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BMW Motorrad Motorsport takes batch of successful deteriorate during a EICMA and looks brazen to 2020.

Milan. In Nov 2018, BMW Motorrad presented a new BMW S
1000 RR during a EICMA motorcycle uncover in Milan (ITA) and announced
a works quip in a FIM Superbike World Championship
(WorldSBK). Now, a year later, BMW Motorrad Motorsport took positive
batch of a lass deteriorate of a new RR during a EICMA, and looked
brazen to 2020.


During a motorsport press discussion during a EICMA mount of BMW
Motorrad, Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, and BMW Motorrad
Motorsport Director Marc Bongers discussed a new Superbike’s first
year in ubiquitous racing. Tom Sykes (GBR), who will competition his
second deteriorate for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK group in 2020, his new
team-mate Eugene Laverty (GBR) and Team Principal Shaun Muir were also there.


In a FIM Superbike World Championship, a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
group caused a stir right from a unequivocally initial race, with quick times and
good results. Sykes claimed a initial WorldSBK lectern for a new RR
during Misano (ITA) in June; a Superbike’s sum transport for a maiden
deteriorate was 4 podiums and one stick position.


In July, BMW Motorrad Motorsport also announced that it would be
entering a works group in a FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM
EWC). In a lass race, a Bol d’Or during Le Castellet (FRA) in
September, a BMW Motorrad World Endurance group finished in third
place in a margin of 56 starters during a initial time of asking.


In ubiquitous highway racing, Peter Hickman (GBR / Smiths Racing)
rode to wins and annals on a new RR during mythological events such as the
North West 200, a Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and a Ulster Grand
Prix. Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) of a alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW group also
distinguished a autocratic pretension win in a German International
Motorcycle Championship IDM with a new RR. There were also other
successes in several championships.


“It was a illusory initial deteriorate for a new BMW S 1000 RR,” pronounced Dr.
Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, during a EICMA. “The BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK group and a motorsport employees in Munich did an
superb pursuit in WorldSBK. Our lass deteriorate in WorldSBK was a year
of learning, for building a racing motorcycle, though we didn’t have
to wait prolonged to applaud a initial lectern with Tom Sykes. Further
podiums followed, and we were consistently adult there battling in the
tip 6 in this array with a top-class margin so we exceeded a own
expectations. The same is loyal of a FIM EWC. Within a unequivocally short
timeframe, a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team grown an
continuation chronicle of a RR, and a group was adult there during a tip from
a start of a initial race. We are also gay to have continued
a winning strain of a prototype indication with a new RR in
ubiquitous highway racing. Our new Superbike also enjoyed success in
inhabitant championships, such as a IDM, in that a RR was dominant.
All these successes in a several competition categories uncover that our
prolongation chronicle of a RR is a ideal basement for developing
racing versions to accommodate several requirements.”


“When we started a development, we could not nonetheless predict these
clever results,” combined BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Marc Bongers.
“We knew, however, that a new RR has a clever base. The initial winter
tests already showed that a bike had intensity in competition trim. Over
a march of a season, we invariably softened a bike. The
largest impact came from dual engine updates. Furthermore, we brought
new bodywork and substantial electronic updates and made
modifications to a chassis. In general, growth is a continuous
routine to tighten a opening to a tip competitors. We have acquired a
lot of information in a initial deteriorate from that we can analyse our
strengths and weaknesses. This will be a bottom to work from in a winter.”


“It has been a manic season, a whole attribute with BMW Motorrad
Motorsport and SMR started unequivocally late, so a plea was always
going to be formidable in a initial year. Going into 2020 we can look
during a success we achieved in 2019 and work on a good foundations we
have built,“ pronounced Shaun Muir, Team Principal of a BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK Team. “I’m generally gratified in a approach that we have
usually grown a BMW S 1000 RR during a pace, we have developed
a bike in such a approach that we are a force to be reckoned with and now
we contingency take that to a subsequent level. With a new further of Eugene
Laverty partnering Tom Sykes in 2020 we have a clever twin and we feel
we can take that plea to another turn and plea for wins.”


Sykes and Laverty also gave an initial preview of a entrance WorldSBK
deteriorate during a EICMA and presented their BMW S 1000 RR for 2020 on a stage.


“Regarding a 2019 season, we feel like a new BMW S 1000 RR was
positively means to showcase a lot of a potential,” explained Sykes.
“Considering a fact that a plan started unequivocally late we consider that
what we were means to grasp in that time is unequivocally impressive. The
good thing as good is that during a deteriorate we were means to accumulate a
lot of information and information that is now unequivocally profitable in a winter
relocating into a 2020 season. I’m unequivocally happy that we have a continuity
and stay with a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. And of course, my target
is to win races and we feel that with a bit some-more time and development
that is achievable. we can’t wait to start a programme for 2020.”


His new team-mate Laverty is already looking brazen to operative with
a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK team: “I’m so beholden for this opportunity
from BMW for 2020 and a faith that BMW has put in me. My aim is to
repay with some competition wins and we know that a bike is able of that
after a entrance deteriorate that already saw a RR on a lectern several
times. we wish we can supplement to that in 2020.”


Sykes and Laverty will also be on site on a open days of the
EICMA. On Saturday (13:30 CET) and Sunday (12:30 CET), there will be
talk sessions and designation sessions with a twin during a BMW
Motorrad mount (hall 13, mount N54). Sykes and Laverty will also
attend a WorldSBK Paddock Show on Saturday.