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BMW Group Plant Dingolfing tests entirely connected logistics

Dingolfing. Autonomous, connected and intelligent: As
partial of a three-year investigate plan upheld by a Bavarian
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, a BMW
Group and 3 partner companies from Bavaria are exploring the
possibilities for creation BMW Group Plant Dingolfing a intelligent factory
for logistics.

The “Autonomous and Connected Logistics” investigate plan was
strictly launched in Sep 2019 and is now entering the
unsentimental phase. A series of innovative Industry 4.0 production
technologies are being sum in an altogether judgment and tested under
genuine conditions during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. Behind a plan is a
prophesy of entirely connected prolongation in that unconstrained transport
systems, logistics robots and mobile inclination seamlessly communicate
with one another and with a control system.

Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger: “With this
rarely innovative plan focused on building unconstrained and
connected logistics processes and formulating a 5G testbed, the
Dingolfing site is presenting itself as a colonize in a destiny field
of Industry 4.0. As partial of a “Regional Alliances Autonomous
Driving” investigate and growth initiative, we are contributing
around 3.23 million euros to support a Bavarian economy with
successfully moulding a digital transformation. In this way, we are
assisting Bavaria feat a ability for creation to a full in the
general marketplace.

In new years, a BMW Group prolongation network has piloted several
logistics solutions exclusively of one another, winning a German
Logistics Award in 2019. The investigate plan will now pierce forward
with serve growth to grasp limit connectivity between
particular logistics solutions and confederate them into a BMW
prolongation system. The BMW Group is contributing around 4.8 million
euros towards a plan costs.

Dr. Thomas Irrenhauser, obliged for Innovation and Industry 4.0
in a Logistics multiplication and conduct of a project: “Connecting our
innovative logistics solutions creates additional clarity over
element and appurtenance movements and enables us to try how we can
best feat a intensity of entirely connected prolongation for BMW Group logistics.”


5G testbed as a pivotal driver

Testing of 5G wireless technology, which, over a march of the
project, will be set adult during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing as a trial
network, will play a pivotal purpose in joining opposite logistics
solutions. The new mobile telecommunications customary allows large
information volumes to be eliminated within a really brief time. 5G enables
real-time connectivity between machine and equipment. Within a BMW
Group prolongation network, a BMW Brilliance Automotive corner venture
has already rolled out a 5G wireless communications network across
all a 3 plants. The long-term idea is to set adult a 5G network at
all BMW Group plant locations worldwide.

Further sub-projects will try a use of logistics robots, mobile
inclination and digital displays in a logistics routine and test
connectivity between opposite systems. Peter Kiermaier, conduct of
Logistics Planning during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing: “We also wish to use
new technologies to boost clarity in required processes
and capacitate well-spoken coupling of primer and unconstrained technologies.”

The investigate consortium is done adult of 3 serve Bavarian
companies alongside a BMW Group: m3connect GmbH from Rosenheim is
operative to set adult a private 5G network during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing;
Stäubli WFT GmbH from Sulzbach develops and produces transport
solutions that can stratagem autonomously by logistics areas.
Scientific monitoring for a plan is supposing by a Institute for
Engineering Design of Mechatronic Systems MPLM e.V. – IEDMS e.V.


If we have any questions, greatfully contact:

Bernd Eckstein, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Head of Communications
Telephone: +49 8731 76 22020, Email: [email protected]

Benedikt Fischer, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Communications
Telephone: +49 8731 76 25449, Email: [email protected]

Hanns Huber, Communications Production Network BMW Group
Telephone: + 49 89 382 31181, Email: [email protected]


Media website:,


Email: [email protected]


The BMW Group Plant Dingolfing

Plant Dingolfing is one of a BMW Group’s 31 tellurian production
sites. At Plant 02.40, about 1,500 cars of a BMW 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Series hurl off a public lines each day. In total, a plant
made scarcely 330,000 cars in 2017. At present, a sum of
approx. 18,000 people and 800 apprentices work during a BMW Group’s site
in Dingolfing.

In further to a automotive core production, BMW Group Plant
Dingolfing is also home to prolongation comforts for vehicle
components such as pulpy parts, seats as good as framework and drive
components. Due to a plant’s aluminium imagination in vehicle
construction and longstanding knowledge in producing alternative
drives, BMW Group Plant Dingolfing similarly provides crucial
components for a BMW i models – such as high-voltage battery,
e-transmission and a expostulate structure – to a prolongation site in
Leipzig. In addition, Dingolfing produces both high voltage batteries
and electric engines for a BMW Group’s plug-in hybrid models.

The automobile bodies for all Rolls-Royce models are also made at
a site. The Dynamics Centre, a vast storage and transshipment
facility, provides a tellurian BMW and MINI dealership organization
with strange tools and equipment.


The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 15 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in
some-more than 140 countries.

In 2019, a BMW Group sole over 2,520,000 newcomer vehicles and
some-more than 175,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in the
financial year 2018 was € 9.815 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 97.480 billion. As of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a
workforce of 134,682 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.






BMW Canada

The sound of a BMW Concept i4.

