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BMW Team MTEK displays fighting suggestion during a ‘Super Season’ Le Mans finale.

Le Mans. BMW Team MTEK has resolved a ‘Super Season’ in the
FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with a 24-hour competition during Le
Mans (FRA). The dual BMW M8 GTEs finished in eleventh and
14th positions in a LM GTE Pro class.


The #82 BMW M8 GTE – driven by Jesse Krohn (FIN), António Félix da
Costa (POR) and Augusto Farfus (BRA) – had started from fifth place
though was incompetent to reason onto a position as a competition progressed,
channel a line in eleventh place after 335 laps. The #81 car, with
Martin Tomczyk (GER), Nick Catsburg (NED) and Philipp Eng (AUT) during the
wheel, finished in 14th position. Both cars mislaid time
during a night and towards a finish of a competition after creation repair
stops to repair technical problems. Victory in a LM GTE Pro category went
to a #51 Ferrari.


BMW Team MTEK had distinguished a sum of dual lectern finishes during
a ‘Super Season’. The BMW M8 GTE crossed a line in second place in
a LM GTE Pro margin during Fuji (JPN) and during Sebring (USA).


At Le Mans, BMW was celebrating a 20th anniversary of
a 1999 altogether win with a BMW V12 LMR. It was also the
80th anniversary of a initial BMW category win, with a BMW
328. Both of these cars finished a march path around a circuit
before a start of a race.


Reactions to a 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“The final eventuality of a ‘Super Season’ was positively a handful.
Before a race, we already knew that a resources during Le Mans
would not indispensably make things easy for us. And that incited out to
be a case. It became transparent comparatively shortly that we would not be able
to keep gait with a leaders. Our drivers had to go right to the
extent from a initial lap, that put a components underneath good stress
from a word go. This led to technical problems in the
second-third of a competition that cost us some-more time and meant that a top
outcome was out of steer early on. However, a whole organisation gave their
all, right to a final lap, nonetheless we would apparently have favourite to
have left Le Mans with a improved result. Credit and honour are due to
all endangered in these formidable circumstances. And now we contend ‘Au
revoir, Le Mans’ – and bid farewell to a FIA World Endurance
Championship. Many interjection to BMW Team MTEK, a ACO and WEC. Above
all, we would like to appreciate a many BMW fans who have supposing such
good support for a WEC plan over a years.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“That was a unequivocally formidable competition for us. However, in a 24-hour race,
we always wish to have a possibility to improve. That was not unequivocally the
case. We also had one or dual technical problems and by a end, it was
all only about removing a cars opposite a line. Whether we win or
lose, a turn of work that a organisation puts into a competition like this is
always a same. My girls and boys displayed illusory commitment. It
is a contrition that we weren’t rewarded for that.”


António Félix da Costa (#82 BMW M8 GTE, 11th place):

“Le Mans is always special. We done a good start to a competition as
a team, though a resources meant that we didn’t have a pace
required. Every one of us battled tough and we gave a all. Of course,
there is some unhappiness that we are withdrawal WEC with a BMW M8 GTE.
Thanks to a whole BMW Team MTEK organisation for a time together. New
hurdles will come – my subsequent one will be this entrance weekend during the
Formula E in Bern.”


Augusto Farfus (#82 BMW M8 GTE, 11th
“That was a unsatisfactory competition for us. We wanted
to contend goodbye with a good outcome and attempted all probable to
keep adult with a streamer group. However, we only didn’t have a pace.
The technical problem during a night was not what done the
difference. we unequivocally enjoyed a BMW M8 GTE plan in WEC. Many
interjection to everybody during BMW Team MTEK. The organisation did unequivocally good work.”


Jesse Krohn (#82 BMW M8 GTE, 11th
“In general, my Le Mans entrance was a fantastic
knowledge that we will never forget. Unfortunately, it was difficult
for us from a racing indicate of view. The organisation worked unequivocally tough and did
not record a outcome that it deserved. we am now streamer directly to
a Nürburgring. we wish that things will go improved for me there.”


Martin Tomczyk (#81 BMW M8 GTE, 14th place): 

“Unfortunately, Le Mans 2019 was not successful for us. The
resources were formidable and we unequivocally had to give a all to even
have half a possibility of gripping gait with a competitors. The technical
problems afterwards cost us some-more time. Despite that, it was good for the
organisation to strech a finishing line during slightest after all a tough work.
Looking back, a WEC programme had copiousness of highs and lows. The
prominence for me was positively a second place during a 1,000 Miles of
Sebring. we would have favourite to have available a tip outcome during a 24
Hours of Le Mans as well, though luckily for me, I’ve got another chance
to do so subsequent weekend during a Nürburgring.”


Nick Catsburg (#81 BMW M8 GTE, 14th place):

“That was a tough race. We didn’t have a pace, so we had to
expostulate unequivocally tough and that led to a technical problems. Of course,
spending so most time in a pits means that we have no possibility of
recording a good outcome during Le Mans. Overall, we was unequivocally happy to be
partial of a WEC plan and BMW Team MTEK. Unfortunately, we were not
as successful as we had hoped. Now we am looking brazen to my next
favourite race, a 24 Hours Nürburgring, subsequent weekend.”


Philipp Eng (#81 BMW M8 GTE, 14th place):

“Overall, that was another good week during Le Mans. It’s a shame
that we couldn’t turn it off with a good result. In general, a BMW
M8 GTE gathering good though unfortunately we only didn’t have a pace
compulsory on a straights. We had to expostulate right during a limit, which
put a compontents underneath impassioned stress. Many interjection to BMW
Motorsport and BMW Team MTEK for permitting me to be a partial of this
plan from a start.”