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BMW Sports Trophy winners Rink, Brink and Leisen to competition during a continuation classical in a BMW M4 GT4.

Munich. BMW Motorsport provides a genuine prominence in their
graduation of grass-roots turn racing. The 2018 BMW Sports Trophy
winners and VLN champions, Christopher Rink, Danny Brink and Philipp
Leisen (all GER), are set for their competition debuts during a circle of the
BMW M4 GT4. The trio, that won a Drivers’ pretension in final year’s
VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring (GER) in a BMW 325i, will
expostulate a latest BMW Customer Racing automobile during a iconic Nürburgring
24 Hours in June. To prepare, a 3 drivers will also start in
a 6-hour subordinate competition on 19th May.


The competition outings in a BMW M4 GT4 are BMW Motorsport’s approach of
recognising a unusual performances that Rink, Brink and Leisen
constructed on a Nordschleife final season. The automobile will underline a
special BMW M Motorsport clothing with a vouchsafing ‘BMW Sports Trophy’
during a 24-hour race. BMW works motorist Dirk Adorf (GER) will take his
place in a cockpit as a fourth driver, and will criticism live
during his stints for TV hire Nitro. Furthermore, with his vast
resources of knowledge on a Nordschleife and in a growth of the
BMW M4 GT4, Adorf will also offer as an critical confidant for Rink,
Brink and Leisen.


“I am unequivocally gratified that, as good as a esteem income and trophies,
we are also means to benefaction a BMW Sports Trophy winners with these
unusual competition outings in approval of their impressive
performances,” pronounced BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt.
“Customer Racing is one of a executive pillars of a BMW M Motorsport
programme. It is a patron racing drivers who, with their success,
do such an superb pursuit of representing a BMW code as
ambassadors. We are unequivocally beholden for that. we will have my fingers
crossed for Christopher Rink, Danny Brink and Philipp Leisen, and can
frequency wait to see a BMW M4 GT4 competition during a 24h competition and follow the
fascinating live explanation from Dirk Adorf in a cockpit.”


A exam during Portimão (POR) supposing Rink, Brink and Leisen with the
event to benefit their initial knowledge during a circle of a BMW M4
GT4. “The Portimão exam was unequivocally critical for us, since we were
means to get a lot of laps in a BMW M4 GT4 underneath a belt, to
familiarize ourselves with a car. The information research with a BMW
Motorsport engineers was apparently also intensely valuable,” said
Brink. Rink added: “The exam during Portimão was super! we have also had
a event to expostulate a automobile on a Nordschleife once, in VLN1. It
creates a unequivocally good sense there too. The pushing knowledge is
positively zero like a production-based BMW 325i.” Leisen said:
“The BMW M4 GT4 is a genuine racing car. we am vehement to see how it feels
on a Nordschleife. The subordinate competition will be an critical exam for
us, before it unequivocally depends in a 24-hour race.” Marcel Lenerz (GER)
will contest the subordinate competition as a fourth motorist this Sunday,
before Adorf will be in movement during a iconic continuation competition in June.


“I have been concerned in a growth of a BMW M4 GT4 from the
initial exam kilometres to a competition outings, so we know a automobile very
well. As such, we am apparently happy to offer recommendation to my 3 fellow
drivers,” pronounced Adorf. “In Christopher, Danny and Philipp we have the
3 VLN champions from 2018 on board. That means we don’t need to
tell them anything when it comes to racing on a Nordschleife, as
they already have copiousness of experience.” Adorf essentially sees himself
as a couple between a racing movement and a spectators. “I will be
an expert, commentator and racing driver, so we can give a spectators
an all-round package,” pronounced Adorf. “I feel my categorical pursuit is to move the
fans examination during home as tighten as probable to a mindfulness of the
24-hour competition on a Nordschleife.”


The BMW M4 GT4 competition outings will be organized by Adrenalin Motorsport
– a group with that Rink, Brink and Leisen achieved so most success
in 2018. Team principal Matthias Unger and his organisation won a BMW Sports
Trophy Team Competition 4 times in a quarrel between 2014 and 2017.