Munich. The impression of a Concept i4 is not usually a
product of a design, though also of a idealist sound profile. Hans
Zimmer stoical a sound of a BMW Concept i4 together with BMW
sound engineer Renzo Vitale underneath a code name BMW IconicSounds
Electric. BMW IconicSounds Electric will impregnate BMW’s electric models
with additional romantic abyss by joining a motorist with a vehicle’s
impression on another turn by particular tones and sounds.

“Renzo and we were desirous to move together a past and destiny of
BMW with a sound for a BMW Concept i4,” explains Zimmer. “We hope
a sound we combined is classical nonetheless startling and has a feeling of
levity that is wise for a BMW brand.” The auditory repertoire of
a BMW Concept i4 stretches from a pushing sounds in a Experience
Mode “Core” to a some-more heated tones of “Sport”. Acoustic
accompaniments to a doorway opening and when starting a automobile are
further partial of a soundscape.


Sound by Hans Zimmer is a starting vigilance for electric
pushing pleasure.

Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale presented a new start/stop sound in
Zimmer’s Santa Monica studio behind in Nov 2019. The ready-to-drive
sound for all-electric BMW models and BMW plug-in variety will be
introduced as a customary underline worldwide from Jul 2020. “The
ability to pattern a sound in a vehicles creates it probable for us
to hint certain emotions,” says Vitale. “The new start/stop sound is
dictated to instil a clarity of fad during a awaiting of electric
pushing when a patron gets into their car and starts a journey.”


BMW IconicSounds Electric.

The overpower of electric expostulate systems is mostly cited as a major
advantage of electric mobility. As a choice of electrified models
increases, however, it also means some drivers are blank out on the
romantic interest of sound. Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President
Customer and Brand BMW: “Sound has always played an critical purpose in
a emotionalisation of a vehicles. Now we are holding a fun of
perfect pushing pleasure to a new turn and are quite gratified to
be operative with Hans Zimmer to emanate a new sound universe of electric
mobility during BMW. This partnership will outcome in a forward-looking
sound charity for electrified vehicles: BMW IconicSounds Electric.”

The BMW Concept i4 expostulate sound is a second grown for electric
BMW vehicles with Hans Zimmer, following a display of the
electric sound for a BMW Vision M NEXT during a #NEXTGen eventuality in
Munich in Jun 2019. “We have an unusual event to turn
electric pushing in a BMW into a really special knowledge with a help
of good sounds,” Zimmer commented in 2019. “I am relishing the
plea of co-designing a combination for destiny electric BMWs.”

BMW Canada

BMW Motorrad presents M Performance Parts.

Munich. Since a start of prolongation in 2009, the
BMW S 1000 RR has been synonymous with a tip turn of riding
dynamics among superbikes – both on a highway and on a competition track.
Thanks to unchanging and above all unchanging serve development, it
has been means to urge a heading purpose in this shred to this day –
in a third book given 2019.

With a M Performance Parts accessories range, BMW Motorrad is
now going one step serve by charity a delicately matched operation of
special tools for a new BMW S 1000 RR identical to a offer available
for BMW M automobiles. These components have been grown formed on
a brand’s endless racing knowledge – with a aim of further
enhancing a pushing dynamics of a new S 1000 RR not usually for road
use, though generally on a competition track. Accordingly, a M Performance
Parts accessories operation includes not usually tools for shortening bike
weight though also a series of specialised organic parts.

Particularly light and strong CO twine tools are available
for a physique and fairing areas: M Carbon airbox cover, M Carbon chain
ensure in and with M Carbon back circle cover, M Carbon front
circle cover, M Carbon cog cover, M Carbon fuel tank cover
left/right, M Carbon fairing side row tip left/top right. The new S
1000 RR can also be ideally ergonomically blending to a distance of the
supplement interjection to 3 opposite chair variants – M sports seat, M seat
high, M chair low.

The M Performance Parts operation also includes opposite footrest
versions. The customary footrest complement of a S 1000 RR can be
upgraded with a M rider’s footrests left/right and a M passenger
footrests left/right. An M rider’s footrest complement left/right,
generally designed for racetrack use, also offers serve ergonomic
composition options.

Extensive racing knowledge was also practical to a adjustable
and folding M handbrake lever. For racetrack use, a M remote
adjuster for a front stop also allows a supplement to adjust a lever
transport while roving from a left-hand finish of a handlebars. On the
left-hand side of a handlebars a folding M purchase push is the
analogous reflection to a handbrake lever. The M handbrake
push guardian and a M purchase push guardian are accessible for
both levers. In addition, a customary handlebar chronicle of a S 1000
RR can be transposed with a M flare clamp for stub handlebars
left/right for creation particular ergonomic adjustments.

Two opposite M Performance circle sets optimise acceleration,
deceleration, doing as good as cessation and damping response.
While a M fake circle done of high-strength fake aluminium
already offers advantages in this honour both during a front and during the
rear, a M Carbon front circle and M Carbon back circle done of
lightweight CO twine roughly ideally feat each possibility
for shortening unsprung and rotational masses. The tools operation for the
wheels also comforts a M spindle protectors.

M Performance Parts also embody serve lightweight components
such as a M sequence tensioner and a M lightweight battery. The new
operation for a S 1000 RR is dull off by a ascent mount adapter
set and a M cover kit.

