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Whether in a DTM, a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar
Championship, a ABB FIA Formula E Championship, or vast other
championships: Week after week BMW teams and drivers around the
universe do conflict for points, victories and titles. Away from the
lane too, members of a vast BMW Motorsport family around the
universe are also formulating headlines. The “BMW Motorsport News” allows
us to frequently summarize all a movement for we in a compress and
ominous manner. This way, we are always adult to speed.


DTM: Timo Glock drives on a Lausitzring lane in a 1988
BMW M3 E30.

With this weekend’s competition during a Lausitzring, a DTM reaches a
special milestone: Sunday’s competition will be a 500th in a story of
a furloughed automobile series. BMW DTM motorist Timo Glock (GER) brought this
story behind to life again during a Lausitzring. He not usually has his
common DTM report in a stream JiVS BMW M4 DTM, though also got behind
a circle of a BMW M3 E30 in a “Tourenwagen Classics”. The BMW M3 is
a many successful furloughed automobile of all times. During subordinate on
Saturday afternoon, Glock finished laps in a 275 bhp BMW M3 E30
that Christian Menzel (GER) and Marc Hessel (GER) are racing in the
“Tourenwagen Classics” during a weekend. The automobile is a Zakspeed DTM
bureau automobile from 1988 and is still in a strange state.
Three questions for … Timo Glock.


Timo, how was your knowledge during a circle of a BMW M3 E 30?

Timo Glock: “It was usually mega! It was unequivocally a lot of
fun. This is pristine driving. You unequivocally have to work hard, and when you
have driven such a automobile for half an hour we unequivocally know what we have
done. You don’t have energy steering, we need to use a clutch, you
have to change gears with a lever, changing gears contingency work perfectly
and we have to expostulate with double-declutching, that we final did felt
decades ago. But it all worked unequivocally good – a automobile is unequivocally a dream
and was prepared perfectly.”
What are a differences between a BMW M3 E30 and your
stream BMW M4 DTM?

Timo Glock: “It’s a disproportion like day and night. The
one thing is that we don’t have energy steering. But a categorical emanate is
changing gears with a lever. You enter a dilemma with one hand, and
changing gears contingency be quick, as we can win or remove a lot of time
with it. If we consider back: DTM celebrates a 500th competition this
weekend, and in a aged times, a guys raced these cars on and over
a limit, wheel-to-wheel over a Nordschleife. You can usually take
your shawl off to what a guys did behind then. It is an art to drive
such a automobile fast.”
Which automobile is some-more fun?

Timo Glock: “You can’t review them. The cars are very
opposite and any one is a lot of fun in a possess way. It’s good to
expostulate a BMW M3 E30, since all is mechanical. You don’t have
aerodynamic downforce, and as a motorist we can, for example, be
shabby utterly a lot on how a automobile enters corners. Our stream BMW
M4 DTM, of course, is significantly faster. It has a lot more
horsepower and we have a aerodynamic downforce that enables us to
expostulate by these high corners speeds how we do today. They are both
illusory cars.”


IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge: BMW M4 GT4 on a lectern in Virginia.

The Virginia International Raceway (USA) hosted a eighth round
of a IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge deteriorate during a weekend. In the
race, a BimmerWorldRacing group distinguished a lectern finish. After
roughly dual hours of racing, Ari Balogh and Mike Skeen (both USA) took
a checkered dwindle in their #80 BMW M4 GT4 in third position. Henry
Schmitt and Gregory Liefooghe (both USA) finished fifth to also secure
a top-ten result. They had common duties during a circle of a #88
Stephen Cameron Racing BMW M4 GT4. The subsequent competition will be hold at
Laguna Seca (USA) on 14th September.