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Cadillac Introduces Expressive, Dynamic 2020 CT4

Cadillac Introduces Expressive, Dynamic 2020 CT4





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Cadillac takes a subsequent step in a realignment of a sedan portfolio with a tellurian introduction of a first-ever CT4 competition sedan.

Revealed to business by a social media campaign that probably puts viewers in a driver’s chair to copy a car’s liberating pushing experience, a 2020 CT4 is staid to interest to a new era of sport-luxury customers.

The CT4 offers copiousness for a senses, starting with a RWD proportions and an jaunty design. With a confidant colour-and-trim palette featuring 11 extraneous colour options along with 8 graphic interior colour, component and trim options, business are certain to make a statement.

Driven by an all-turbocharged thrust portfolio and leveraging Cadillac’s award-winning rear-wheel-drive pattern (AWD accessible on each model), a CT4 delivers a pushing knowledge unmatched by front-drive competitors. It also incorporates a latest Cadillac technologies, including accessible Super Cruise1 (beginning in calendar year 2020), a world’s initial loyal hands-free motorist assistance underline for some-more than 320, 000 kilometers of concordant highways in Canada and a U.S.

RWD Proportions and Athletic Design

The CT4’s neat form leverages a natural, prolonged dash-to-front-axle proportional advantage of a rear-drive height and, along with a far-reaching stance, expresses presence, certainty and performance.

“We grown CT4 to interest to childish buyers in a oppulance marketplace who competence be new to a Cadillac brand,” pronounced Andrew Smith, executive executive of tellurian Cadillac design. “The car was dictated to pull attention, regulating a mixed of good proportions, frozen surfacing and Cadillac family sum that spirit during a jaunty pushing knowledge this car offers.”

Bright extraneous accents, along with singular grilles (with reward prohibited foil-stampings on a grille elements) and fascia, heed a CT4 Luxury and Premium Luxury models. The Sport and V-Series models are differentiated by darker accents and performance-inspired details, including singular grilles, fascia, rocker extensions, back spoiler and disdainful opening pattern wheels4.

Each trim also facilities LED extraneous lighting including headlamps, tail lamps and signature straight lights during all 4 corners. 

Perfectly-Balanced Driving Dynamics

The all-new CT4 is built on Cadillac’s award-winning RWD sedan architecture. Exceptional change from near-perfect weight placement contributes to one of a segment’s nimblest and, many manageable pushing experiences. Enhancements of a front and back cessation systems, including Cadillac’s signature double-pivot MacPherson-type front cessation (with twin revoke round joints), are designed to urge highway siege and motorist feedback.

“Cadillac is dedicated to building a many refreshing sport-luxury sedans,” pronounced Rob Kotarak, Cadillac arch engineer. “Every component of a CT4 is designed to move innovative technologies right to a driver, providing perceptive pushing dynamics with slicing corner precision.”   

Additional framework and pushing dynamics features:

·         Bosch reward electric, rack-mounted energy steering system.

·         Capable, accurate and more-dependable eBoost brakes with law Duralife coated rotors.

·         Brembo front brakes customary on Sport and V-Series models.

·         ZF MVS (Multi-Valve System) pacifist dampers.

·         All-Wheel Drive (AWD) accessible on all models.

·         Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 (V-Series RWD).

Selectable car expostulate modes are customary and concede business to raise their car settings for opposite preferences and conditions. The modes, Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and Track, are assimilated by new My Mode and V Mode (V-Series), that can change a calibrations for delivery shifting, suspension, steering and stop feel, front/rear torque separate (with AWD), car sound impression and other car attributes.

Available Continental self-sealing tires are a segment-first and minister to a CT4’s change of control in all conditions. They, along with a accessible run-flat tires, concede pushing with many punctures that would differently sideline required tires requiring evident deputy or repair.

Turbocharged Performance Choices

CT4 leverages Cadillac’s proven turbocharging inclination as a substructure for a energetic performance. The brand’s 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo engine, with three-step shifting camshaft record along with Active Fuel Management and involuntary stop/start, is customary and SAE-certified during 237 hp (177 kW) and 258 lb.-ft of torque (350 Nm). It is corroborated by a worldly eight-speed involuntary transmission.

Cadillac’s new 2.7L segment-first Dual-Volute Turbo engine is accessible on Premium Luxury and is customary on V-Series. Horsepower is estimated during 309 hp (230 kW) with 348 lb.-ft of torque (472 Nm) in a Premium Luxury indication and 325 hp (242 kW) and 380 lb.-ft of torque (515 Nm) in a CT4-V. It is matched with a segment-exclusive 10-speed involuntary delivery with Electronic Precision Shift.

Like a 2.0L Turbo engine, a 2.7L Turbo also facilities a three-step shifting camshaft design, along with Active Fuel Management and involuntary stop/start. Additional technologies include:

·         Active Thermal Management, that uses targeted engine heating and cooling to urge opening in prohibited and cold ambient temperatures.

·         An integrated empty manifold, that recovers feverishness for faster engine and delivery warm-up, along with quicker turbo response.

·         An fit electric H2O siphon enables continual cabin heating, even when a engine is off during stop/start events.

·         Tandem solenoid starter enables a faster response from a stop/start eventuality and enables a smoother drive-away.

Driver-Focused and Connected Cabin

Designed for a new era of oppulance competition sedan customers, a CT4’s contemporary interior reflects sculptural, pleasing forms and worldly sum wrapped around a driver-centric cockpit that artistically incorporates a brand’s signature technologies.

Ergonomically optimized and discerning controls raise motorist confidence, while all a touchpoints in a cabin are crafted for a confident, high-tech clarity of tactility. Additionally, worldly use of steel accents via enhances a décor and technology-driven ambience.