You will find press element on BMW motorcycles and BMW Motorrad
supplement apparatus in a BMW Group PressClub during

In box of queries, greatfully contact:

Dominik Schaidnagel, Communications BMW Motorrad
+49 89 382-50181,
e-mail: [email protected]

Ingo Wirth, Head of Product and Lifestyle Communications MINI,
BMW Motorrad
Telephone: +49 89 382-25814
e-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad,
a BMW Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of
automobiles and motorcycles and also provides reward financial and
mobility services. The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31
prolongation and public comforts in 15 countries; a association has a
tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

In 2019, a BMW Group sole over 2,520,000 newcomer vehicles
and some-more than 175,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in
a financial year 2018 was € 9,815 billion on revenues amounting to €
97,480 billion. As of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a workforce
of 134,682 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.






BMW Canada

Introducing BMW’s new code pattern for online and offline communication.

München. After some-more than 20 years, a BMW code has
a new corporate temperament for online and offline communication
purposes. The BMW, BMW i and BMW M communication logos have been
totally reworked, with a new logotype and new pattern principles.
The BMW code now delivers on a expectations and visible impression of
currently and is better-suited to a digital age.

The new pattern is an countenance of a revised code identity, which
places a patron during a centre of all activities. Pared-down and
two-dimensional, it conveys honesty and clarity. The additional
pure chronicle of a trademark is a some-more open invitation than ever
for business to join a universe of BMW. The change reflects BMW’s
transition from centring quite on a automotive universe to being about
record and connections.

The latest demeanour of a BMW code is geared towards a hurdles and
opportunities of digitalisation. The redesigned logotype expresses
honesty and strength of impression to safeguard a contemporary,
future-proof participation both on- and offline.

 “BMW is apropos a attribute brand. The new communication logo
stands for honesty and clarity.” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice
President for Customer and Brand BMW. “We wish to use this new
pure chronicle to entice a customers, some-more than ever, to become
partial of a universe of BMW. In addition, a new code pattern is geared
to a hurdles and opportunities of digitalization for brands. With
visible patience and striking flexibility, we are equipping ourselves
for a immeasurable accumulation of hold points in communication during that BMW
will be present, online and offline, in a future. This additional
communication trademark symbolizes a brand’s stress and relevance
for mobility and pushing pleasure in a future.” 

The tellurian launch of a new code pattern starts on 3 Mar 2020. The
transition duration between 3 Mar 2020 and 31 May 2021 will see
rollout continue for all communications, on- and offline, and for
general trade fairs and events. The new trademark is a new media
branding and will be used in further to a existent logo. It won’t
be use on a vehicles or in a extraneous and interior labeling a dealerships.

Propeller or not? The story of a BMW logo
Read a story of
a BMW trademark and find out about the origins and meaning at


BMW Canada

BMW racers around a universe enter a foe for a 2020 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

Munich. BMW racers around a universe are kicking off a new
racing deteriorate that also means it’s screen adult for a 2020 BMW
Motorrad Race Trophy. The unique, tellurian patron racing competition
for highwayman BMW riders will be hold for a seventh time this
year. BMW Motorrad Motorsport will once again prerogative a best
competitors with money prizes and additional bonuses value some-more than
100,000 euros in sum during a finish of a year.


“Since a BMW S 1000 RR has been racing on a racetracks of
a world, a highwayman patron riders and teams around a world
have been celebrating unbroken wins and titles,” pronounced BMW Motorrad
Motorsport Director Marc Bongers. “Honouring this joining is really
critical to us that is because we launched a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
in 2014. With this special competition, we move BMW racers from all
sorts of competition array around a universe together as one large community
and applaud their successes with them. We are unequivocally unapproachable that the
Race Trophy has given turn something of a tradition and is now
entering a seventh year. We’re unequivocally looking brazen to an exciting
deteriorate and wish all a 2020 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy competitors the
best of luck.”
25 opposite championship classes in 21
general and inhabitant competition array will be personal for a BMW
Motorrad Race Trophy in 2020 – from a FIM Superbike World
Championship by a FIM Endurance World Championship, a Asia
Road Racing Championship, a International Road Racing Championship
and a vital general highway racing meetings to national
championships on each continent. A new further for this year is the
Superstock category in a All Japan Road Race Championship. Registration
for a 2020 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy closes on 30th June, and the
sequence duration ends on 29th November. See next for a full list
of all a competition array in a 2020 Race Trophy.
At a end
of a season, a tip 30 competitors in a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
sequence will be awarded money prizes and trophies. There will
also be bonuses for a riders and teams who win a pretension in their
championship, as good as for a categories ‘Best BMW Rider in Class’
and ‘Rookie of a Year’.
Another new underline this year is
a BMW Motorrad Motorsport newsletter. With a latest reports,
sparkling opportunities to demeanour behind a scenes, engaging profiles
and critical information, it provides unchanging insights into a world
of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.
For all there is to
know about a 2020 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, a regulations, race
calendar and to register for a Race Trophy and a newsletter, visit
a website:

2020 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Racing series.


BMW Canada

Speech Oliver Zipse, Virtual World Premiere of BMW Concept i4.

