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BMW PGA Championship: Ross Fisher wins Albatross Award – Englishman receives BMW i8 Roadster* for dream shot.

  • With usually a third albatross in a story of a BMW PGA
    Championship, Ross Fisher won a BMW i8 Roadster* value 150,483 euros.
  • In a third round, a Englishman found a hole from a
    stretch of 199 metres on a 18th hole.


London. The 15th book of a BMW PGA
Championship doesn’t finish until tomorrow, though a shot of the
contest is already clear. With a 4 iron, Ross Fisher circled his
turn on a 478-metre 18th hole (par 5) into a hole
with his second shot. The 38-year-old’s prerogative for a albatross
frequency seen in golf is a hybrid sports automobile

BMW i8 Roadster Rosso Corsa*.


“I was usually perplexing to strike it usually a small bit right of a pin, and
indeed tugged it a small bit left. we wasn’t certain either it was
going to a dwindle and arrange of looked away. The crowd’s greeting told
a rest of a story, a large roars and cheers. To win a BMW i8
is still a bit shocking. Just surreal,” pronounced Fisher, after receiving
a keys to his new dream car. “This is a Flagship Event, a most
prestigious contest to play in all year round, so it’s flattering cool.”


In a story of a BMW PGA Championship, usually Miguel Ángel Jiménez
(2009) and Tommy Fleetwood (2012) have formerly achieved an
albatross, both of them on a fourth hole. However, no actor has
ever achieved this attainment on a final hole before.


But Fisher is not a initial veteran to leave a Wentworth Club
as a unapproachable owners of a new vehicle. James Morrison (ENG, 2016, BMW i8
Protonic Red Edition, Scott Jamieson (SCO, 2016, BMW M2 Coupé), Chris
Wood (ENG, 2015, BMW i8) and Andrew “Beef” Johnston (ENG, 2015, BMW M4
Coupé) have all won a BMW Hole-in-One Award.