BMW Canada

BMW Team MTEK and BMW Team RLL prepared for a “BMW M Motorsport Super Weekend” during Sebring.

Munich. The sixth turn of a FIA World Endurance
Championship (WEC) Super Season and a second turn of a 2019
IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IMSA Series) share a same
Sebring (USA) eventuality subsequent weekend (14th to 16th
March) with several BMW entries competing in 3 races.


On Friday 15th March, BMW Team MTEK will competition a WEC
“1000 Miles of Sebring” with a span of BMW M8 GTEs. The #81 BMW M8
GTE unchanging drivers, Nick Catsburg (NED) and Martin Tomczyk (GER),
will be upheld by Alexander Sims (GBR). Augusto Farfus (BRA) and
António Félix da Costa (POR) share duties in a #82 sister automobile with
BMW DTM motorist Bruno Spengler (CAN), who will entrance in WEC. It will be
a initial time that a Munich-based outfit will competition in a USA, but
after achieving over 2,300 kilometres of contrast during a weekend the
group is feeling prepared.


On Saturday, BMW Team RLL, that won a GTLM category in January’s IMSA
season-opening prestigious 24-hour competition of Daytona (USA), will contest
a IMSA Sebring 12 Hours. After finishing a competition second in 2018 on
a BMW M8 GTE’s second outing, a group is aiming for a top-spot
this year. The Daytona winning #25 BMW M8 GTE will be driven by Tom
Blomqvist (GBR), Connor De Phillippi (USA) and Colton Herta (USA).
Their team-mates Jesse Krohn (FIN) and John Edwards (USA) will share
duties with BMW DTM motorist Philipp Eng (AUT) in a #24 sister car.


In a 12-hour continuation competition GTD class, Turner Motorsport will
lapse to Sebring with a BMW M6 GT3. The group will also margin a BMW
M4 GT4 in a Michelin Pilot Challenge, with Bill Auberlen (USA) doing
double-honours and pushing in both. BimmerWorld Racing and Stephen
Cameron Racing will also contest in this array with their BMW M4 GT4s.


Comments brazen of a “BMW M Motorsport Super Weekend” during Sebring.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“It’s a large weekend for BMW M Motorsport and, in particular, a BMW
M8 GTE. Since we launched it during a start of final year, both BMW Team
RLL and BMW Team MTEK have had good lectern results, including the
feat during Daytona and a second-place finish during Sebring final year. To
see 4 BMW M8 GTEs contest in dual events opposite dual days is a unique
eventuality and we’re looking brazen to holding on a challenge. The
BMW M6 GT3 and a BMW M4 GT4s finish a large BMW array during Sebring.
This weekend will be a good BMW family assembly during a venue that plays
a unequivocally special purpose in BMW Motorsport story as we all remember the
illusory Sebring altogether wins with a BMW 3.0 CSL in a debut
deteriorate 1975 and with a BMW V12 LMR accurately 20 years ago in 1999.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“In terms of preparation, we are flattering happy. We had a unequivocally good
exam and lonesome over 2,300 kilometres with both cars. It was very
prolific in terms of removing to know a automobile on this lane that is
still a special lane for us given we have never been here before.
In general, we are happy to be behind on lane as it was a prolonged break
after Shanghai. Our BMW M8 GTE seems to work utterly good here at
Sebring. We are also operative good together with BMW Team RLL and
perplexing to learn as most as we can in a brief volume of time to get the
automobile set adult properly. Now we are looking brazen to a good race. It’s
always good to be during a venue like Sebring with a lot of story and a
unequivocally special lane in terms of blueprint and bumps and utterly a hard
challenge, yet a whole group is encouraged and looking brazen to it.”


Bobby Rahal (Team Principal, BMW Team RLL):

“Sebring is a whole opposite story (to other continuation races such as
Daytona) yet we have always had a flattering good automobile there regardless of
that framework we were running. We have won there before which, to me,
is equally gratifying as winning Daytona given a problems of the
circuit and a hurdles a circuit presents a teams with. That’s
not to lessen Daytona given anytime we win a 24-hour race, it’s
something unequivocally special. we consider we have a good eventuality to do
good in Sebring. It’s engaging that with a WEC competition a previous
day, we might be means to learn some things from those guys formed on what
happens in their race, and hopefully it’s a good one for them. I
always demeanour brazen to Sebring given it’s always such a fanciful and
ancestral event. For me personally, it has so most meaning. we consider we
have a good possibility and of march we have a good choice of drivers.”


Martin Tomczyk (WEC #81 BMW M8 GTE):

“It’s so good to come behind to Sebring after we raced here in IMSA in
2017, and now to come behind with for a WEC ‘1000 Miles of Sebring’ is
unequivocally exciting. It’s a special lane – a oldest in Florida – and a
favourite with each driver. It’s going to be a severe eventuality with
both championships using corresponding yet I’m looking brazen to
being a partial of it and display what a BMW M8 GTE can do.”


