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Buick Introduces All-New 2017 LaCrosse

Buick Introduces All-New 2017 LaCrosse

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LOS ANGELES (Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015) –  The all-new 2017 Buick LaCrosse introduces a new face of Buick, shabby by a thespian cues of a award-winning Avenir judgment denounced during a 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and desirous by a judgment automobile from a mid-20th century.

The LaCrosse, that goes on sale in early summer 2016, facilities a new grille pattern with a vast opening renowned by a lapse of a three-colour – red, china and blue – Buick tri-shield insignia, accented by wing-shaped elements set opposite darkened rapids grille bars desirous by a 1954 Wildcat II concept.

Buick suggested a 2017 LaCrosse currently during a Los Angeles Auto Show.  

“The new LaCrosse signals a subsequent proviso of Buick’s general movement with a thespian good looks,” pronounced Mike Speranzini, code director, Buick in Canada. “Its singular multiple of quietness, comfort and connectivity sets new standards in a segment, upheld by technologies not charity by competitors like Lexus.”

Longer, revoke and wider than a stream model, a 2017 LaCrosse is built on a stronger nonetheless lighter structure. It is 136 kilograms (300 lbs) lighter than a stream LaCrosse – mostly due to a use of press-hardened, high-strength steels – that minister to larger potency and some-more manageable handling.

The new LaCrosse’s revoke weight is also due in partial to new revoke mass sound-absorbing materials including a lightweight dissipative lurch pad in place of heavier noise-blocking pads that outcome in a new threshold for Buick’s signature QuietTuning.

The change of a potency equation comes from a technologically advanced, second-generation 3.6L V-6 engine interconnected with a new eight-speed involuntary transmission. Standard Stop/Start record improves potency in stop-and-go driving.

Additional new and extended facilities include:

  • New five-link back cessation and permitted HiPer Strut front suspension
  • Available electronically tranquil Continuous Damping Control active cessation with selectable Touring and Sport modes
  • Driver-selectable Electronic Precision Shift
  • An permitted advanced, all-new dual-clutch all-wheel expostulate system
  • Efficiency-enhancing low-drag front brakes with Duralife rotors
  • Electric energy steering element with Lead/Pull Compensation
  • Easier rear-seat entry/egress
  • More serviceable storage space – including a first-of-its-kind pull-out drawer in a back of a centre console permitted to rear-seat passengers permitting electronic devices, ear buds and other equipment to be stored out of drive for larger certainty and reduced clutter
  • Technologies including permitted wireless charging from Buick dealers, permitted Teen Driver and configurable, LED motorist information centre with 8-inch-diagonal colour display
  • Perforated leather-appointed front seats with new lumbar massaging feature
  • IntelliLink with frameless 8-inch-diagonal colour touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot integration.

The 2017 LaCrosse also facilities endless active and pacifist reserve including:

  • Ten customary atmosphere bags – including twin knee atmosphere bags for front passengers
  • Front Pedestrian Braking, that alerts drivers to and can automatically request a brakes for pedestrians rescued directly brazen in some pushing conditions
  • Lane Keep Assist, that provides peaceful steering circle turns – and Lane Departure Warning alerts, if required – to assistance drivers equivocate crashes due to unintentionally flapping out of their lane
  • Automatic Park Assist, that helps a motorist together park/perpendicular park by automatically steering a car into a rescued parking space while a motorist relates a brakes
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Automatic Braking
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Rear Vision Camera
  • Safety Alert Seat.

New face of Buick

The new LaCrosse’s fluent extraneous pattern creates a new suit for a some-more thespian highway presence. The front wheels have been pulled brazen and a wheelbase stretched 65 millimetres (2.7 in.), while a altogether length is usually 15 millimetres (0.6-in.) longer. The energetic suit is serve extended by a roofline that’s 40 millimetres (1.6 in.) revoke than a stream model.

The longer wheelbase is matched by wheels pushed external 33 millimetres (1.3 in.) in a front and 28 millimetres (1.1 in.) in a rear, while a car’s breadth has grown usually 10 millimetres (0.4-in.), formulating a wheels-at-corners position dictated to communicate highway confidence.

