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BMW Motorrad Motorsport News: BMW S 1000 RR riders browbeat a IRRC in Těrlicko.

International Road Racing Championship: BMW S 1000 RR
dominates in Těrlicko.

Once again during a third turn of a International Road Racing
Championship season, in Těrlicko in a Czech Republic, there was no
removing past a BMW racers. They claimed a tip 4 positions and
initial 3 positions for a BMW S 1000 RR in a dual races. In race
one, Erno Kostamo (FIN / 38 Motorsport) finished in a tip podium
spot. Davey Todd (GBR / WEPOL Racing) followed in second place, ahead
of his team-mate Marek Červený (CZE) in third place. Didier Grams (GER
/ G G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad) dull off a top-four
lockout in competition one. The second competition was red flagged after 3 laps
after a supplement fell, and, due to a multiple of factors including bad
weather, was not restarted given there were delays in a schedule.
This time it was Todd who won, Kostamo finished second and Grams
third. Todd leads a championship standings.


Southern 100: Successes for BMW S 1000 RR riders.

BMW highway racers were in movement on a Isle of Man again final week,
this time in a Southern 100. Three races were hold for bikes with a
1,000 cc capacity, that were personal as partial of a BMW Road Race
Challenge for a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The RR finished on the
lectern in all 3 races. In a Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior Race,
Michael Dunlop (GBR / Tyco BMW) finished in second place on the
podium. Rob Hodson (GBR / JGH Racing / VRS Recovery) was fourth while
Ryan Kneen (GBR / Charmer Builders Ltd.) also crossed a finish line
in a tip five. In a Island Aggregates Senior Race, it was Sam West
(GBR / PRL) who finished in second place. Michael Evans (GBR) and
Hodson finished in fourth and fifth places. Dunlop fell and injured
himself, and was incompetent to continue competing in a event. In the
final of a 3 1000 cc races, a Hunts Motorcycles Solo
Championship Race, Kneen finished in second place. Hodson dull off
a lectern in third. West followed in fourth place.


The G H Corlett Solo Founders Race, a competition for motorcycles with
several engine capacities, was also hold as partial of a Southern 100.
In this race, it was BMW supplement Dennis Booth (GBR) who got a victory,
Jean-Pierre Polet (BEL / JPM Team) finished second.


SuperBike Brasil: Fourth turn of a deteriorate in Goiânia.

The 2019 deteriorate of SuperBike Brasil (BR SBK) headed to Goiânia (BRA)
for a fourth competition of a season. The best-placed BMW racer was Alex
Barros (BRA / Alex Barros Racing) in fifth place. The seasoned rider
showed a fans a bold fightback on his BMW S 1000 RR when he
worked his approach adult from a behind of a margin during a race.


MotoAmerica: BMW racers in movement during Laguna Seca.

The MotoAmerica AMA Road Racing Series (MA) hosted a fifth race
weekend of a deteriorate during Laguna Seca as partial of a FIM Superbike
World Championship (WorldSBK). In a initial competition in a Superbike
difficulty (MA SBK), Jeremy Coffey (USA / Superbike Underground) in ninth
was a best BMW rider. In competition two, Jake Gagne (USA / Scheibe Racing)
finished in seventh place after timid from a initial race. Coffey
finished in 13th place in a second race.


Travis Wyman (USA / Weir Everywhere Racing) competed in both the
second Superbike competition and a competition in a Superstock difficulty (MA STK).
He finished twelfth in a Superbike competition and crossed a finish line
in fourth place in a Superstock category.