Good morning, and acquire to a BMW Group!

This is a time of year we customarily accommodate in Geneva and it is
hapless that this year, we are incompetent to do so. However, reserve is
always a top priority and we entirely know and honour the
preference taken by a Federal Council of Switzerland. We would like to
demonstrate a pinnacle consolation to all those directly influenced opposite the
world. And in these truly severe times, we all wish that the
pathogen will shortly be contained, and we can all lapse to bland life.


Even yet we couldn’t accommodate in Geneva, we felt that it was important
to give everybody an refurbish on “what’s new” during a BMW Group. And also,
to compensate reverence to a many people who have worked tirelessly on our
new products and their presentation. And that’s because we are here, at
a really heart of BMW Group Design, for a universe premiere of a very
special judgment car.


At a BMW Group, we trust in a appetite of choice and
electro-mobility is an critical partial of that. That’s because we are
rising many new electrified vehicles over a subsequent few years.


The mint MINI Electric is already in high demand, with some-more than
120,000 purebred interests and tighten to 7,000 sequence intakes. This
proves it is a ideal automobile for civic areas! This year we will be
rising a all-electric BMW iX3 – a initial pristine electric Sports
Activity automobile – and a explorer for a all-new fifth
era BMW eDrive technology. We will also be rising further
plug-in variety in 2020: For example, a new BMW X1 plug-in hybrid,
a BMW X2 and a electrified BMW 3 Series Touring will be attractive
additions to a far-reaching range. Already, we have over half a million BMW
Group electrified vehicles on a road. And we intend to double this
array by a finish of subsequent year.


More fully-electric vehicles will be entrance subsequent year, including the
BMW iNEXT and a BMW i4. Today, we wish to give we a glance of the
BMW i4. Let’s take a look! (Unveiling of a BMW Concept i4)


Ladies and Gentlemen: The Concept i4!


This four-door BMW Gran Coupé is entirely electric and only as
fascinating and quick as it looks. It is also matched to prolonged distances,
with an electric operation of adult to 600 kilometres, formed on a new WLTP
exam cycle. Powered by a fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, it
has a really slim battery with best appetite density.

Moreover, a growth and prolongation of a e-drive is done
in-house, as good as a battery dungeon research. The e-drive offers a
stirring rise opening of adult to 530 horsepower. And, we will not
use any singular earths in a electric motor.


All of this shows that we are entirely committed to meridian protection.

I can assure we and a customers: We will do a tough European
CO2 regulations for 2020 and 2021. This year alone, we will revoke our
European swift aim by around 20 percent.


I guarantee you: Our business will never have to concede between
pushing pleasure and tolerable mobility. Every BMW will expostulate like a
loyal BMW. The BMW i4 will really be explanation of that! We will build
this good automobile right here in Munich, and we can tell we this: The
pattern we see here is utterly tighten to a tangible array car.


Thank you!

BMW Canada


Munich. The BMW Group is opening a new territory in its
story with a phenomenon of a pure-electric Gran Coupe. The BMW
Concept i4 takes electric expostulate to a core of a BMW code and
heralds a new epoch in Sheer Driving Pleasure. The BMW Concept i4
represents a demeanour brazen to a BMW i4, slated to enter prolongation in
2021. It provides a whole new take on a energetic value for which
BMW is eminent and blends a modern, elegantly sporty settlement with the
expanse and functionality of a four-door Gran Coupe – all while
generating 0 internal emissions.

“The BMW Concept i4 brings foundation to a core of a BMW
brand,” says Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group
Design. “The settlement is dynamic, purify and elegant. In short: a perfect
BMW that happens to be 0 emission.” The drivetrain’s standout
numbers embody a operation of adult to 600 km (WLTP), outlay of adult to 530
hp, 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 60 mph) acceleration of approximately 4.0
seconds and a tip speed in additional of 200 km/h (124 mph). However, the
pushing qualities of a BMW Concept i4 can't be voiced in figures
alone. The probably wordless smoothness of appetite creates an wholly new
prodigy of dynamism.

“The settlement of a BMW Concept i4 shows illusory proportions, a
strenuously fluent impression and, of course, a lot of courtesy to
detail,” adds Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design. “With a BMW Curved
Display, we have redefined BMW’s signature motorist concentration in an
intensely superb way. At a same time, a BMW Concept i4 transports
a feeling of tolerable pushing pleasure.” As partial of a package,
a Concept i4 includes several extraneous and interior settlement elements
that will make an coming in both a BMW i4 and other
electrically-powered prolongation vehicles.


The extraneous – electrifying aesthetics.

The modern, superb extraneous represents a counsel counterpoint to
a energetic aptitude of a pushing experience. The ideally resolved
Gran Coupe proportions emanate an authentic, complicated and confident
appearance. The prolonged wheelbase, fastback roofline and brief overhangs
form a simple form packed with magnificence and dynamism. With its
4 doors, a BMW Concept i4 offers not usually a high turn of
bland usability and practicality, though also a most incomparable interior
than a car’s complicated and energetic proportions would immediately suggest.


Clear surfaces and aerodynamic details.

