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BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team during Jerez: Another top-six finish for Tom Sykes and a new BMW S 1000 RR.

Jerez de la Frontera. The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team claimed
another top-six finish with a new BMW S 1000 RR in a FIM
Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK). Tom Sykes (GBR) finished
sixth in Saturday’s competition during Jerez de la Frontera (ESP). His
team-mate Markus Reiterberger (GER) came home eleventh. Jerez de la
Frontera is hosting turn 6 of a 2019 WorldSBK season.


Sykes landed his RR in sixth place on a grid in a morning’s
Superpole qualifying. Reiterberger started from 14th. Sykes
mislaid a position during a start and was using seventh until a final
path when he regained sixth place. Reiterberger climbed dual places at
a start and afterwards set his sights on a top-ten finish. In a end, he
took a checkered dwindle in eleventh place, usually seven-tenths of a
second behind a supplement in tenth place.


Quotes after competition one during Jerez de la Frontera.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
fact that Tom finished in a tip 6 again is some-more acknowledgment of
a work we have put in so far. We know that we can usually improve
gradually, though that is what we are doing. We are assured that it is
usually a matter of time before we suffer some even softened competition results.
Tom once again did a good pursuit of exploiting a intensity of a RR.
Markus also done good swell currently after a formidable Friday. Our
idea for tomorrow is to continue to urge and for both riders to
finish aloft than they did today.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“It was a unequivocally prolific day for Markus. We introduced
utterly a vital change for him overnight and he blending unequivocally good to
that, so we am unequivocally gratified for him. He took that into a race. It was
roughly a competition of experience, to know a set-up we had just
given him and he did flattering good with his path times entrance down
towards a finish of a race. Of course, a tip 10 would have been
good though eleventh was also a good finish today. Tom on a other hand
had a good Superpole. We got on a front dual rows of a grid which
was positive. He got a good start though got pushed behind then. He
literally circled all competition in that position and afterwards hereditary one
place in a end. He had a slight quivering emanate from a chassis
that we can repair overnight. We collected some-more profitable information for
tomorrow. We wish for a clever scurry competition and try to secure a place
on a front quarrel of a grid. The aim for tomorrow’s categorical competition is
to urge on today’s altogether position and try to pierce adult a sequence a
small bit further.”


Tom Sykes: “I’m comparatively happy to be honest. we made
a flattering good start to a competition and again we usually had some small
issues that we had seen in some other races before, while we was able
to do some flattering good things with a BMW S 1000 RR in a center of
a corner. I’m during a behind of a guys though afterwards we find some
limitations. On a transparent track, we have a softened stroke though I’m still
enjoying a roving – we would usually like a bit some-more from my results.
But like we said, in terms of that, this is usually turn 6 and we don’t
feel we are doing a bad job, generally deliberation how new the
plan is. I’m upbeat and my aim is to keep operative and moving
forward, generally deliberation what should still be to come in terms
of development. We usually need time and everybody in a project
understands that. We’re all enjoying ourselves and operative to a same
aim and we trust we’ll get there. For now, we can’t do magical
things and we consider everybody in a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team is
doing an unusual job. We’ll keep on pushing.”


Markus Reiterberger: “I’m unequivocally happy. Yesterday was
a flattering difficult day for all of us and my group worked unequivocally hard
and gave me a totally opposite bike today. we am unequivocally beholden to
them. It seemed that we softened in some areas. The idea was to be
within a tip ten, that we narrowly missed, though we done some
progress. That is a many critical thing and we wish that we can take
another step tomorrow. We have to work in a area that I’m still
losing a front a bit and if we conduct to move a bike out of the
dilemma a small bit softened we consider we can find a few tenths per lap.”