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BMW Motorrad Motorsport will be competing with Shaun Muir Racing in a WorldSBK – with a obvious supplement duo: Tom Sykes and Markus Reiterberger.

Munich. In a arriving 2019 season, BMW Motorrad Motorsport
will contest in a FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) with
a new BMW S 1000 RR. This will take place in partnership with
Shaun Muir Racing. The British group headed by Shaun Muir will appear

BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team
and will be competing with a obvious roving duo: a 2013
Superbike World Champion Tom Sykes (GBR) and a reigning European
Superstock 1000 Champion and three-time IDM champion Markus
Reiterberger (GER).


The partnership with Shaun Muir Racing reflects a significant
enlargement of BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s impasse in WorldSBK.
Simultaneously, a successful patron racing programme will continue
to work in countless other general and inhabitant foe series. A
structure composition will take place within BMW Motorrad as a result
of this stretched involvement. Marc Bongers, formerly Technical
Director during BMW Motorrad Motorsport, will turn BMW Motorrad
Motorsport Director and news directly to a Head of BMW Motorrad,
Dr. Markus Schramm. In addition, BMW Motorrad Motorsport and BMW Group
Motorsport will boost their use of synergies. The design is to
gold competencies from vehicle and motorcycle racing, especially
with courtesy to blurb and logistical topics.


Within a team-work with Shaun Muir Racing in WorldSBK, BMW
Motorrad Motorsport will be obliged for a growth of engine,
electronics, framework and aerodynamics. All other areas of contrast and
rival racing are a shortcoming of Shaun Muir Racing.


The new BMW S 1000 RR done a open entrance during a display on
6th November, during a EICMA in Milan (ITA). BMW Motorrad
Motorsport is now building a engine racing components, which
will be used to cgange a new superbike for foe during a top
turn of close-to-production motorbikes.


The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team has selected a clever supplement twin with
copiousness of knowledge and talent for a 2019 season. Tom Sykes has
been competing in WorldSBK given 2008 and was crowned Superbike World
Champion in 2013. The 33-year-old has accessible 34 wins and chalked up
a sum of 108 podiums. His performances in subordinate have also been
impressive: Sykes has set 48 stick positions to explain a record in the
Superbike World Championship. Sykes will contest with a BMW S 1000
RR for a initial time in 2019.


His new team-mate Markus Reiterberger has prolonged enjoyed a close
attribute with BMW Motorrad Motorsport. “Reiti” started his
general career with BMW in 2011 with a FIM Superstock 1000
Cup. He claimed his initial dual International German Motorcycle
Championship (IDM) titles in 2013 and 2015. In 2013, Reiterberger also
scored his initial universe championship points as a guest supplement in the
WorldSBK foe during a Nürburgring (GER). He finished his initial full
WorldSBK deteriorate in 2016 and caused a stir by claiming fifth place in
Thailand. In 2017, Reiterberger motionless to lapse to a IDM and
cumulative his third pretension there. In a recently-completed 2018 season,
a 24-year-old BMW supplement was crowned European Champion in a FIM
Superstock 1000 European Championship.


Quotes per a 2019 WorldSBK season.


Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad: “Motorsport
has been an constituent underline of a BMW Motorrad success story for
scarcely 100 years. That is because a general racing activities are
intensely critical for a brand. Therefore, competing with a new
BMW S 1000 RR in a tip turn of close-to-production racing, a FIM
Superbike World Championship, is a judicious subsequent step. The 2019
deteriorate will assistance us set a new march for a impasse in the
WorldSBK and enhance this significantly. We are assured that a BMW
Motorrad Motorsport racing department, together with Shaun Muir Racing
and dual tip riders, Tom Sykes and Markus Reiterberger, will accommodate this
plea with distinction.”


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “We
are relocating adult a rigging for subsequent deteriorate in a Superbike World
Championship. In serve to a growth of a core components,
engine and electronics, we are now also obliged for growth of
a framework and a aerodynamics. In both of these areas, development
was formerly a safety of a patron teams. We are unequivocally much
looking brazen to operative together with Shaun Muir and his team. We
contingency sojourn picturesque when environment a goals for a 2019 season. The
BMW S 1000 RR is a mint motorbike and there is only a brief space
of time accessible for development. This means that a initial season
will essentially be about building a bike serve underneath race
conditions and creation it competitive, as fast as possible. We
intend to invariably urge and afterwards take a subsequent step brazen in
a conflict opposite a strength of a pristine works teams. Of course,
a long-term common design for BMW Motorrad Motorsport and Shaun
Muir Racing is to record some tip placings and be concerned in the
conflict for a title. We will have to take it step by step.”


Shaun Muir,
BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team
Principal: “This is a unequivocally sparkling plan for SMR
to be concerned in. It is utterly clear, a concentration and loyalty from
everybody involved, that we aim to be rival with a new BMW S
1000 RR unequivocally quickly. We know, however, that a RR is a brand-new
bike and that we have to take step by step, though we all work tough and
concentration to make this plan a successful one. The preference to sign
former WorldSBK Champion Tom Sykes, and stream European Superstock
Champion Markus Reiterberger, reflects a aspiration a BMW Motorrad
WorldSBK Team has, in severe during a front in a Superbike World
Championship. Tom joins a group totally focused and full of
enthusiasm, prepared for this new section in his shining racing
career. Markus earnings to a WorldSBK as Superstock Champion, with a
clever extraction of success on BMW Motorrad machinery. The SMR group and
BMW Motorrad Motorsport growth group are operative tough together
with a credentials and growth of a new Superbike. We are at
a theatre where both riders will have their initial exam in the
comings weeks, before serve contrast in Jan and Feb before to
vacating for Phillip Island, Australia and turn one of a 2019 WorldSBK.”


Tom Sykes: “I am unequivocally vehement to join a new BMW
plan in a WorldSBK Championship. we trust that a BMW and Shaun
Muir Racing partnership is an superb event and
understand that we all share a same goals of where we wish to be. I
am looking brazen to a start of a pre-season testing where we will
get my initial ambience of a new BMW S 1000 RR and start my new challenge
and adventure.”


Markus Reiterberger: “I am vivacious to have the
possibility to lapse to a WorldSBK. we am also unequivocally happy to be staying
with a BMW family, and to be competing for a good and experienced
team. we am brazen to operative with my new team-mate Tom Sykes as well.
we have a outrageous volume of honour for him; he has already been world
champion and has been one of a unequivocally best for years. It is fantastic
to have him as a team-mate. we can still learn a lot from him and I
wish that we will be means to work together to lapse a ‘propeller’
code to a front. However, we need to be clever not to set our
expectations too high. We have a new motorbike and we are in a new
team. We only need to try to be improving all a time and make sure
that we ready good for a start of a season. That is a pursuit and
if we can all lift together, we will be successful for a prolonged time. I
am unequivocally looking brazen to this new plea and we am very
optimistic. Thanks to everybody who has upheld me and given me this
new possibility in a WorldSBK.”