BMW Canada

Capturing a rhythms of pushing pleasure: rarely romantic debate for a marketplace launch of a new BMW 3 Series.

Munich. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan is jolt things
adult in a reward shred of a mid-range. With wide-ranging
innovations, a seventh era of a sports sedan embodies the
brand’s hallmark pushing pleasure in quite on-going style.
Newly grown cessation record and absolute engines beget an
overwhelming titillate to pierce – and a new BMW 3 Series Sedan also sets
a tinge in a margin of connectivity with a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant. Inspiring sounds and animating rhythms are key
elements of a worldwide debate combined generally for a market
launch of a new model, too. In an elaborately constructed debate film
designed to be played on opposite communication channels, dance is
featured as a countenance of autarchic joy, symbolising a agile
pushing response of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

“The new BMW 3 Series is all about compress pushing pleasure for
a young, civic era that is always connected”, says Uwe
Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW, BMW i, BMW M. “With a new
communicative proceed we’re aiming to position a sports sedan in
cool, laid-back character on all channels and formats.” The categorical element
is a 90-second chronicle of a debate film, though a latter has also
been used as a basement for a prolongation of 30 and 15-second cut-downs
for posting on amicable media.

The rarely romantic video shave was shot in a US film capital
of Los Angeles. In sequence to emanate rarely fantastic images, director
Knut Burgdorf used Hollywoodstandard apparatus including a very
latest camera drones that constraint a automobile ideally during surprising angles
and in quite energetic situations on a road. And a new BMW 3
Series Sedan moves harmoniously to a rhythms of a song
“Nevermind”, created exclusively for a debate film by Israeli
musician Dennis Lloyd – only like a dancers that seem in a clip.
The latter were destined by eminent choreographer Litza Bixler, who
has formerly been obliged for a artistic peculiarity of dance
scenes in countless blockbusters as good as in partnership with bands
such as Muse and Jamiroquai.


For a BMW Group a following persons were obliged for a campaign:

Uwe Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW, BMW i, BMW M Kirsty
Skinner-Gerth, Head of International Campaigns, Artwork, Film,
Entertainment Marketing Ann-Kathrin Geertz, International Campaigns
BMW, BMW i, BMW M Daniela Sykes, International Campaigns BMW, BMW i,
BMW M, Project Manager


Fuel consumption, CO2 glimmer figures
and energy expenditure were totalled regulating a methods required
according to Regulation (EC) 2007/715 as amended. The figures
are distributed regulating a car propitious with simple apparatus in
Germany, a ranges settled take into comment differences in
comparison circle and tyre sizes as good as a discretionary equipment.
They might change during configuration.
The figures
have already been distributed formed on a new WLTP exam cycle
and blending to NEDC for comparison purposes. In these vehicles,
opposite total than those published here might request for the
comment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties that are
(also) formed on CO2 emissions.
For serve details
of a central fuel expenditure total and central specific
CO2 emissions of new cars, greatfully impute to a “Manual on
fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy expenditure of new
cars”, accessible during sales outlets, from Deutsche Automobil
Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760
OstfildernScharnhausen and during free
of charge.