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BMW teams fervent to finish a 2019 DTM deteriorate with a prominence during a Hockenheim finale.

Munich. The 2019 DTM deteriorate comes to an finish with races
17 and 18 during Hockenheim (GER) this weekend. For BMW M
Motorsport and a BMW DTM teams, a design for a season
culmination is to conduct into a winter mangle on a high. At a season
opener in May, BMW M Motorsport started a new turbo epoch with
success during a same track: On Saturday, Marco Wittmann (GER) took
a initial stick position and a initial win for a afterwards new BMW M4
DTM with turbo drive; on Sunday, Philipp Eng (AUT) gathering to pole
position, while Wittmann finished a front quarrel of a grid.


Wittmann is in third place altogether streamer into a finale, and is
still in row for second place in a driver’s standings. A top
3 finish is also still within strech for Eng, who is now in
fifth place.


One of a highlights of a final weekend is a Japanese SUPER GT
fasten a action. Before a dual array reason their initial joint
‘dream race’ during Fuji (JPN) in November, 3 cars from a SUPER GT
will contest as guest starters during Hockenheim. Former Formula 1 world
champion Jenson Button (GBR) is only one of a drivers who will make
an appearance.


BMW M GmbH is regulating a culmination of a DTM deteriorate during Hockenheim as a
theatre for a universe premiere of a new BMW X5 M (CO2
emissions (combined): 296 – 291 g/km, Fuel expenditure (combined):
13.0 – 12.8 l/100km) and BMW X6 M (CO2 emissions
(combined): 289 – 284 g/km, Fuel expenditure (combined): 12.7 – 12.5
l/100km)*. The cars will be denounced on Saturday.


Quotes brazen of a DTM culmination during Hockenheim.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“We’re looking brazen to a grand culmination of a 2019 DTM deteriorate at
a Hockenheimring. The fans were treated to a illusory opening round
in May. The final competition weekend of a year is set to be another
highlight. We are unequivocally vehement about a guest coming of our
colleagues from a SUPER GT in Japan. This is a good ambience of things
to come during a Fuji ‘Dream Race’ in November, that will undoubtedly
form a genuine prominence during a finish of a motorsport year. When we
were during Hockenheim for a season-opener behind in May, Marco Wittmann
claimed a initial win of a new turbo era. Although a deteriorate has
not always been easy for us, we are all dynamic to finish a season
with an equally successful weekend during a same venue. Our teams and
drivers are prepared to give it their all one some-more time.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal BMW Team RMG):

“It seems that time is flying. It feels like only yesterday that we
kicked a 2019 DTM deteriorate off with a stick position and win at
Hockenheim. Our design is to finish a deteriorate with identical success.
We have a churned record. We have brought home a sum of 5 wins with
Marco Wittmann and Bruno Spengler, and Marco is still in with a chance
of finishing second in a altogether standings. But there have also been
setbacks, and Timo Glock in sold has been unequivocally unlucky. But our
group refused to give adult and kept on fighting. And a same will be
loyal during a final round, given we wish to unequivocally go for it again with
success in a final dual races.”


Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Drivers’
standings: 9th, 100 points):

“Hockenheim is a good track. A lot always happens during a races
there, and it is unequivocally good for overtaking. The Hockenheim culmination is
unequivocally always a prominence of a season. Huge numbers of fans
always come to a track, that is another reason because we am really
looking brazen to it. The atmosphere is unequivocally special. We will analyse
all a information in good fact and see where we can optimise a BMW M4
DTM to be rival during Hockenheim. We’re going in a right
directions; we softened during a Nürburgring. The group and BMW will work
unequivocally tough as common to give us a good automobile for a final. The idea is
to have dual clever final races.”


Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG,
Drivers’ standings: 3rd, 182 points):

“We started a deteriorate with a win during Hockenheim, and we wish that we
can get a good finish there to what has been a formidable deteriorate in part.
The championship has been decided, though we will try to make a finale
a good one for us privately during Hockenheim, with good formula in both races.”


Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’ standings:
13th, 37 points):

“I’m looking brazen to a finale. Hockenheim is always a highlight,
and we have always had good races there. This deteriorate has been distant from
easy for me. Now I’m only anticipating that fitness earnings to my side during the
culmination and that we can finish a DTM year with formula that make adult for
a formidable season.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal BMW Team RBM):

“Going into a culmination during Hockenheim, we demeanour behind on a deteriorate in
that all of a drivers have consistently shown clever performances.
Without a doubt, a prominence was a home eventuality during Zolder, with the
one-two outcome of Philipp Eng and Joel Eriksson on a Saturday and
a stick position of a rookie Sheldon outpost der Linde and Philipp’s
lectern finish on a Sunday. Philipp led a driver’ standings after
that, though unfortunately a second half of a deteriorate was difficult
for us. But a group always gave it their all and showed fantastic
dedication, and I’m unapproachable of that. The idea for a culmination is fight
for a front positions, like during a start of a season. We wish to
get some-more clever formula in a final dual races.”


Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Drivers’
standings: 5th, 144 points):

“At a deteriorate opener during Hockenheim we had a unequivocally good weekend with
stick position and a fourth place in a race. we wish that we can build
on this opening again during a finale. We had a good package there,
and we will work tough to finish a deteriorate on a high. The culmination at
Hockenheim is always a highlight, with lots of fans and a great
atmosphere. I’m looking brazen to it already.”


Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Drivers’ standings: 12th, 42 points):

“For certain my aim is to finish my DTM rookie deteriorate on a high. We know
that Hockenheim was flattering good for us during a start of a year,
nonetheless a conditions have been unequivocally different. we consider we have a
clever automobile during a impulse and hopefully we can only move everything
together. we have knowledge of a lane and we am unequivocally looking
brazen to it.”


Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Drivers’
standings: 11th, 51 points):

“I consider we all have a same idea for a final round. The entire
group wants to serve urge in qualifying. Already during the
Nürburgring, a gait was improved though there are still a few things we
need to arrange out. we am always aiming to finish a deteriorate on a high.
Hockenheim is a good lane and a final turn there is a highlight
of a deteriorate so we am looking brazen to carrying a good time over there.”


Media Schedule (all times CEST).


Friday, 4th October

14:30-15:00, ITR press discussion with Marco Wittmann,
Baden-Württemberg Center


Saturday, 5th October

15:30-15:40, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Baden-Württemberg Center


Sunday, 6th October

09:00-09:30, Media Round Table with BMW Group Motorsport Director
Jens Marquardt, BMW M Motorsport Hospitality


15:45-15:55, Mixed Zone with all BMW drivers, Baden-Württemberg Center