Crisp, well-spoken lines and frozen volumes mix into a rich, smoothly
contoured sculpture and emanate a pure surfacing language. The modern
extraneous paint shade Frozen Light Copper reprises a colour nuance
displayed by a BMW Vision iNEXT and showcases a interplay of
surfaces to visually overwhelming effect. Blue elements in a front end,
flanks and back finish prove to a car’s BMW i origins. They gleam a
spotlight on a signature BMW i icons and move a record below
a aspect to a front – for example, a kidneys in their purpose as an
comprehension panel, a mouldings in a side skirts concealing the
battery technology, and a diffuser elements in a back end, which
fill a settlement space vacated by empty tailpipes and enhance
aerodynamic efficiency.

A horde of other aerodynamic measures maximize a car’s electric
range. The blanked off kidney grille and pure aero lips provide
fact examples of worldly airflow engineering during work. Another
sold area of a automobile are a circle rims. These have been
designed exclusively for a BMW Concept i4 and mix aerodynamic and
lightweight design; well-spoken – and therefore aerodynamically optimised –
surfaces contrariety with ultra-low-weight, high-strength spokes. The
rims extend a car’s palette of colours and materials, emphasising
a lush altogether character.


The front finish – a eye-catching face of a new era.

The front-end diagnosis of a BMW Concept i4 presents a familiar
BMW icons in a new look, lending a visually absolute face to the
electric age during BMW. The prominent, closed-off kidney grille provides
a discernible tie between a past and destiny of BMW. The BMW icon
also gains new functionality: With no explosion engine to require
cooling, a grille now serves essentially as an “intelligence panel”
housing several sensors. The grille teases a record behind the
scenes with a special settlement for this model. The headlights likewise
yield a overpass between a past and a future; a classical
four-eyed front finish is reprised here with a really complicated and pared-back
interpretation. Two intricate, freestanding LED elements on either
side confederate all of a claim light functions. Clean surfaces
and a tiny array of frail lines around a grille emanate a
contemporary front-end striking with substantial visible impact. A BMW
i-style blue accent in a grille approximate sets a sign on the
front-end styling.


Taking a initial stairs with a new BMW code identity.

In a march of a BMW Concept i4 arrangement BMW is phenomenon the
brand’s new demeanour for a initial time. The new heading for communications
also provides a basement for a badge on a BMW Concept i4. Its
two-dimensional and pure settlement ensures seamless integration
and brings a special extraneous colour shade Frozen Light Copper to
even larger prominence. The judgment automobile not usually has a assign of
looking brazen to a destiny in terms of aesthetics, record and
innovation, it also explores a settlement intensity within a BMW trademark.


Striking back finish with aerodynamic features.

The back of a BMW Concept i4 sits low over a highway and cuts a
broad, horizontally emphasised figure. The surfaces swell across
a back in a well-spoken and succulent movement, and give it a really modern
and ease appearance. The long, slim L-shaped back lights continue the
theme. Below a back lights, a inward-angled surfaces form
aerodynamics-enhancing lips and incorporate straight atmosphere outlets. The
pole of a settlement here emphasises a car’s sporting stance.
Further down, a back apron has a forceful participation and enhances
aerodynamic efficiency. Where empty tailpipes would once have been
found, diffuser elements in BMW i Blue prove a participation of a
pure-electric expostulate complement and anxiety a settlement of a BMW i
Vision Dynamics.


The interior – creation meets minimalism.

The interior of a BMW Concept i4 focuses on those times when the
motorist chooses to commander a automobile themselves. To this end, each element
in a front of a cabin is lerned on a driver. The new BMW Curved
Display teams adult with a steering circle to exhibit a new take on
motorist course and offers a demeanour brazen to a arrangement in the
prolongation versions of a BMW iNEXT and BMW i4. Here, the
arrangement surfaces of a information arrangement and Control Display
mix into a singular territory prone towards a driver. This screen
organisation optimises arrangement of information and creates a display’s
hold operation some-more intuitive. Advanced arrangement tech with
non-reflective potion also removes a need for a hide to shade the
displays and therefore contributes to an intensely uncluttered and
ethereal cockpit.

The BMW Curved Display encompasses a vast suit of a section
in front of a motorist and above a centre stack, and gives a front
area a really complicated appearance. Its slim, borderless form exudes
peculiarity and sophistication. Almost all handling functions are
integrated into a arrangement as partial of an altogether proceed centred on
shortening a array of haptic controls to a minimum. Even the
meridian control complement now works by hold control.


Focus on a essential.

The front territory of a interior around a BMW Curved Display also
majors on pared-back design. The understated use of different
materials and a elemental arrangement of controls creates a modern
nonetheless also lush ambience. With this in mind, elements such as air
outlets are integrated roughly invisibly into a altogether geometry and
secluded behind clever patterns.

Accent strips in comfortable Gold Bronze consistent to chrome lend the
interior a high-class touch. The executive control row replaces a
normal rigging push with a toggle-type shifter. Elements such as
a iDrive Controller and chair memory buttons in a doors are
finished in a grand clear glass. The cloth/leather multiple for
a seats – stoical of microfibre with line graphics and natural
leather dark-skinned regulating olive root – sets a high-quality and sustainable
sign on a interior. The altogether outcome is a clearly structured,
splendid and ethereal cabin that brings opposite a satisfaction and
management of electric expostulate systems.


