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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016, Day 4. Thrilling day for #gstrophy competitors on a ‘Salawin Loop’.

Leaving a bivouac during Camp Salawin, a teams rode by scenic
parkland trails before dropping down into a hollow where, riding
first-and-second rigging single-track, they zig-zagged opposite mountain
streams, tackled hilly sections, traversed footbridges over ditches
and done their approach to a initial Special of a day – ‘Heavy Rain’ –
after 21 kilometres.

Naturally, this special concerned water, and all a participants
enjoyed a plea of roving 150 metres by a stream as a team
and afterwards responding a array of questions, all opposite a clock. Ten
kilometres later, they faced a second Special – ‘Big Timber’ – which
naturally concerned logs, motorcycles and lifting! With a engine off,
a group had to transport one of their BMW bikes over a outrageous tree and then
park it on a side-stand. Strong muscles helped, though technique was
only as critical and this was a defining impulse for a ladies’ team,
who showed that ‘practice creates perfect’ by completing this exercise
in good time and good shape. The withering midday feverishness saw a Japanese
group cold off – in full supplement rigging – by jumping into a circuitously creek!

The lifelike alpine track afterwards saw a competitors dress the
limit between Thailand and Myanmar, only a stone’s chuck opposite a
deep, fast-flowing river. The riverbanks and bank villages, with
houses on stilts so standard of this region, and bustling streetlife
offering many opportunities for a teams to be engaging and
artistic as they searched for a ideal design plcae for the
arriving print foe (voting closes on Thursday during 10.00 CET).

A prolonged climb into a plateau quickly followed. At around 1,000
metres, a riders were treated to some fast, wider sandy marks along
a ridges that authorised them to unequivocally open their throttles for a
change, and let their GS bikes breathe, while they took in a lovely
vistas. A quick skirmish took them by valleys peppered with
villages and afterwards onto a final connect territory for a travel-guide ride-in
opposite verdant, cultivated fields behind to Camp Salawin.

On arrival, their odometers were reading around 140 kilometres for
a day though everybody concluded that it felt some-more like 280. However,
things weren’t finished yet, as a third Special awaited a teams once
a object went down.

Entitled ‘Camp Champ’, this trials plea was watched by all
teams, organization staff, eventuality caterers and only about everyone
compared with a GS Trophy ‘circus’, adding substantial pressure
during a finish of an burdensome day.

A special discuss contingency go to a dauntless contingent of ladies who have made
GS Trophy story by apropos a initial ever womanlike group to ‘take on
a boys’ during this special event. This is what they had to contend about
their Trophy knowledge so far.

Morag Campbell, South Africa: “The support from a guys is
phenomenal, they hearten for us, they call a names individually,
it’s unequivocally nice. They’re behind us on each charge and when we are
out on a trails they are so most fun.”


Amy Harburg, Australia: “I’m astounded how a locals are
interacting with us. When we stop they come to us and that is so
nice, it gives an additional dimension. They substantially wouldn’t be like
this with tourists. And when we float past, initial they see a bikes,
afterwards they see Stephanie’s hair and they do a double-take!”


Stephanie Bouisson, France: “The whole eventuality is fantastic, as it
was in South Africa too. The reactions are engaging from all the
locals. we offer them a Thai nod and they adore that too. It’s
an extraordinary event, in an extraordinary country.”


On a end of a final Special, all points were combined adult and
suggested to a teams. After day 4 of seven, Team South Africa are
still on top, with Team Germany and Team UK rounding out a tip three.

Catch all a latest updates online during and also via
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Results BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy 2016 Day Four:


1     South Africa

2     Germany

3     UK

4     CEEU

5     Latin
America                                                144

6     Brazil

6     China

8     USA

9     Argentina

10   France

10   Mexico

12   Canada

12   Italy

Russia                                                            99

15   South Korea

16   International Female Team                           78

16   South East Asia                                             78

Japan                                                             75



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