BMW Canada

BMW Team RLL finish fourth and seventh during Long Beach.

For a initial 90 mins of a competition BMW Team RLL was in control of
a race, executing a plan that put a group in position for the
BMW M6 GTLM program’s initial win.


The concrete-walled, revengeful precinct of a proxy street
circuit showed a teeth usually one notation after a immature dwindle flew to
start a 100-minute travel quarrel as one antecedent and 3 of the
heading GTLM cars were concerned in an occurrence that combined a first
counsel duration of a contest. Bill Auberlen, starting a No. 25 M6
from a fifth position, decently dodged a disadvantage and changed into
second place. John Edwards also gained 3 positions, relocating into fourth.


A second yellow dwindle for waste on lane waved 16 mins after and
a group fast motionless to separate strategies, pitting Edwards for
fuel, tyres and to palm over to Martin Tomczyk. Auberlen stayed out,
conserving his second place position while Tomczyk rejoined a field,
still in a fourth spot. Auberlen was called to a pits on path 25,
handing over to Alexander Sims who rejoined a margin in a eighth
position. As other competitors pitted Tomczyk hereditary a lead of
a competition on path 29.


The German Motorsport motorist took over as a race’s altogether leader
on path 34 as a faster antecedent cars pitted during a race’s fourth
counsel period. Tomczyk got a news from a organisation that he had enough
fuel to strech a mottled flag. Sims circulated serve behind in the
margin in a sixth position.


Tomczyk tranquil a category lead during dual some-more restarts, though with
usually 10 mins remaining a detriment of energy due to a temporary
electrical emanate slowed a No. 24 machine. He eventually finished
seventh. Sims took advantage of a final path occurrence in spin 11 and
squeezed by stopped cars to squeeze a fourth position. Bret Curtis
(USA) and Jens Klingmann (GER) came ninth in a GTD category with the
BMW M6 GT3 of group Turner Motorsport.


Bobby Rahal (Team Principal, BMW Team RLL): “It was a
contrition to have an electrical emanate within steer of a mottled flag.
Our plan was positively operative and Martin was doing a good job,
though currently was not a day. I’m certain everybody is disappointed, though on
a certain side we seem to be on gait with a rest of a field.”


Bill Auberlen (No. 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 4th place):
“Because of resources we was means to benefit positions early.
we was anticipating to be a automobile that pitted initial when a plan was
split, though a teammates got a call and it substantially would have won
them a competition solely for their late competition electrical issue. We are
still a work in progress, though we are positively creation progress. We
don’t have that initial win, though we clarity it isn’t too distant divided now.”


Alexander Sims (No. 25 BMW M6 GTLM, 4th
“In a initial integrate of laps, Bill took advantage of
an occurrence and afterwards ran in second for his whole stint. We pitted, on
substantially a some-more regressive plan utterly honestly, and that was
what put us behind a garland of cars. In a center of my army we felt
that this one had got divided from us and afterwards with several incidents and
full march yellows we were means to collect adult a few spots. We finished up
fourth, and for me entrance into Long Beach, we schooled a lot, got into
a slit and did some plain laps. When we run in second, we think
we can be on a lectern though it wasn’t to be for us today. In a end
we still came divided with a sincerely essential result.”


John Edwards (No. 24 BMW M6 GTLM, 7th
“We ran a good race. We were on an alternate
plan that paid off with a lot of yellows though unfortunately we had
an electrical emanate that took us out of row so it’s flattering heartbreaking.”


Martin Tomczyk (No. 24 BMW M6 GTLM, 7th
“It looked utterly good for us from a commencement of
a weekend though unfortunately a fitness incited opposite us in a race.
We ran a good strategy, utterly a unsure strategy, though it worked out due
to a yellows that authorised us to save adequate fuel to make it to the
end. It was utterly tough to expostulate though a opening was good.
Unfortunately we had a technical emanate with a automobile that finished our
hopes for a podium.”