Spacious back compartment.

Rear-seat passengers are greeted by a generously-sized compartment
charity levels of headroom and legroom that surpass expectations of a
coupe. Integral conduct restraints for a front and back seats add
serve to a sporting feel. The cut-out in a conduct restraints is a
grand fact that references sporty BMW models from a tide line-up.

The back seats extend a plane striking rising from a doors
to emanate a loll feel in a rear. Meanwhile, a outdoor seats
reprise a energetic form of a front seats, worsening a sporting
flavour. They also use really small stitching, that serve emphasises
a purify and complicated feel.


Further grown user interface settlement with Experience Modes.

The shade organisation with new BMW Curved Display provides a digital
gateway into a electric age during BMW. Look and feel are clearly
shabby by a latest electronic inclination and have been made
deliberately reduction “automotive” in nature. In a arrangement itself, flat
layers yield substantial visible depth. Overall, a BMW Curved
Display and new arrangement proceed mix to yield a first-class
content-viewing experience.

Three opposite Experience Modes capacitate users to try a various
facets of a electric expostulate complement and yield a demeanour brazen – in
terms of visuals during slightest – to a next-generation handling system
from 2021. The infrequently emphasised visible split between the
3 Experience Modes (“Core”, “Sport” and “Efficient”) spans
all from how a user practice a arrangement and graphics to
how a interior is presented. Ambient lighting in a dashboard,
doors and (indirectly) subsequent a arrangement prove a technical
adjustments holding place.

“Core” mode introduces a driver’s area to an updated interpretation
of a 4 “widgets” informed from a arrangement judgment of existing
models. Here, a graphics reprise a settlement above a atmosphere vents and
a Gold Bronze accent colour, consciously referencing a car’s
interior design. In a area where a executive arrangement used to be
positioned, a map and widgets now line adult alongside one another. The
user can navigate around a erratic widgets regulating a appropriate movement
and arrange them intuitively by drag-and-drop. This allows them to
adjust a arrangement to their personal preferences.

In “Sport” mode, a “widgets” come closer together and emanate a
focussed view. Sideways movements behind a zones are used to show
how parsimonious a subsequent dilemma is, facilitating anticipatory driving. This
form of calm arrangement also allows effective marginal viewing.
The right-hand area of a arrangement shows specific functions in a
identical proceed to BMW M’s path timer app.

“Efficient” mode debuts an “Assisted Driving View”, that shows the
motorist what a car’s sensors are detecting. This Experience Mode
opens adult deeper insights into a car’s technology, such as how it
communicates with a surroundings. In a BMW Concept i4, a focus
here is on anticipatory and fit driving, and pivotal information for
fit pushing is incorporated. The right-hand area of a display
shows additional automobile information, such as a assign turn and range.


The sound of a BMW Concept i4.

The BMW Concept i4 is not usually characterised by a individual
design, though also by a possess idealist and singular sound. It was
grown underneath a code name of BMW IconicSounds Electric by world
eminent composer Hans Zimmer together with BMW Sound Designer Renzo
Vitale. BMW IconicSounds Electric aims to emotionalise BMW’s electric
vehicles and make them heard regulating sold sound worlds. The
sound of a BMW Concept i4 achieves this to soundness – it combines
BMW’s past and future. It gives a motorist a feeling that there
are no boundary of expression. The sound is manifold, startling and
it provides a clarity of lightness and transparency. The sound worlds of
a BMW Concept i4 operation from a pushing sounds in “Core”
mode to a some-more heated and conspicuous sounds of “Sport”
mode. Also enclosed are a sounds of a doorway opening and the
starting scenario.


The record as earmarked for a arriving BMW i4.

Fifth-generation BMW eDrive record is a defining underline of the
BMW i4 and therefore also of destiny electric mobility. The BMW iX3 due
to go into prolongation in 2020 will lead a proceed in a focus of
a new tech, that will be introduced in a array of electrically
powered BMW vehicles – such as a BMW iNEXT and BMW i4. The electric
motor, appetite electronics, charging territory and high-voltage battery using
fifth-generation BMW eDrive record are all-new developments
enabling a BMW Group to take another poignant step brazen in the
margin of electrified expostulate systems. The electric engine grown for
a BMW i4 generates limit outlay of adult to 390 kW/530 hp, which
ranks it alongside a tide BMW V8 explosion engine. Its
immediate appetite smoothness gives a BMW i4 standout performance
attributes and well-developed efficiency.

The fifth era of BMW eDrive also brings a newly designed
high-voltage battery with a really latest battery dungeon technology. The
chronicle of a battery grown for a BMW i4 impresses with its
intensely slim construction and optimised appetite density. It weighs
roughly 550 kilograms, has an appetite calm of around 80 kWh and
achieves an handling operation of adult to 600 km in a WLTP cycle.

All in all, fifth-generation BMW eDrive record sets new standards
in terms of appetite density, potency and operation in locally
emission-free driving.


Series prolongation of a new BMW i4.

