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BMW sets march for a successful Customer Racing destiny – New entry-level indication formed on a BMW M2 for grassroots and bar racing.

Munich. Next year is set to be a good year for private BMW
drivers and teams who conflict for competition wins and titles around the
world. BMW is charity business with a passion for grassroots
motorsport and bar racing a tellurian use and technical support.
Furthermore, a indication operation is being constantly renewed. Leading
a approach in 2020 is a new entry-level competition car, formed on a BMW M2
Competition (combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 10.0–9.8;
total CO2 emissions in g/km: 227–224), that is

equally matched to racing during bar and veteran levels.


The inheritor to a BMW M240i Racing, is now being developed
and tested. The concentration is on easy doing – with a top technical
peculiarity and limit safety. The initial cars are to be delivered during the
start of a second entertain of 2020. A lass exam underneath race
conditions is designed for turn 5 of a VLN Endurance Championship
during a Nürburgring (GER) on 3rd Aug 2019.


The BMW M2 Competition is environment uninformed benchmarks in a compact
high-performance sports automobile segment. It’s powered by a six-cylinder
in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, formed on a power
section from a BMW M3/M4, with three-litre cubic capacity, delivering
410 bhp with a rise torque of 550 Nm. Creating a competition chronicle of this
indication was a judicious step.


Furthermore, a Customer Racing use judgment is to be stretched by
building and building cunning centres in a USA and Asia. To
grasp this, gifted partners will be consecrated to support
teams during a internal turn with a high grade of motorsport expertise.


On a placement and use side, dealers with a concentration on
motorsport will be determined around a world. They will offer
optimal patron care, in line with BMW’s high standards, interjection to
special training. This new area offers a ideal entrance event for
BMW drivers who have, for example, depressed in adore with engine racing
while on BMW Driving Experience training courses.


“Our new charity will concede us to move motorsport even closer to
a business in a future,” pronounced Markus Flasch, President of BMW M
GmbH. “With a new entry-level model, formed on a BMW M2
Competition, we are display a clever joining to Customer Racing in
general. At a same time, we are also starting to settle a BMW M
bar racing sector. Future BMW M special editions will be particularly
applicable in this regard. The participation on a bar racing stage sees us
tighten a opening between a motorsport training courses within a BMW
Driving Experience and grassroots racing series. With a dealers
focussing on motorsport, that we devise to settle around a world,
and a additional cunning centres, we wish to offer a best
probable use and a veteran supply of gangling tools outward of
Europe, as good as fit patron caring on a internal turn –
regardless of either a patron in doubt is an entry-level
motorist or a professional.”


BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt added: “It is fantastic
to be means to take BMW’s Customer Racing programme to a subsequent level
with a new bar racing sector, as good as a compared environment up
of tellurian use and placement structures. Customer racing during BMW
has arguably never been as different as it will be from subsequent season.
With a new entry-level indication – a inheritor to a BMW M240i Racing
– we are, on a one hand, charity a grass-roots customers
continuity. On a other hand, we are also addressing a new target
organisation with a bar turn variant.”