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BMW Welt Jazz Award 2017

Munich. The BMW Welt Jazz Award will enter a ninth
deteriorate in Jan 2017. Following a pointer “Amazing Bass!”, a range
of superb general ensembles will perform during the
double-coned structure of BMW Welt in a sum of 6 giveaway Sunday
matinees between Jan and March 2017. The featured musicians hail
from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, USA and Germany. The final
unison of BMW Welt Jazz Award and a foe for a esteem money
totalling 15,000 Euro will take place on May 6, 2017 during a auditorium
of BMW Welt.


This year, a drum will take centre theatre – an instrument that plays
an critical and poignant purpose in jazz. During their live
performances, a artists will uncover usually how versatile this instrument
unequivocally is and they will electrify a public with their creativity.


After a sixth and final matinee, a row of consultant jurors will
commission dual of a participating ensembles to perform during a final
unison during BMW Welt’s auditorium. In serve to a esteem of
10,000 Euro, a leader will accept a esteem designed privately by
BMW Design; a runner-up will accept 5,000 Euro. The garb with
a best total normal of all concerts will accept a audience
award, that includes an coming during Jazz Classica Festival 2017 at
review Schloss Elmau.


Maximilian Schöberl, conduct of BMW Group Communication and Policy,
said, “Year after year, a BMW Welt Jazz Award offers a unique
experience. It is a height for artists to benefaction themselves and
their artistic creativity to both pledge audiences and eminent jury
members alike. we am assured that a public will once again be
really excited. We would like to appreciate not usually a musicians though also
a city of Munich and a partners for a long-standing collaboration.”


“BMW Welt Jazz Award’s matinees are mythological and year after year,
they defend their superb repute as presenters of
internationally eminent musicians. we am gratified to see that a bass
will take centre theatre in this year’s book – an instrument that
given of a different expressions provides a low-pitched substructure of
many ensembles. Both a general BMW Welt Jazz Award and, since
2016, a BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award for rising talents from
Munich are an heard as good as manifest pointer of a outstanding
joining of BMW Group to a informative life of a city and it is an
extensive contingency of a eventuality calendar,” combined Dieter Reiter, mayor of
a state collateral Munich.


The arriving year will also see a second deteriorate of a BMW Welt
Young Artist Jazz Award, that is awarded together with a city of
Munich. In serve to a esteem money, a leader will be offering to
reason a unison during Unterfahrt Jazzclub as good as an coming during the
Leipzig-based Jazztage festival.


Programme of BMW Welt Jazz
Award 2017


Matinees: 11 am to c.1:30 pm during a double-coned structure of
BMW Welt:

January 22, 2017         Chris Minh Doky New Nordic Jazz

February 5, 2017         Lars Danielsson plays Liberetto feat.
Grégory Privat

February 12, 2017       Henning Sieverts: Symmethree

February 19, 2017       Rauned Garcia-Fons: Revoir Paris

March 5, 2017             Linda Oh: Sun Pictures

March 12, 2017           Eva Kruse: On a Mo


Admission is giveaway of assign though seating is limited. Tickets are
theme to availability. Doors open during 10.30 am.


Grand culmination during a auditorium of BMW Welt during 7 pm

May 6, 2017   Final unison featuring a dual nominated finalists


Tickets for a grand culmination on May 6, 2017, will be accessible as of
Jan 224, 20176, during BMW Welt and München Ticket.


As in prior years, a programme will be hosted by Beate Sampson,
jazz consultant and editor during a German broadcasting hire “BR-KLASSIK”.




The renowned row of consultant jurors will be headed by
Oliver Hochkeppel (journalist for song and
informative affairs during a German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung”) and will
embody a following members:

Roland Spiegel, editor during a song table and jazz
consultant during a German broadcasting hire Bayerischer Rundfunk “BR‑KLASSIK“;

Andreas Kolb, editor-in-chief of a magazines
“JazzZeitung” and “neue musikzeitung and co-publisher of a new music
repository “SILBERHORN“;

Heike Lies, musicologist, Music and Music Theatre
Division of a Department of Cultural Affairs of a state collateral Munich;

Christiane Böhnke-Geisse, Artistic Director of the
general jazz festival “Bingen swingt”.


Artists and Ensembles


January 22, 2017:
Chris Minh Doky New Nordic Jazz

In Danish jazz, bassists have a long-standing tradition as band
leaders. Continuing this tradition in a convincing and singular manner
is Chris Minh Doky, son of a Danish cocktail thespian and Vietnamese doctor
and guitarist. As a teenager, he complicated piano during a Royal Danish
Academy for Music before branch to a drum age 15. He went to the
US, where he became an constituent partial of a immature New Yorkean Scene of
a early 90s. Whether personification alongside a likes of Larry Goldings,
Mike Stern or Randy Brecker or together with his brother, pianist
Niels Lan Doky as partial of Doky Brothers, his renditions
always brew East Coast grooves with a low-pitched sounds of
Scandinavia. With his stream contingent New Nordic Jazz, Chris
Minh Doky once again gives a ambience of this special mix.


