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BMW Team Schnitzer reaches fifth place during a Suzuka 10 Hours.

Suzuka. The BMW Team Schnitzer only missed out on a first
lectern finish of a deteriorate in a penultimate competition of the
Intercontinental GT Challenge season, a Suzuka 10 Hours (JPN).
After Augusto Farfus (BRA) had cumulative stick position on Saturday in
a #42 BMW M6 GT3, he and his team-mates Martin Tomczyk (GER) and
Nick Yelloly (GBR) were concerned in a conflict for a lectern for
prolonged periods. The contingent finished a competition in fifth place after 275 laps.


The opening proviso of a competition was dominated by a dual BMW M6 GT3s of
BMW Team Schnitzer and Walkenhorst Motorsport. Tomczyk took a lead
from stick position, while Nick Catsburg (NED) changed adult from third on
a grid to second place in a #34 car. The twin defended these
heading positions until a initial array stop. However, a second stint
saw Christian Krognes (NOR) unluckily concerned in an collision as he
was scheming to path dual cars forward of him. One of a cars strike the
behind of a #34 BMW M6 GT3, causing such critical repairs that a team
was forced to retire from a competition after extensive correct attempts.


A brief time later, a #42 automobile had to obey a lead to a #25
Audi that eventually won a race. As a competition progressed, BMW Team
Schnitzer always stayed within touching stretch of a podium
positions, though was only incompetent to secure a place on a podium. After
a series of parsimonious battles during a competition and a drive-through penalty,
practical after an blunder during a array stop, Yelloly crossed the
finishing line in fifth place.


The Intercontinental GT Challenge deteriorate culmination takes place on
24th Nov in Kyalami, South Africa.


Reactions to a Suzuka 10 Hours:


Herbert Schnitzer jr. (BMW Team Schnitzer Team Principal):

“Overall, we can be gratified with a approach this weekend went. We had a
illusory time yesterday as Augusto Farfus claimed stick position.
However, we knew that a competition in such prohibited conditions would be tough. We
suffered some setbacks during those 10 hours, though all things
deliberate we am unapproachable of my group and what we achieved here in Suzuka.”


Augusto Farfus (#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer,
5th place):

“On a one hand, it was good to see us have such a good gait with
a BMW M6 GT3 here in Suzuka and conflict for a lectern finish. However,
we were stranded behind other cars after a drive-through chastisement and we
couldn’t muster this car’s speed during a final hours of a race.
It is roughly unfit to pass on this circuit. That is a great
shame. Nonetheless, we would like to appreciate BMW and a group for a
clever BMW M6 GT3 and a good opening this weekend.”


Martin Tomczyk
(#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer, 5th place):

“Things looked unequivocally good for a prolonged time. We were means to defend
a stick position by a early hours of a competition and we were
still in a tip 3 after that. Ahead of a race, we had been
prepared for tyre wear in high temperatures on this circuit, though it
was not a vital issue. We were means to keep gait with a leaders, but
afterwards we had that hapless array stop blunder that caused the
drive-through penalty. That meant we had no possibility of claiming that
deserved lectern finish during a end.”


Nick Yelloly (#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer,
5th place):

“Unfortunately, a communication blunder during a array stop when we got
into a automobile saw me expostulate off only a small too early. That was the
reason for a drive-through penalty. we am unequivocally contemptible for a whole
group that this happened. The group did a good pursuit and we was means to
learn a lot from my gifted team-mates. A lot of things were new
to me here in Suzuka and we schooled a good deal.”


Niclas Königbauer (Walkenhorst Motorsport Team Manager):

“Of course, that was tough to take. You transport median around the
universe to Suzuka, ready unequivocally well, humour a good subordinate session
and a glorious start – basically, all is going perfectly. But
afterwards we humour a vital setback. Unfortunately, we have been stubborn by
bad fitness this deteriorate and that was a box again here. But this streak
will come to an finish during some point, and a fitness will change. The
drivers and a group have unequivocally warranted a reward. Perhaps they will be
means to humour that during a deteriorate culmination in Kyalami. We will sojourn as
encouraged as ever.”


Christian Krognes (#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport, DNF):

“Unfortunately, we were in a wrong place during a wrong time. Two
slower cars collided forward of me and Augusto Farfus in Spoon Corner
and a Nissan spun around. Augusto got by though a Nissan somehow
came behind onto a circuit during such a bizarre angle that it strike the
behind of my car. It was only a matter of a few centimetres that cost us
a race. we am unequivocally contemptible for a whole team, as they supposing us
with a unequivocally clever car.”


Nick Catsburg
(#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport, DNF):

“I had a good start to a race. Martin Tomczyk and we were means to
urge initial and second positions and it looked like all was
going according to plan. It is a outrageous contrition that we were concerned in
such an detrimental collision with a spinning car. We had copiousness of bad
fitness in Bathurst and now it’s happened again. On both occasions, we
were in a earnest position in a race. That is especially
unsatisfactory for a team.”


Mikkel Jensen
(#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport, DNF):

“We would have favourite to have rewarded a group for their tough work,
though unfortunately it was not to be. That is tough to swallow, as we saw
a BMW M6 GT3 was unequivocally rival and could have crossed a line in
a good position. Despite all of that, it was a good knowledge for
me privately to expostulate on a mythological Suzuka circuit for a initial time.”