BMW Canada

BMW Summer School 2019 shines a spotlight on “Artificial Intelligence and Urban Living”.

Munich. As an beginning from a BMW Group Research
division, a BMW Summer School provides youth scientists from all
over a universe with a unchanging eventuality to plead their research
with top-class experts from both fanciful and practical
backgrounds. This year’s get-together took place in Lenggries-Fall,
Bavaria on 15 – 20 July 2019 underneath a auspices of a French consul
general, and was staged in partnership with EURECOM,
a Technical University of Munich
and BayFrance with the
support of a Franco-German
, a Digitalist
and a German-French Academy for a Industry of the
Future. The height a BMW Summer School provides for discourse with
determined professionals from academia and attention combines with the
participants’ multidisciplinary backgrounds to give a eventuality its
graphic identity. This year, immature researchers from a fields of
mechanism science, automatic engineering, electrical engineering,
polite engineering, psychology, law and industrial pattern got together.
“We see a BMW Summer School as a benchmark for team-work between
attention and universities“, pronounced Hannemor Keidel, TUM representative
for systematic family with France.


Artificial comprehension is transforming mobility and civic living.

“Advances in a margin of synthetic comprehension have a critical role
to play in moulding a destiny of mobility,” commented Michael
Würtenberger, Head of a Excellence Cluster for AI during a BMW Group.
“The BMW Group identified AI as a critical investigate area during an early
theatre and set adult a claim growth expertise.” The influence
of AI extends distant over mobility into day-to-day life, future
prolongation methods and business processes; AI therefore affects
multitude as a whole. The interdisciplinary inlet of a BMW Summer
School 2019 done it a ideal forum for highlighting to participants
a amicable aptitude of their investigate topics.


BMW Summer School: a pity of systematic believe between
a worlds of speculation and use opposite 3 categorical areas.

To promote an heated sell between a youth researchers and
a experts from scholarship and industry, a programme for a BMW
Summer School 2019 was organized into 3 categorical areas.

Highlights from a keynote track, for example,
enclosed a speak by Carlo Ratti, who heads a Senseable City Lab during the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Ratti: “Large cities
worldwide are confronting huge challenges. Big Data and AI can give us
improved believe of a civic environment, and so their potential
profitable applications are countless.  This requires a new generation
of researchers to consider and combine opposite disciplines and it is
good to see this kind of meditative fostered by a BMW Summer School”.
There were also dermatitis sessions that gave a participants the
possibility to plead specialised topics in tiny groups with academics
and attention representatives. The issues adult for discuss enclosed the
use of AI for mobility services, pattern meditative methodology, quantum
mechanism record and reliable considerations relating to the
communication between tellurian and synthetic intelligence. “The successful
growth of intelligent cities relies on a harmonization between
people, mobility solutions and infrastructure and their mutual
cooperation. We are awaiting synthetic comprehension and 5G to be
catalysts for intelligent cities”, pronounced Weiyun Jiao from a Chinese
National Center for Intelligent Transport Systems in one of a sessions.

The poster track centred on a fields of research
followed by a up-and-coming scientists. The participants presented
a ideas behind their stream investigate and a pattern to the
multidisciplinary assembly in a foe format. This year’s awards
for a best investigate posters and many enchanting presentations went to
Matthias Zöhrer (Graz
University of Technology
), Dantong Ge (Beijing Institute of
) and Felix Batsch (Coventry University).

The third pivotal component was a lean startup machine.
The participants were separate into churned groups, asked to develop
innovative product and use ideas formed on their investigate topics
underneath a superintendence of flexible pattern coaches and eventually benefaction them
to a assembly in a brief pitch. This foe gave a young
researchers a picturesque sense of what putting technological
innovations into use entails, be it in a form of a business
thought or association startup. This year’s winning group of a startup pitch
endowment combined a judgment for „APPetite“ – an AI empowered meal
planner that helps a users to revoke a ecological impact of food waste.

In further to a 3 categorical elements of a BMW Summer School 2019
programme, a PhD students also seized a eventuality to share ideas
informally among themselves and with a fabricated scholarship and
business experts. This authorised them to benefit some inspirational
insights into a investigate work carried out in several disciplines and
a unsentimental focus in a industrial sector. A span of evening
events involving Prof. Jörg Ott and Prof. Constantinos Antoniou from
TUM and Dr. Markus Grüneisl, Head of Production Systems,
Digitalisation and Operative Excellence during a BMW Group, helped
maximize this sell of knowledge.


Experts during a BMW Summer School 2019.

Industry and business:
Pang Heng Soon, SGInnovate,
Markus Grueneisl, BMW Group
Toni Cheng,
Ulrich Fastenrath, BMW Group
Jane Vita, Digitalist
Oliver Oberst, IBM
Jakub Marecek, IBM
Hubregtsen, BMW Group
Irina Benkert, BMW Group
Hounslow, Digitalist Group

Prof. Carlo Ratti, MIT
Weiyun Jiao, ITSC,
Ministry of Transport, People’s Republic of China
Prof. Arnaud de
la Fortelle, Mine ParisTech
Prof. Jean-François Bruneau,
Prof. Jörg Ott, TUM
Prof. Constantinos Antoniou,
Susanne Müller, Munich School of Philosophy


Research cabinet during a BMW Summer School 2019.

Committee chairpersons:
Prof. Ulrich Finger, Director of
Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf, Head of a Chair for
Integrated Systems, TUM
Michael Würtenberger, Head of Research
E/E Architecture and Technologies, BMW Group