BMW Canada

Breakthrough for some-more tolerable rubber production.

Munich. In and with member of social
institutions, NGOs and a rubber estimate industry, a BMW Group
determined a eccentric Global
Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber
(GPSNR) during an inaugural
assembly in Singapore in March. The aim is to make a whole rubber
value sequence verifiably sustainable. The automotive attention is one of
a world’s largest consumers of healthy rubber.


Rubber is done from a latex divert collected from rubber trees. In
many cases, cultivation takes place in monocultures in Southeast Asia,
opposite an area travelling some-more than 8 million hectares. Over 80
percent of healthy rubber is grown on really tiny farms – creation it
formidable to guard amicable and environmental flourishing conditions.


The BMW Group usually purchases healthy rubber indirectly. However,
given clarity and sustainability via a value sequence are
an constituent partial of a company’s philosophy, it has taken stairs over
a years requiring larger sustainability from tyre manufacturers.
The BMW Group alone needs around 24,000 tons of healthy rubber per
year for car tyres.


All GPSNR first members have also committed to titillate amicable and
environmental conditions for cultivation and titillate their business
partners towards some-more sustainability. Additional measures will be
implemented to fight deforestation and safeguard larger supply sequence transparency.


The Global Platform for Sustainable
Natural Rubber
was instituted by a CEOs of a Tyre
Industry Project (TIP)
, a forum combined by a World
Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
. Over 200
of a world’s heading companies work together in a WBCDS to drive
swell in a margin of tolerable development. More than 40
organisations and institutions are now participating in the
GPSNR – essentially tyre manufacturers, suppliers, a automotive
attention and NGOs committed to a sourroundings and improving working
conditions during general level. The BMW Group is a only
vehicle association also represented on a Executive Committee.