Series prolongation of a new BMW i4 will start in 2021 during a BMW
Group’s categorical plant in Munich. This means that, in a future,
combustion-engined vehicles, plug-in variety and all-electric vehicles
will be made on a same public line in Munich.

Integrating a BMW i4 into a existent prolongation complement represents
a severe assign for Plant Munich. The physique judgment of a BMW i4
differs from a architectures of a automobile models constructed during the
plant to date due to a need to accommodate a high-voltage battery.
Approximately 90 per cent of a existent prolongation apparatus in the
physique emporium can be incorporated into a process, i.e. blending to
make of a i4. However, a remaining 10 per cent –
generally a machine concerned in building a back structure –
will need to be newly built.

A apart new square of apparatus will be propitious in a assembly
halls for designation of a high-voltage battery, as a battery
needs to be propitious in a automobile from below. A sold plea in
a conversion/installation routine are a swarming structures of the
public halls. Working within these parsimonious confines, aged machinery
will have to be private and new apparatus commissioned and brought on
tide within a six-week period. This requires long-term formulation and
accurate implementation.

The association is investing a sum of around 200 million euros in Plant
Munich to move array prolongation of a BMW i4 to fruition.

BMW Canada

BMW is Official Automotive Partner to America’s Cup group „American Magic“.

New York Yacht Club American Magic, a Challenger for a 36th
America’s Cup, announced BMW of North America as an central partner.
BMW will be a disdainful reward automotive provider of a team
during a debate to retrieve a America’s Cup, a oldest esteem in
general sports and a top esteem in sailing.

“Our group maintains a transparent concentration on design, creation and
performance, beliefs that lead to continual alleviation and
success on a racecourse,” pronounced Terry Hutchinson, Skipper and
Executive Director of American Magic. “BMW was built on and
embodies these ideas. This is because a group of 140 sailors, designers,
engineers, combination fabricators and support organisation could not be more
unapproachable to have BMW join a goal to win a America’s Cup.”

BMW’s America’s Cup story stretches behind over dual decades, and
includes being partial of winning efforts in 2010 and 2013. The company’s
prolonged story of creation and repute for opening aligns
ideally with a harsh expostulate of America’s Cup teams.

After focusing on pattern work, investigate and on-the-water development
from 2017-2019, American Magic will contest in mixed America’s Cup
World Series events in 2020 before participating in a Prada Cup in
early 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand. The group that wins a Prada Cup
will face a stream Defender of a America’s Cup, Emirates Team New
Zealand, in a America’s Cup compare from Mar 6-21, 2021.

BMW Canada

BMW Motorsport News

Whether in a DTM, a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar
Championship, a ABB FIA Formula E Championship, or large other
championships: Week after week BMW teams and drivers around the
universe do conflict for points, victories and titles. Away from the
lane too, members of a large BMW Motorsport family around the
universe are also formulating headlines. “BMW Motorsport News” allows us
to frequently summarize all a movement for we in a compress and
ominous manner. This way, we are always adult to speed.


Formula E: Productive rookie exam with Lucas Auer and Kyle Kirkwood.

One day after Maximilian Günther’s (GER) second place during the
Marrakesh E-Prix (MAR), a BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team was in
movement once again. As partial of a central rookie exam for a ABB FIA
Formula E Championship, BMW DTM motorist Lucas Auer (AUT) and Andretti
Autosport motorist Kyle Kirkwood (USA) were given a event to
benefit their initial practice during a circle of a BMW iFE.20. Auer
finished 86 laps in a #27 automobile and, with a personal best time of
1:17.327 minutes, finished in eighth place. Kirkwood finished 78 laps
in a #28 BMW iFE.20 and finished fifth with a time of 1:17.272
minutes. “The exam day was cool. we felt right during home in a BMW
iFE.20,” pronounced Auer. “Driving with a entirely electric energy section feels
totally opposite to pushing in a DTM, for example. But with a car
that is that well-tuned and with a right proceed it’s no problem
removing used to it. Working with a BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team
went unequivocally good and we were means to work by a exam programme
well. It was a lot of fun.” Kirkwood, who will competition a North
American Indy Lights array for Andretti Autosport in 2020, said: “I
am really gratified with a opening and consider that it was a really
good exam for a team. we used partial of a morning to get used to the
BMW iFE.20. There are a few things we have to learn in an electric
car. Firstly, it’s bizarre conference a airstream rather than the
engine, though when we have found your rhythm, we can suffer a real
racing automobile that essentially impresses with a fact that we have the
full torque accessible immediately. That feels fantastic.”


BMW SIM 120 Cup: Rogers and deJong accept sheet for finale
in Munich.

In a second BMW SIM 120 Cup race, a VRS Coanda Simsport team
distinguished victory. After 62 laps on a ‘Sebring International
Raceway’, shutting motorist Mitchell deJong (USA) was a initial to cross
a finish line during a circle of a practical BMW M8 GTE. His team-mate
Josh Rogers (AUS), who started from stick position, finished a first
army of a race. Maximilian Wenig and Maximilian Benecke (both GER),
who won a deteriorate opener on a ‘Daytona International Speedway’,
claimed second place for a Redline team, followed by Patrik Holzmann
(GER) and Sebastian Job (GBR) of Red Bull Esports. The dual BMW works
drivers Philipp Eng (AUT) and Bruno Spengler (CAN) done a guest start
for a Williams eSports group and finished in 21st and 22nd place with
their team-mates Moritz Löhner and André Böttcher (both GER).