A high-definition, 8-inch-diagonal touchscreen is a centrepiece and focal indicate for a CT4’s connectivity. It is mounted prominently in a centre of a instrument row with glorious formation that flows with a interior’s lines.

The CT4 advantages from GM’s new digital car platform, an all-new electronic pattern that enables a adoption of a company’s subsequent era of technologies. The height enables faster vigilance transmissions as good as continual car improvements by over-the-air updates and extended cybersecurity measures.

Authentic materials such as leather appointments raise refinement, while a horde of customary comfort and preference facilities stress Cadillac’s courtesy to detail:

·         Keyless entrance and push-button starting.

·         Heated leather-wrapped exhilarated steering wheel.

·         Full-colour dual-display motorist information centre.

·         HD Rear Vision Camera.2

·         LED interior lighting with secrecy mode.

·         Dual-zone involuntary meridian control with a steam sensor, dust/particulate filter and rear-seat vents.

·         Premium audio complement with Active Noise Cancellation.


CT4-V Details

The first-ever CT4-V blends nimble doing and Cadillac’s signature technology, while infusing a brand’s racing DNA for a dynamic, manageable and refreshing pushing experience.  

·         Powered by a high-output chronicle of a 2.7L Dual-Volute Turbo engine rated during a Cadillac-estimated 325 hp (242 kW); and corroborated by a 10-speed involuntary transmission.

·         Limited-slip back differential.

·         V-Series opening framework with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 (on RWD) or ZF MVS pacifist dampers (on AWD).

·         Vehicle Mode Control with customizable V-Mode.

·         Brembo front braking complement with four-piston bound calipers.

·         18-inch wheels and summer-only opening tires4 (all-season tires accessible with AWD).

·         Dark extraneous accents and filigree grilles; quad empty tips and singular back spoiler. Design that helps revoke back lift while augmenting hold for a back tires.

·         Available Super Cruise1 motorist assistance underline (2020 calendar year availability.)

·         Unique opening persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering circle control.

An additional V-Series various was previewed during a Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix in June, representing a subsequent step in Cadillac’s V-Series opening legacy.

The CT4 Experience

The CT4 was denounced to business by an immersive amicable media debate that kicked off with an interactive Instagram story, to be followed by mixed video clips on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, all designed to interest to viewers’ feeling nature.

“The first-ever Cadillac CT4 changes a sport-luxury sedan game, fusing record and opening in a particular pattern for business who wish to demonstrate themselves,” pronounced Melissa Grady, Cadillac arch selling officer. “Because a CT4 is equal tools record and performance, we wanted to exhibit it in a approach that would kindle a senses and elicit emotions a business competence feel when behind a wheel.”

Coming Soon

The 2020 CT4 will be accessible for grouping after this year. It will be made during GM’s Lansing Grand River facility, that perceived a $211-million investment to build a next-generation Cadillac sedans. Pricing and additional information will be announced closer to a start of unchanging production. 



1Even while regulating a Super Cruise motorist assistance feature, always compensate courtesy while pushing and do not use a hand-held device.  Visit for concordant highways and some-more information.  Requires active OnStar plan, active Wi-Fi Hotspot, operative electrical system, dungeon accepting and GPS signal.

2Cadillac Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires concordant Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

3Safety or motorist assistance facilities are no surrogate for a driver’s shortcoming to work a car in a protected manner. The motorist should sojourn courteous to traffic, vicinity and highway conditions during all times. Visibility, continue and highway conditions competence impact underline performance. Read a vehicle’s owner’s primer for some-more critical reserve stipulations and information.  

4Do not use summer-only tires in winter conditions, as it would adversely impact car safety, opening and durability. Use usually GM-approved tire and circle combinations. Unapproved combinations my change a vehicle’s opening characteristics. For critical tire and circle information, go to: or see your dealer.

CT4 Standard Content by Trim

CT4 Exterior Design Standard Features


CT4 Interior Design Technology Standard Features


CT4 Performance Standard Features


CT4 Safety and Driver Assistance Standard and Available Features

^ Read a car owner’s primer for critical underline stipulations and information.










^Do not use summer-only tires in winter conditions, as it would adversely impact car safety, opening and durability. Use usually GM-approved tire and circle combinations. Unapproved combinations my change a vehicle’s opening characteristics. For critical tire and circle information, go to: or see your dealer.







^Cargo and bucket ability singular by weight and distribution.


* Certain facilities need a hearing or paid active use plan
1Cadillac Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires concordant Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.
2Map coverage accessible in a U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.
3Requires active connected services or OnStar plan. Services are theme to user terms and stipulations and change by car model. Visit for details. Availability theme to change.
4The complement wirelessly charges one Qi-compatible mobile device. Some phones have built-in wireless charging record and others need a special adaptor/back cover. To check for phone or other device compatibility, see or deliberate your carrier.
5Not concordant with all devices
6 Connected services embody 2 years of navigation services and 6 months of Remote Access Plan. Data skeleton offering by ATT. Services theme to user terms and limitations. Certain services need operative electrical system, dungeon accepting and GPS signal. OnStar links to puncture services. See for sum and limitations. Availability theme to change.
7Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and a terms and remoteness statements apply. Requires concordant iPhone and information devise rates apply. Apple CarPlay is a heading of Apple Inc. Siri, iPhone and iTunes are trademarks for Apple Inc, purebred in a U.S. and other countries.
8Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and a terms and remoteness statements apply. Requires a Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android concordant smartphone using Android™ 5.0 Lollipop or higher. Data devise rates apply. Android Auto is a heading of Google LLC.