“It’s a sleeker pattern that looks assured and purposeful,” pronounced Holt Ware, extraneous pattern director. “Stretching a wheelbase, obscure a roofline and creation it somewhat wider creates a thespian outcome that is extended by a design’s ancillary elements such as a swept headlamps.”

The signature sweepspear body-side pattern member has been reinterpreted in a complicated fashion, enhancing a car’s sculpture. The separate pattern gives a physique side a larger notice of depth, while picking adult additional physique lines for an elegant, undeviating upsurge from a front fenders to a rear.

The 2017 LaCrosse’s physique lines are reinforced by a longer “daylight opening” – a apportionment of a top physique between a A- and C-pillars. They’re ringed with chrome, dictated to supplement a tastefully calm reward accent to a physique side.

Other sum mix form and function. Outside mirrors are mounted on pedestals on a doors rather than a corners of a front side windows. The pattern offers a larger margin of perspective while a counterpart housings were made in a breeze hovel to assistance revoke breeze noise.

Aerodynamic considerations also gathering a energetic brush of a decklid, that acts as a spoiler to make a many of airflow over a LaCrosse. Deflectors in front of a tires assistance revoke drag.  

Additional extraneous elements include:

  • Standard high-intensity liberate headlamps, LED signature lighting and LED taillamp accents are standard
  • Eighteen-inch wheels are customary and 20-inch wheels are available
  • Active grille shutters
  • Capless fuel filler on all models.

Seamless ambience, authentic craftsmanship

The new LaCrosse’s interior is designed to offer an open and mouth-watering space for passengers – one that is relaxing, lush and well-connected. Sculpturally pleasing form and reward materials element technologies grown for free interfacing.

It is a initial Buick with a singular cockpit pattern aesthetic, characterized by a plane form that sweeps opposite a instrument row and into a doors. It also incorporates a “floating” centre console that positions a controller for a new Electronic Precision Shift high and tighten to a driver, while formulating storage space next a console for equipment such as a purse or tablet.

“There is fluidity in a interior forms – a seamless ambience that flows around a cabin,” pronounced Liz Wetzel, interior pattern director. “Like a exterior, there is sculptural beauty in a interior’s functionality, complemented with high-quality, authentic materials and well-developed courtesy to detail.”

That courtesy to fact includes soothing materials for many any touchpoint; French stitching on a seats, instrument row and more; and aluminum and timber musical trim, depending on a model.

“There is a domestic hint that is mouth-watering and rewarding,” pronounced Wetzel. “It is a purify sourroundings designed to modernise and inspire.”

New and extended permitted oppulance facilities amplify a LaCrosse’s comfort:

  • Three fashion-inspired interior trim choices: Jet Black, Dark Atmosphere and Shale, and Jet Black and Brandy
  • Contemporary Moon White ambient lighting
  • Eight-way-adjustable exhilarated and ventilated front seats with softened heating for quicker warm-up on cold mornings and a new massage feature
  • Perforated leather-appointed seats
  • Heated steering circle with energy tilting/telescoping steering column
  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control
  • Power back sunshade
  • Premium Bose® audio system.

It also offers greater, some-more unsentimental storage space and easier access. The back doors, for example, open wider and offer easier entry/egress, while a case offers approximately 7 percent some-more storage space than a stream model, and was configured to accommodate 4 golf bags.

Sophisticated, discerning technologies – including phone integration

As one of a segment’s many technologically modernized vehicles, a new LaCrosse offers a horde of communication and preference facilities designed for free connectivity.

The executive record is a latest book of Buick IntelliLink, that is displayed in a new, frameless 8-inch-diagonal colour touchscreen located during a centre of an ergonomically optimized instrument panel. Along with a meridian element and other facilities on a “centre stack,” it was designed with fewer buttons and controls for some-more discerning use.

Phone formation record is interconnected with IntelliLink and is designed to arrangement phone facilities users would wish while pushing and put them on a 8-inch arrangement around Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The facilities concede business to use name smartphone apps by a touchscreen interface. Many facilities can be tranquil around voice commands by a symbol on a steering wheel, assisting drivers keep their eyes on a highway and hands on a wheel.

