BMW Canada

BMW two-man incline antecedent passes severe tests.

  • Successful exam array for BMW two-man bobsled antecedent on
    a ice marks in Königssee and Altenberg.
  • First sled grown wholly regulating mechanism simulations
    sets new pattern routine standards with earnest results.
  • Olympic bullion medalist Francesco Friedrich: “The BMW
    antecedent is unequivocally unequivocally good.”
  • BMW two-man bobsled will be serve optimised with a aim
    of it being in movement in a 2019/2020 World Cup season.


Munich. The growth of a BMW two-man bobsled, that is the
outcome of a partnership with a German Bobsleigh, Luge, and
Skeleton Federation (BSD), has reached an essential milestone: Test
rides during Königssee and in Altenberg delivered earnest results. The
sled judgment grown exclusively regulating mechanism simulations and
accurate in a BMW Aerodynamic and Research Center has proven
successful. Additional optimisation intensity for a antecedent will
be identified during serve exam rides in a entrance weeks and will
feed into a pattern of a new sled. The idea is to use this in the
entrance 2019/2020 World Cup season.

At a finish of a growth and exam proviso that lasted 10 months
only, a BMW antecedent upheld a benediction of glow with flying
colours. With double Olympic champion Francesco Friedrich, world
champion Johannes Lochner and youth universe champion Christoph Hafer on
a steering handles, a run times during a exam rides during Königssee and
on a perfectionist lane in Altenberg were within a few tenths of a
second of a stream World Cup bob.

A measuring complement supposing by BMW Motorsport and mutated for
bobsleds evaluated and compared all of a rides. Friedrich’s
impressions were intensely positive.

“It’s fascinating: BMW takes something on, and during a initial attempt
it is unequivocally unequivocally good. So many companies have already attempted to build
a sled, that was afterwards mothballed after 3 days. In contrast, the
BMW antecedent has already come a prolonged way. The incline runs unequivocally well
and we can drive it precisely,” pronounced a altogether World Cup winner.
“The BMW engineers work unequivocally meticulously and with a lot of passion to
make certain it is as quick as or faster than a others.”

The innovative proceed to a growth of a new two-man bob
started from nothing, oriented itself on BMW car growth and
focused on a replicability of a sled. It was also about finding
a ideal change between a fortitude and lively of a sled.

Initially, a pattern was grown exclusively regulating computer
simulations and a aerodynamics were optimised regulating the
“computational liquid dynamics (CFD)” numerical method. Around 10,000
opposite forms were calculated, including “digitalised athlete
dummies”: To rise sporting apparatus with a ideal ergonomics for
a several BSD drivers and crewmen, a athletes were scanned, and
their physique measure were incorporated into a calculations.

The pattern grown this way, deliberation aerodynamic and ergonomic
aspects was primarily milled as a froth model, a values distributed on
a mechanism were accurate in a BMW Group Aerodynamic Test Centre
and optimised in line with a research formula obtained. This form
was made regulating CO to safeguard reproducibility. The cutting
of a particular CO layers was computer-controlled, and these
CO layers were placed such that a sled is means to catch the
outrageous G army in a ice lane optimally. Then, a indication was baked in
an autoclave during 175 degrees. Thomas Hahn’s, conduct of a BMW technology
transfer, growth group perceived support from a BMW partner
network in a motorsport sector.

“The proceed and pioneering suggestion of a record partner BMW is
considerable time and again,” pronounced Thomas Schwab, ubiquitous secretary and
sports executive of a BSD. “We are gay that in a BMW
antecedent an innovative proceed demonstrated a good potential
right from a start and are vehement to see what serve growth brings.”

Hahn is unequivocally gratified with a middle outcome and said: “The
initial exam formula are earnest – both during Königssee and on an
impassioned lane like a one in Altenberg. We started with a vacant sheet
of paper and it incited out that a calculations stood a exam in
practice. Now we need to pull a boundary serve in additional tests
and formed on these results, brand a areas in that we can make improvements.”