BMW Canada

Brightly phony and full of pushing pleasure: a launch debate for a new BMW 1 Series.

Munich. With uninformed cultured appeal, captivating
impetus and a resources of fascinating details, a debate for the
worldwide marketplace launch of a reward compress indication really much
reflects a impression of a new BMW 1 Series itself. The elaborately
constructed brief films uncover a new BMW 1 Series as a many exciting
car in a class, charity well-developed opportunities to experience
hallmark code pushing pleasure. Viewers see a sporty 5-door model
showcased in interesting impression with complicated imagery and transparent colours,
featuring not only quick vessel shots and quick slicing though also several
laughable elements. The co-star of a films – alongside a new BMW 1
Series – is a rooster who performs fantastic tricks on a skateboard.

With a complicated pattern style, cessation record enabling maximum
lively and innovative connectivity facilities such as a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant, a new BMW 1 Series offers a
on-going form of pushing pleasures geared privately towards
immature aim groups. This impression is also reflected in a launch
campaign. “With a launch of a BMW 1 Series and a campaign
combined for this purpose, we’re not only demonstrating that a third
book of this indication leads a compress category in terms of driving
dynamics, we’re also creation a transparent matter about pattern and
lifestyle”, says Michael Sommer, Head of Brand Communication BMW.

The debate films were shot in Cape Town, South Africa and directed
by Specter Berlin, an determined name in a hip-hop stage as
co-founder of a Aggro Berlin label. He has also done a name for
himself with song videos for Marteria and other hip-hop artists. The
many new prolongation of his to attract courtesy was a video for the
rope Rammstein. In addition, Specter Berlin has been successfully
concerned in selling campaigns for many years. It is his consistent of
a classical elements of product communication with a complicated video-clip
cultured that gives a debate films for a BMW 1 Series their
particular appeal.

In further to a 30-second TV commercial, several 15-second cut-downs
and other formats were also constructed for use on amicable media channels.
All communication instruments simulate a vivid, charming character
of a campaign. Thanks to a perfect energy of a images, the
communication does wholly but any additional product claim. The
new BMW 1 Series is presented only with a indication name as “THE 1”.