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GMCL’s Canadian Engineering Centre has operated in Canada given 2001 and represents Canada’s usually significant, dedicated automotive engineering centre. GMCL is also a Canadian personality in collaborative university-based investigate and has been famous for over a decade as one of a strongest partners in ancillary attention and educational creation by a National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (“NSERC”).

The Canadian Engineering Centre not usually performs some-more of this collaborative investigate than any other Canadian automobile company, though is among a tip leaders of all companies in Canada. GMCL is currently collaborating with dozens of expertise members from seashore to coast, and is also ancillary a training of 100+ connoisseur students and postdocotoral fellows in partnership with Canadian and Provincial Collaborative Research Funding Programs annually.

In 2007, a Canadian Engineering Centre remade from essentially a car engineering classification into a centre that focused a activities on modernized record creation and practical investigate and growth activities. Advanced “Green” automotive record growth was targeted for CREC as a vicious corporate priority.

As partial of General Motors Global Engineering Organization, a Canadian Engineering Centre has a inclusive Record of Inventions (“ROI”) with 331 ROIs to date, and 78 patents filed in a final 36 months.

The Oshawa-based centre is now employing for a further of some-more than 100 program and controls engineers to support a new charge associated to “connected car” systems, environmental and civic mobility solutions.