a 30-second penalty. Team South
Africa were winning in this one.

Special Test Two, called ‘Do You Know?’, was sprung on a riders
incidentally during a day as they were challenged on their believe of
a BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle, including a capacity, horsepower and weight.

A overwhelming float by a valleys, with towering precipice formations
and jungle-vistas brought a competitors to a overnight bivouac at
Mae Hong Son where a third and final exam of a day awaited in
mid-30s feverishness and high humidity.

Simply patrician ‘Dead End, a teams were shown dual together single
trails about 50 metres prolonged and noted with separator tape. Starting
from one end, dual teams during a time faced off opposite any other with
a idea to be a fastest to pull all their bikes to a ‘dead end’,
hold tyres and afterwards retreat them behind again – all opposite a clock.
With time penalties awarded for touching a separator fasten or going
into a other lane, it was positively harder than it looked,
generally in a heated afternoon heat. After all 19 teams had run
a gauntlet, it emerged that Team Latin America pushed harder and
faster than all a other challengers.

As all a formula were gathered after a illusory dusk dish at
a bivouac during The Dai resort, it is Team South Africa who lead the
Trophy after day two, with Team UK and Team Latin America rounding out
a tip three.

John Harris, Team South Africa: ”As a group we came together. We had
one or dual snags along a approach though we didn’t get dissapoint about it. We
stayed motivated, enjoyed it as a group and entirely enjoyed a day
– that done a difference.”

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Results BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 Day Two


1      South Africa                                                  
85 pts.

UK                                                                  76 pts.

3      Latin America                                                
74 pts.

China                                                              69 pts.

5      CEEU
                                                            66 pts.

France                                                            62 pts.

Argentina                                                        61 pts.

8      Germany                                                       
60 pts.

USA                                                               59 pts.

Brazil                                                              57 pts.

55 pts.

12    Canada                                                         
52 pts.

Mexico                                                           49 pts.

Russia                                                            48 pts.

15    International Female Team                            29 pts.

Alps                                                                29 pts.

15    South Korea                                                  
29 pts.

15    South East Asia                                             29 pts.



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