Additional LaCrosse record highlights include:

  • All-new Electronic Precision Shift – Rather than a normal shifter, gears are comparison and intent around a elementary toggle pull. It provides smooth, accurate and manageable changeable while enabling combined storage in a core console.
  • Configurable, high-definition motorist information centre – Located in a centre of a sign cluster and flanked by turn instrument binnacles, it has a large, 8-inch-diagonal full-colour display.
  • Head-up display – This permitted underline offers 4 page views: speed, audio, navigation and performance. It also offers alerts for certain active reserve facilities such as Lane Keep Assist and Forward Collision Alert.
  • Available Teen Driver Technology – It encourages protected pushing habits for new drivers by muting a audio or any device interconnected with a car when front-seat occupants aren’t wearing their reserve belts. It also provides heard and visible warnings when a car is roving over fixed speeds – and offers a pushing “report card” for parents.
  • Wireless charging – When versed with this dealer-available accessory, a phone storage container in a centre console enables preliminary charging but plug-ins or cables.

Buick QuietTuning process

The new LaCrosse builds on a repute of a stream indication to offer an even quieter pushing experience.

Additional quieting facilities include:

  • New five-link back cessation for larger siege from highway sound than a stream four-link design
  • Active sound termination is customary on all models
  • Acoustic wheelhouse liners
  • Acoustic-laminated windshield and front side windows
  • Triple-sealed doors
  • Improved physique noise-path sealing
  • Windshield wipers “park” next a hood line to revoke breeze noise.

Next-generation powertrain

LaCrosse’s all-new 3.6L V-6 engine with approach injection and twin beyond cams is a second era of GM’s DOHC V-6 engine family and incorporates new facilities such as Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) and Stop/Start technology.

The Active Fuel Management element temporarily deactivates twin of a 3.6L’s cylinders in light-load pushing conditions to raise fuel potency and seamlessly reactivates them when full energy is needed.

With a efficiency-enhancing Stop/Start system, a engine shuts down in certain pushing conditions such as during a stop light to revoke fuel consumption. It automatically restarts when a motorist takes his or her feet off a stop pedal.

Additionally, an all-new noise-reducing cam expostulate element contributes to a LaCrosse’s benchmark quietness.

The 3.6L is GM-estimated during 305 horsepower (227 kW) and 268 lb-ft of torque (363 Nm), and it’s matched with a new eight-speed involuntary transmission.

Balanced, fit pushing experience

The 2017 LaCrosse offers extended capability with Buick’s initial twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system. It offers softened opening during acceleration and cornering by bursting torque between a back wheels for optimal opening and uses eccentric purchase actuation to establish and control a volume of torque sent to any back wheel.

A new five-link back cessation is a executive member of a softened float and doing characteristics. It helps reduces hurl centre motion, enables certain parallel control and promotes energetic stability. In short, it helps keep a tires planted on all surfaces – and contributes to a quieter float by larger siege from highway noise.

At a front, a MacPherson-strut cessation is customary and Buick’s HiPer Strut cessation is used on front-wheel-drive models with 20-inch wheels. It helps revoke torque drive and say disastrous cove during cornering, improving limit reason in all highway conditions. It also improves a approach feel of a vehicle, while isolating unattractive feedback.

Available, electronically tranquil Continuous Damping Control serve optimizes float comfort and doing capabilities over varying highway surfaces and profiles. It’s an active cessation element that can adjust damping any twin milliseconds, with Touring and Sport damping modes comparison by a motorist by a Electronic Precision Shift.

Also contributing to LaCrosse’s more-direct pushing knowledge is an enhanced, rack-mounted electronic energy steering system, that incorporates Lead-Pull Compensation, automatically adjusting a steering angle to comment for factors like crowned roads or high crosswinds.

Additional framework and motorist control facilities on a 2017 LaCrosse include:

  • Low-drag four-wheel front brakes with Duralife rotors, that offer adult to double a use life of required rotors
  • Hill Start Assist with Automatic Vehicle Hold, that can reason a brakes adult to 5 minutes, depending on conditions
  • Electronic park brake
  • Shear-type cessation mounts that offer larger ride, doing and sound siege attributes.

FAST FACT: Sales of a Buick LaCrosse have exceeded 900,000 globally given it went on sale in 2009.

About Buick in Canada

Buick is an general complicated oppulance code charity vehicles with sculpted designs, lush interiors and courteous personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new business with a portfolio of award-winning oppulance models in North America and China. Learn some-more about Buick cars and crossovers during, on Twitter @BuickCanada or during



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