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Board member for Human Resources Dr. Horst Neumann retires


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• CEO Matthias Müller temporarily assumes shortcoming for Human

The member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft with shortcoming for Human Resources, Dr. Horst Neumann (66), retires with outcome from Nov 30, 2015. The Supervisory Board expects to name his inheritor shortly. In a inserted duration a CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Matthias Müller, will temporarily assume shortcoming for Human Resources and Organization.

The Supervisory Board, a Board or Management and a Group Works Council appreciate Neumann for his unrestrained joining to defence jobs and augmenting productivity, to crew growth and enhancing employer attractiveness.

The Chairman of a Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Hans Dieter Pötsch, paid reverence to Neumann’s achievements, saying: “Dr. Horst Neumann has played an instrumental purpose in a certain growth of a Volkswagen Group over a past 10 years. This began in 2006 with a common agreement for a destiny that Dr. Neumann negotiated with a Works Council really shortly after he had insincere shortcoming for Human Resources. This agreement reestablished competitiveness during Volkswagen AG in terms of capability and labor costs, introduced opening incentives for employees lonesome by common bargaining, and has authorised a workforce to attend in a company’s success ever since. Dr. Neumann sets good store by a high dilettante cunning of employees, good work and secure jobs. His running element has therefore always been that competitiveness and pursuit confidence are dual sides of a same coin.”

The Chairman of a Volkswagen Group Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, said: “As worker representatives, we have come to know Dr. Neumann as a candid and satisfactory negotiating partner. When opinions differ he takes a tough line, though he never closes a doorway on a satisfactory change of interests. Without Dr. Neumann a formidable common agreement negotiations of 2006 would never have culminated in a good result. This agreement is a substructure for secure jobs and competitiveness during a core brand. Once he had achieved that, Dr. Neumann set about realigning crew growth during Volkswagen and creation a association a tip employer.”