Rogers and deJong any perceived a money esteem of 1,200 US dollars.
They will now also join Wenig and Benecke as competitors during a BMW
SIM Live Event in Munich (GER) in December. DeJong was during a first
book of a BMW SIM Motorsport deteriorate culmination final year – where he
won. The subsequent turn of a BMW SIM 120 Cup will be hold on 10th May,
when a best sim racers in a universe will contest in their BMW M8
GTEs during a Nürburgring.

BMW Canada

BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team practice a formidable Sunday during a Phillip Island WorldSBK deteriorate opener.

Phillip Island. The initial Sunday of a 2020 FIM World
Superbike Championship (WorldSBK) during Phillip Island (AUS) did not go
as designed for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. Tom Sykes (GBR)
finished a morning’s Superpole Race in sixth position on his BMW S
1000 RR. In competition dual in a afternoon, he had to settle with tenth
after a technical issue. His team-mate Eugene Laverty (IRL)
unfortunately suffered a concussion in a pile-up in a morning’s
warm-up and was announced non-professional to competition after a check during a Medical Centre.


After environment a new path record on his RR and securing his 50th
WorldSBK stick position in Saturday’s Superpole qualifying, Sykes also
started Sunday’s Superpole Race from initial position on a grid. He
finished a intensely closely fought 10 path scurry in sixth
position, usually 1.6 seconds behind a winner. This also meant P6 on
a grid for competition dual in a afternoon. After a start Sykes was in
a brew in a heading organisation yet his efforts and a intensity of the
RR remained unrewarded as on path five, a technical emanate finished him drop
down to 12th place. After 22 laps of racing, he took a chequered
dwindle in tenth place. 


Quotes after competition dual on Phillip Island.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “It
has been a unsatisfactory day. Eugene felt intensely gentle on the
bike. So he maybe was a bit over eager and unfortunately he
crashed while being on a unequivocally quick lap. The certain aspect, however,
is a fact that he clearly has grown a good feeling for a bike.
What happened is a pity, yet we are blissful that he did not means any
serious injuries detached from concussion. Tom started a morning’s race
from stick position. Here we could see that energy is still an emanate as
we are still losing on a straight. Sixth place however was not bad,
generally usually 1.6 seconds behind a top. The margin is extremely
tighten together this year. In competition two, he unfortunately suffered a
teenager technical emanate that forced him to fast restart a bike. It
seems, however, that in this competition we also could not have maintained
a gait in a final stages so we concentration on a multiple of riding
style, framework and tyre durability. You have to see yet that
Phillip Island is a plea in this courtesy and this could urge at
a subsequent races.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“First of all, on Eugene’s side we feel really
unhappy for him since he positively incited a dilemma this
morning. He felt as yet we had given him a good bike and
unfortunately during this morning’s gentle adult got held out on a fast
path during T10 and crashed. The pile-up was a large impact pile-up and as a
outcome he was left concussed and could not continue serve in a two
remaining races. To Eugene’s possess acknowledgment he was a small exuberant
to pile-up yet we don’t reason that opposite him, he was perplexing his best
and we are blissful he is comparatively fine and will be behind for Qatar. Tom
unequivocally struggled today. The Superpole Race we consider was a fair
thoughtfulness of his speed to get P6, yet he was still lacking that top
speed that hurts us here. Going into a final competition from sixth on the
grid, he got a good start and kept in a organisation yet unfortunately had
a technical emanate midst container and was propitious not to be collected. He then
reset a bike and finished tenth to take a integrate of points, yet the
repairs had been finished by afterwards as a tyre was too ragged to try and catch
a front group. We will build on a subordinate and giveaway practice
gait that has always been tip 6 and try to modify it into good race
positions in Qatar.”


Tom Sykes: “It’s only been one of those weekends
where we have been a bit unlucky. We had an unimaginable qualifying
and a gait of a BMW S 1000 RR was unequivocally considerable and we felt
unequivocally gentle on a bike. In a Superpole Race, we felt really
good. There were a few incidents on lane that meant we mislaid around
1.6 seconds that coincidentally was a same opening to a personality during the
finish of a race, yet this was a good step brazen for us. Going into
a final race, we stranded to a diversion plan, we got a good start and I
only attempted a safety a tyre a small bit. But unfortunately had a
small technical emanate that mislaid us a bit of time. It was a
beating yet we attempted my best, a group attempted their best and we
will continue to do so for Qatar.”


Eugene Laverty: “Unfortunately we had a pile-up in
warm-up and suffered concussion so a doctors did not concede me to
race. we know their decision, even if it is not easy to accept as
a supplement yet eventually it is a scold one. we am unequivocally disappointed
with myself for a pile-up as a bike was fantastic. It was a first
path of warm-up, we should have been some-more indeterminate and we was on course
to take initial position. I’d indispensable to take my time and be calmer
since we missed a large event for a races today. I’m contemptible to
a team.”