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BMW Motorsport completes pre-season preparations in Hockenheim – DTM announces changes for 2016.

Hockenheim (DE), 8th Apr 2016. The countdown is on to a start of
a 2016 DTM season: a good 4 weeks before a opening competition during the
Hockenheimring (DE), BMW Motorsport finished a four-day exam during the
same venue. The 8 BMW DTM drivers and 4 BMW teams were all in
movement between Tuesday and Friday, as they gauged their progress
compared to that of a antithesis for a final time before the
season-opener on 7th May.


The fastest BMW motorist over a march of a 4 days of testing
was Tom Blomqvist (GB) of BMW Team RBM. The “Rookie of a Year 2015”
was a fastest male out on a lane on Wednesday, clocking a time of
1:33.214 mins to tip a altogether standings. The fastest path in
Hockenheim was set on Thursday by Audi motorist Mattias Ekström (SE),
who available a time of 1:32.964 minutes.


Timo Glock (DE) had a worrying impulse on Tuesday morning: he lost
control of his automobile entrance out of a initial dilemma and subsequently hit
a pile-up barriers. After a slight hearing in hospital, Glock
returned to a circuit on a same day and was means to resume his
exam programme on Friday.


The endless preparations for this year’s 18 races drew to a close
with a central DTM Media Day, during that several changes to the
regulations for 2016 were introduced. The idea of these changes is to
put some-more importance on a drivers’ performances in a DTM. They are
a outcome of a corner coordination routine involving engineers from
all of a manufacturers, a ITR and a DMSB. In a future, the
allocation of opening weight will be dynamic in qualifying,
definition it is formed on a tangible tip opening of a automobile – and no
longer a drivers’ competition results. The use of DRS (Drag Reduction
System) will be some-more restricted, permitting a drivers to use the
complement some-more strategically in 2016 and definition that they contingency make more
fit use of their probable applications.


Furthermore, a BMW M4 DTM will be 7.5 kilograms lighter than last
year and will take to a lane with a behind wing that is 50
millimetres wider. The smallest weight stays during 1,120 kg for Audi and
Mercedes – as it was final deteriorate – while BMW will take partial in the
initial subordinate of a deteriorate with a automobile weighing a smallest 1,112.5 kg.


Quotes from a DTM exam in Hockenheim.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“In a year that outlines a centenary of a BMW Group and a BMW
brand, we apparently have a unequivocally special DTM deteriorate brazen of us in
2016. With 8 proven BMW drivers, 4 gifted teams and the
BMW M4 DTM in a third year, we are out to put on another good show
for a fans in Germany and via Europe in 2016. The DTM has one
categorical goal: a fans should suffer exciting, uniformly matched races. We –
a 3 manufacturers, a ITR and a DMSB – are all providing for
this with a latest decisions. The changes for 2016 underline the
singular proceed of a DTM, that places a concentration usually on the
drivers. Each motorist will have a event to plea for race
wins – and a best motorist will win a pretension in a end. It is
precisely this equal event and a strength of a margin in the
DTM that will once again make a array so special in 2016.”


Marco Wittmann (BMW Team RMG):

“On a whole we am unequivocally happy with a test. We were means to
exam in dry conditions and on a soppy track, that meant we were means to
try out a lot of things. They were positively unequivocally prolific days. The
critical thing now is to analyse a information and to pull a right
conclusions before a start of a season. At a exam it is always
tough to decider usually how good a antithesis and your possess performance
are. This tip will usually be suggested in a initial subordinate session.”


Timo Glock (BMW Team RMG):

“It was apparently frustrating to remove half a day due to the
crash. However, my mechanics merit a lot of praise, as they worked
impossibly tough to get a automobile behind out on a track. That allowed
Marco Wittmann to get by his exam programme but any problems.
Generally speaking, it is a good feeling to get behind in a car. We
still had one day with good continue conditions. we now wish we are well
prepared for a start of a season.”


Bruno Spengler (BMW Team MTEK):

“It was good to be behind here in Hockenheim and to exam in
opposite conditions. After all, we never know what awaits we on the
competition weekend. All in all it was a certain test. It goes without
observant that we can never tell accurately how good we are compared to
a opposition. On a whole, however, we am unequivocally happy with the
exam days. The expectation is now rising brazen of a initial race.”


Augusto Farfus (BMW Team MTEK):

“The final 4 days were a glorious event for me to bond
with BMW Team MTEK. We got to know any other improved and worked really
hard. we am happy with a result. Our automobile done a good impression. I
will go into a initial competition weekend of 2016 dynamic to do well.”


Martin Tomczyk (BMW Team Schnitzer):

“Unfortunately my dual days of contrast were precisely a two
days on that a continue was poor. A lot of what we found out here
will be useful for a season. That gives me means to be positive
about a initial race. If we can put a latest commentary into practice,
we should be in a good position going into a new season.”


António Félix da Costa (BMW Team Schnitzer):

“The exam went unequivocally well. we have a new competition operative this year,
and it was good to get used to operative together. We will now try to
use a knowledge gained here to urge a altogether package. Then it
is time for a initial competition of a year during a start of May. Every one
of us is unequivocally looking brazen to it.”


Maxime Martin (BMW Team RBM):

“It was good to be behind behind a circle here in Hockenheim.
The exam went well. However, we am not wholly happy with my results,
as a continue was not ideal. At slightest we were means to finish all
a contrast we had planned. Now it is time for a initial race.”


Tom Blomqvist (BMW Team RBM):

“The exam was utterly good. we was propitious with a weather, and got
to expostulate in dry conditions. That authorised us to finish a programme.
It is a prolonged time given a final race. Therefore, we unequivocally can't wait
to finally go racing again in a few weeks.”


Note to editors: Attached to this press information
we will find a digital BMW Motorsport Media Guide for a 2016 DTM
season. Among other things, it includes extensive information on
a BMW M4 DTM, a 4 BMW teams and their drivers, and a circuits
on this year’s calendar.