BMW Canada

BMW Motorsport News – Issue 11/16.

Whether in a DTM, a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship or in
vast other racing series: week after week, BMW teams and drivers
around a universe do conflict for points, victories and titles. Away from
a lane too, members of a vast BMW Motorsport family around the
universe are also formulating headlines. The “BMW Motorsport News” allows us
to yield we with a regular, compress and ominous outline of all
a goings-on. This way, we are always adult to speed.

DTM: Pre-season talk with Timo Glock.

When a new DTM deteriorate gets underway in Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May,
Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann (DE), António Félix da Costa (PT),
Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus (BR), Tom Blomqvist (GB), Maxime
Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) will take their seats in a eight
BMW M4 DTMs for BMW Motorsport. In a run-up to a opening turn of
a season, we are holding a eventuality to deliver we to any of
a BMW DTM drivers in a array of interviews.

Part 2: Timo Glock, BMW Team RMG, series 16 DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM.

Timo, after 3 years with BMW Team MTEK we have now
switched to BMW Team RMG. What is your strenuous emotion: a
feeling of nostalgia or expectation brazen of a new challenge?

Timo Glock: “You always demeanour ahead, rather than to a past.
Therefore, a strenuous feeling is unequivocally one of anticipation.
There was apparently also a grade of sadness, as we had 3 great
years with BMW Team MTEK. However, we am now looking brazen to a new
challenge. we indeed know a few of a guys during BMW Team RMG from my
time in Formula One, and we have always been in hit with Stefan
Reinhold. This done it easy for me to make a switch. We had a team
event, during that we all got to know any other better. we had a long
discuss with my competition operative and had a demeanour turn a company. After
that we had some fun karting. we already feel right during home with BMW
Team RMG.”

You and your new team-mate Marco Wittmann done your debuts
together with BMW Team MTEK in a team’s initial deteriorate in a DTM in
2013. What memories do we have of that “year of a rookies”?

Glock: “That was an sparkling year, as it was BMW Team MTEK’s first
deteriorate in a DTM – only as it was for Marco and me. However, this is
another aspect that done a switch to BMW Team RMG easier for me: I
know Marco, and know how he works. He has apparently come on in leaps
and finish over a past dual years, and we am looking brazen to our
subsequent deteriorate together.”

Could we tell behind afterwards that Marco could be a destiny DTM champion?

Glock: “It is apparently always formidable to envision who will be
champion in a DTM. However, he showed his intensity in 2013. Back
then, he valid that he is discerning with performances like a pole
position in Zandvoort. He had an implausible year in 2014. The signs
were there that something like that might happen, yet a DTM is so
fiercely-competitive that we can never envision who will emerge as
champion. In 2014, we pronounced after a initial dual tests that Marco would
be a male to beat. And that valid to be a case.”

After your second DTM feat in 2015, how tighten are we to
severe for a pretension for a initial time?

Glock: “I don’t trust we am there yet. we have been too inconsistent
for that in my initial 3 years. we contingency still take this step. It is
difficult, and there are a lot of drivers in a same position, who
can't utterly explain because a coherence is there one minute, then
left a next. It is good to have won dual races, and to have finished
on a lectern 4 times. However, we am still a step divided from
severe for a championship. The critical thing for me this
deteriorate is to finish in a points some-more consistently. That has to be my goal.”

The complete preparations for a new DTM deteriorate began with
a tests in Monteblanco during a finish of February. What did we concentration on?

Glock: “My initial priority was apparently to familiarize myself with
a people and processes during BMW Team RMG. That happened seamlessly.
After that it was good to finally get behind behind a circle of a BMW
M4 DTM and brush off a cobwebs after a winter months.”

Oschersleben, a stage of your feat in 2015, is no longer
on a competition calendar. It has been transposed by a Hungaroring. Which
lane do we prefer?

Glock: “Both circuits seem to fit me. We were unequivocally clever in
Saturday’s competition in Oschersleben in 2015, and were also good adult there
on a Sunday. We were also unequivocally discerning in Budapest in a one year we
gathering there with a DTM. Back afterwards we lined adult on a front quarrel of the
grid subsequent to Marco. Unfortunately we left empty-handed, as we crashed
out. But a lane suits me. we have always been quick there, either in
Formula One, GP2 or a DTM. It is a good circuit, and we have a lot
of fans there. For this reason, we am gratified that we are racing in
Hungary again.”

You name Singapore as your favourite track. Would we like to
see some-more travel races in a DTM?

Glock: “It would positively be cold if we went to Singapore with the
DTM. And maybe for a night race? But seriously: Singapore is a very
special spectacle. The lane has something about it, and we have always
enjoyed good formula there. That is because it is one of my favourite
circuits. In principle, it would be good if we had some-more travel races.
However, we are always faced with a doubt of that street
circuits we can competition on with a DTM cars.”

You are a ardent cyclist, and have taken partial in the
24-hour cycle competition on a Nordschleife. How tough is that?

Glock: “It is distant easier in a car! That was one of a toughest races
we have ever entered. we totally underestimated a Nordschleife back
then, and never approaching it to be so exhausting. You stand roughly 800
metres in one lap. After a Bergwerk section, it is roughly all
uphill. The toughest partial is a Hohe Acht, that has a slope of up
to 18 per cent. From Döttinger Höhe we consider that it is only straight
ahead, yet even there it climbs somewhat towards a end. A path of the
Nordschleife on a bicycle unequivocally hurts. However, it was also
implausible fun. Last year we roughly took partial again with a Deutsche
Post Speed Academy, yet it did not work out due to a strife with the
24-hour competition during Spa-Francorchamps. My report is unequivocally full again this
year, so we am not certain either we will conduct it. But we would
unequivocally do a competition again – even yet it was so tough.”

You were during Laguna Seca for a launch of a new BMW M2 Coupé
during a finish of February. Where would we arrange a automobile in a list of
a best BMW highway cars?

Glock: “In my eyes, it is one of a best BMW M cars we have ever
driven. The BMW M2 might not utterly have a energy of a BMW M4 or BMW M5,
yet as distant as a doing is endangered a BMW M2 Coupé was
implausible fun to drive. It is a delight of a car.”

You and Augusto Farfus, who was there with you, common some
fantastic flapping videos on Facebook. How is it that all racing
drivers are so good during drifting?

Glock: “Because we have schooled how to play with a automobile during a limits.
We took a few good photos – only as my tangible flapping partner Martin
Tomczyk did a week after with António Félix da Costa. It was certainly
spectacular. We always wish to put on a uncover for a fans, and we think
we did only that.”