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C-MAX Energi owner: Dave Raymond

Family man, automobile fanatic, tech wiz, eco-conscious: Dave Raymond is a selling veteran and jack of all trades. When selling for a new car, he and his wife, Liz, were looking for an Electrified Vehicle that would confederate seamlessly into their bustling lifestyle and save them money. The 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi hatchback fit a bill.

Dave and Liz live in London, Ontario with their dual immature daughters and 3 dogs. They’re constantly on a go, and rest on their Ford to assistance them go further.

C-MAX Energi Owner Dave Raymond

Like Dave, his C-MAX Energi wears many hats. This plug-in hybrid allows a motorist to select between all-electric mode, regulating energy from a lithium-ion battery, and a hybrid electric-gasoline engine for longer trips. He cruises to and from work, and around London on his battery, that takes him approximately 30 km before a engine fires up. Even regulating a engine, Dave saves fuel since it runs as a hybrid of both electric and gas modes, regulating regenerative braking to recharge a battery and addition a gas engine during idle and cruising speeds.

The vehicle’s intelligent capabilities continue to stir Dave, who loves a connectivity aspect of his ride. He uses a MyFord app to start, close and unlock, and feverishness or cold a car, that came in accessible when he and his family lived in Northern Ontario a few years back.

“In a winter, we gifted temperatures as cold as 50 below,” pronounced Dave. “Fortunately, we was means to use a MyFord app to module my depart time and a automobile was comfortable and prepared to go regulating electricity from a house, no need run a engine.”

The intelligent record is great, though what Dave loves many is how fun his C-MAX Energi is to drive. Don’t be fooled by a immature badge, a vehicle’s energetic opening offers energy right off a line, ideal for anyone ardent about cars.

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