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BMW Motorsport mourns a detriment of Charly Lamm.

Munich. BMW Motorsport mourns a detriment of Charly Lamm. The
long-standing group principal of BMW Team Schnitzer upheld divided on
24th Jan 2019 unexpected after

a really brief and grave illness during 63 years of age.


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt:

“Totally unexpected we perceived a news from a Lamm family that
Charly Lamm died on Thursday. Our frank condolences go to a Lamm
family and a Schnitzer family. It is impossibly formidable to accept
that Charly is no longer with us. He had a poignant impact on
racing during BMW for decades, distinguished vital successes with his team,
and wowed fans around a universe with his singular passion for racing.
Losing him so unexpected is a startle and a tragedy – quite because
Charly was only about to start a code new section of his life. We
weep a detriment of a impression who was both valued and loved
internationally, who will always be closely related with BMW
Motorsport. Thank we for all Charly. We will skip we forever.”


At both a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) and a ABB FIA Formula E
Championship competition in Santiago (CHL), a BMW teams will contest in
memory of Charly Lamm.