February 5, 2017: Lars Danielsson plays Liberetto feat.
Grégory Privat

For many years, Swedish bassist Lars Danielsson has been one of the
vital voices in European jazz. Originally a cellist, he produces a
some-more melodic, warmer sound than many of his colleagues. Add to this
brew a “Nordic sound” with that Danielsson assimilated in his possess approach the
modern, open character European jazz that incorporates both exemplary and
cocktail music. With his party and a members including David Liebman,
Bobo Stenson and Jon Christensen alone he accessible 10 albums. Other
than building projects with his thespian mother Cæcilie Norby, he
lucky operative with pianists as of late – he accessible several albums
with Polish musician Leszek Mozder and for “Libretto” we and II, he
shaped an wholly agreeable twin with Armenian musician Tigran
Hamasyan. Aficionados reason Grégory Privat, a immature musician from
Martinique in high regard, and it is with him that Danielsson will
perform during BMW Welt for a really initial time.


February 12, 2017:
Henning Sieverts: Symmethree

This ancient of Munich binds a special place among Europe’s top
bassists as he also binds a grade of a German School of Journalism
and works as radio host. He is featured on some-more than 120 albums and
invariably creates appearances with his possess conspicuous projects.
Symmetry plays an critical purpose in Sieverts’ low-pitched world, sometimes
exclusively as mirrored compositions, infrequently with intriguing
dulcet and agreeable numbers games with that this Berlin-born
musician turns his passion for chess, Sudoku, Scrabble and riddles of
all kinds into music. Together with his trio, that includes star
trombonist Nils Wogram, who won a BMW Welt Jazz Award 2011, and
guitarist Ronny Graupe, Henning Sieverts will benefaction his code new,
second plan “Symmethree” during “Amazing Bass!”.


February 19, 2017:
Renaud Garcia-Fons: Revoir Paris

The Ibero-Frenchman Renaud Garcia-Fons competence usually be a greatest
specialist among jazz bassists. Aged 53, he turns what is mostly reduced
to a rhythmic disciplined of a bell metronome into a lyrical, singing and
polyphonic cornucopia of buoyant staccato and legato strokes in the
top ranges differently famous usually from violin or guitar
performances. For many years Garcia-Fons has been regulating this unique
tinge for his programme featuring Mediterranean jazz shabby by
Italian, southern French, Spanish and even Arabic and south eastern
European folk music. In his new trio, together with accordionist David
Ventucci and vibraphonist and percussionist Stephen Caracci, he now
turns behind to a urbanity of his local Paris. This reunion, named
“Revoir Paris”, covers a extended operation indeed – from Musette to hot
jazz, from chansons in a tradition of Charles Trenet to folklore
imaginaire, from “Montmartre en courant” to “Rue du Dragon”.


March 5, 2017:
Linda Oh: Sun Pictures

Bassist Linda Oh grew adult in Western Australia as a daughter of
Malaysian immigrants and has been vital in New York, a Mecca of
Jazz, given 2008. To a true members of a BMW Welt Jazz Award
audience, she is no foreigner – in 2015, she accompanied guitarist and
thespian Camila Meza in such an considerable demeanour that everyone
accepted because this leader of many newcomer’s competitions (including
a ASCAP Young Jazz Composer‘s Award 2008) as good as scholarships in
a USA is now one of a many sought-after bassists. She played
alongside a operation of musicians including Joe Lovano, Vijay Iyer, Dave
Douglas and Kenny Barron and usually became a member of a Pat Metheny’s
new quartet. She has done her name not usually as an instrumentalist but
also as a composer for a extended operation of ensembles and brief film
projects. At BMW Welt, Oh will perform as partial of a party alongside
saxophonist Ben Wendel, guitarist Matthew Stevens and drummer Justin
Brown and together they will benefaction her third manuscript “Sun Pictures”.


March 12, 2017: Eva Kruse: On a Mo

Bassists and drummers typically act as a ancillary acts of jazz.
Which is because it is all a some-more conspicuous when a career of a female
bassist is related to a singular ensemble, as is a box for Eva Kruse
and Trio [em]. Ever given a early stages of a new
millennium, she has symbolised a new beginnings of immature German jazz
together with Michael Wollny and Eric Schaefer (also as a winners of
a really initial BMW Welt Jazz Award 2009). After her parental leave,
Kruse altered directions, changed to Sweden, played with star trombonist
Nils Landgren and finally brought her really possess projects to fruition.
Following “In Water”, that won a Echo Jazz, she will benefaction “On
a Mo”, her subsequent fascinating programme, during BMW Welt. Arranged for a
quintet, a superb qualities are a outcome of a somewhat
surprising orchestration: Eric Schaefer on a drums, Christian Jormin on
a piano, Uwe Steinmetz on a saxophone and Tjadina Wake-Walker on
a oboe.


This book of a BMW Welt Jazz Award will once again suffer the
inexhaustible support of BR-KLASSIK, a new song repository SILBERHORN,
review Schloss Elmau and a Department of Cultural Affairs of the
city of Munich.


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