Nick Catsburg (WEC #81 BMW M8 GTE):

“Sebring is impossibly rough and there are still petrify areas in
some places, that means it is tough on a cars and a tyres. We
always contend that if we can tarry an continuation competition here, we can
tarry anywhere. The BMW M8 GTE finished a 12-hour competition here in
second place final year so we know it can go a distance. we look
brazen to a initial 1000-mile competition and wish we can repeat a success.”


Alexander Sims (WEC #81 BMW M8 GTE):

“I am unequivocally vehement to go behind to a BMW M8 GTE. we got to know the
automobile unequivocally good final year, pushing it in a full IMSA deteriorate and during Le
Mans. It is good doing Formula E yet during a same time we am looking
brazen to removing behind to a BMW M8 GTE and a historic, bumpy
Sebring circuit. we have some good memories from a final dual years there.”


António Félix da Costa (WEC #82 BMW M8 GTE):

“I am unequivocally looking brazen to Sebring. Our final time out with the
BMW M8 GTE was during Shanghai, that wasn’t a clever one, yet we came out
of Fuji with a lectern and a unequivocally clever qualifying, so we am really
looking brazen to removing behind to it. we indeed missed a car, the
group and a array a lot and it’s a good thing that BMW enables us
to competition in both a WEC and Formula E so we can unequivocally change things
out. Sebring looks like a unequivocally severe track. It will be my
initial time there, yet we have unequivocally good team-mates who know a track
good and we have BMW Team RLL there as good in IMSA – these guys drive
this lane a lot and we am certain they can assistance me.”


Augusto Farfus (WEC #82 BMW M8 GTE):

“Sebring is an implausible track. It has a good brew of delayed and medium
speed corners, and afterwards a final dilemma that is unequivocally special. It’s one
of a bumpiest marks in a universe and is a mythological lane where
many of a greats have won. we wish that we can do that this weekend
with a BMW M8 GTE.”


Bruno Spengler (WEC #82 BMW M8 GTE):

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to my WEC entrance and my initial appearance
in a BMW M8 GTE. Sebring is a lane we like unequivocally much. we gathering here
in 2016 in a IMSA array and that time we took second place in the
12-hour race. we am looking brazen to a plea and to starting
with Augusto and António as good as with BMW Team MTEK, that we raced
with in DTM.”


Jesse Krohn
(IMSA #24 BMW M8 GTE):

“Sebring is one of a toughest races of a season. It’s unequivocally a
plea for a automobile and for a drivers, nonetheless a ‘only’ 12
hours. It’s a same as a 24-hour competition on any other track. Last year
was unequivocally good for us even if we weren’t utterly there with a car
growth during that time. This year, we are miles ahead, so we am
unequivocally looking brazen to saying what we can do this year with those
large stairs we have done with a automobile given final year. It should be a
unequivocally good eventuality for us, and we wish for a clever result.”


John Edwards
(IMSA #24 BMW M8 GTE):

“We had a good exam during Sebring, and we feel we are ready. In a last
4 IMSA races (2018 and 2019) we have won 3 times and finished
third-twice so with a multiple of a movement a group has and
a swell we’ve done with a BMW M8 GTE we trust we can continue
a winning ways.”


Philipp Eng
(IMSA #24 BMW M8 GTE):

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to my initial start during Sebring. we practiced
a lot of laps in a simulator and now we can’t wait to contest there.
Our Daytona feat of march gives good additional movement for Sebring.
we wish we can repeat this illusory success.”


Tom Blomqvist
(IMSA #25 BMW M8 GTE):

“Sebring is utterly a severe lane – generally a initial and last
corners, that are unequivocally high-speed and unequivocally bumpy. we contingency admit
though, that even after usually one day of testing, we am utterly enjoying
it. The group had a good outcome during Daytona this year and finished
second here during Sebring final year, so we demeanour brazen to contributing to
another good finish.”


Connor De Phillippi
(IMSA #25 BMW M8 GTE):

“We scored a initial lectern for a BMW M8 GTE module during Sebring
final year, so we have shown what we are means of. With a strong
finish to a 2018 deteriorate and a Daytona win this year we are aiming
for zero brief of a lectern – if not a win. For me a 24-hour win
was unequivocally special given it was my initial vital continuation racing
feat with BMW and that it was also a initial large competition and win my
family was means attend.”


Colton Herta
(IMSA #25 BMW M8 GTE):

“Winning a Daytona 24 hours in my initial competition with BMW Team RLL was
positively a certainty boost. The exam went well, yet we know it will
be unequivocally opposite when there are many some-more cars on a track. Like
Daytona, we competition into a night, yet distinct Daytona a circuit is not
lonesome by a Speedway lights. Driving with usually a headlights will
be new for me, yet these are a hurdles we like.”