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BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team defies wily conditions during San Juan.

San Juan. The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and riders, Tom Sykes
(GBR) and Markus Reiterberger (GER), defied unequivocally wily conditions
in Saturday’s FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) foe at
San Juan (ARG). Sykes crossed a finish line in seventh with
Reiterberger in eleventh position. The ‘Circuito San Juan Villicum’
hosts a twelfth and penultimate turn of a 2019 WorldSBK season.


Teams and riders have been struggling with a sleazy surface
caused by silt on a Argentinian track. It was an emanate for Friday’s
giveaway use sessions and continued on Saturday. In Superpole
qualifying, many riders were incompetent to take advantage of a softer
subordinate tyres to urge their times in a shutting stages of the
session. The same went for Sykes who finished subordinate in
13th position. Reiterberger was 17th. In the
foe itself, Sykes and Reiterberger were among a sum of twelve
riders who lined adult on a grid while a serve 6 riders opted to
not participate. After 21 laps, Sykes took a checkered dwindle in
seventh position, with Reiterberger in eleventh position.


Quotes after foe one during San Juan.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “In
general, a seventh place is not too bad, though it’s a outcome that should
not be personal as such as utterly a few riders did not participate.
While substantially usually dual of them would have been in front of us, the
emanate is that we mislaid 1.5 seconds per path to a front. The track
conditions are very, unequivocally wily though it seems that other teams have
found a resolution to softened cope with that. We need to be means to do
a same. We done some changes and now have to analyse to that degree
they have a certain impact. Our path times have softened though in
ubiquitous we are too distant divided from a front.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“Superpole was unequivocally formidable for us. We went into the
Superpole like many riders with a initial exit perplexing to find a good
change of a bike. Then we put a subordinate tyre on though did not
make any progress. Tom routinely does a unequivocally good step with the
subordinate tyre and this time we could not urge a position. In
a race, again we went a bit into a dim with a environment we wanted
to try on a bike to give him some some-more automatic grip. This
seemed to make some swell brazen though it was a unequivocally prolonged foe and
a conditions were formidable so we are happy to come home with the
seventh position. On Markus’ side, he simply struggled with his
certainty and could not find a change of a bike and therefore
can't come into a corners aggressively. And we know that on a
circuit like this a foe turn is so high and we contingency lift
ourselves to that level. At a moment, Markus is anticipating that very
tough – though he’s being veteran and we will continue to try to
find improvements overnight and make a step brazen for tomorrow.”


Tom Sykes: “Obviously we have unequivocally strange
conditions this weekend, that is a shame. Here in Argentina, the
circuit blueprint is positively fantastic, a fans are so ardent for
a racing and unfortunately we have these bad conditions. We sat down
and attempted to get a best set-up for a BMW S 1000 RR. Honestly to
finish seventh we had some good fitness for this though we will take it and
continue to set adult a RR for a subsequent race. We unequivocally got a lot
of information that we will use for tomorrow to improve. This is
totally new domain for us unequivocally and totally different
aspect conditions. We only need a small bit some-more time to adjust and
we have seen a intensity of a package in a soppy and the
dry. Hopefully now we have a lot of information to make a good step
for tomorrow perplexing to keep a good plain run of results. The only
downside is that a starting position on a grid is not ideal for
a scurry foe that eventually sets we adult for a large race. So we
will see and keep operative overnight and try to make a many of the
conditions tomorrow.”


Markus Reiterberger: “Conditions in Superpole have
been unequivocally difficult. It was most hotter than yesterday and even then
a riders had pronounced that it is dangerous to float since it’s distant too
slippery; there’s too most mud on a lane and as outcome there is no
grip. You have a line of a limit of a metre we can use. If you
leave that line we are tighten to crashing. It seems that a lane had
been spotless over night and all was excellent in a third giveaway practice
session. In Superpole, however, conditions were even worse that was
unequivocally unusual. In these intensely bad conditions we could not qualify
good and that’s how we started into a race. Many of a other riders
did not participate. We sat together in a group and said: ‘We will
race!’. The hold indeed was a bit softened as it became cooler, though the
foe itself was a bit waste for me. we had a good start and improved
by dual positions though afterwards we strike a mud in a initial dilemma and
scarcely crashed. Then we had dual some-more moments and all we did afterwards was to
move it home and to during slightest collect some points finishing eleventh.
It’s formidable conditions for all that we have to cope with. So we want
to take a event to appreciate my group since also with bad
conditions and formula we keep station together, and together we give
a unequivocally best.”