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2019 F-150 Limited Gains High-Output EcoBoost V6 Making It a Most Powerful, Advanced and Luxurious F-150 Ever

About Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Ford of Canada’s operations embody a inhabitant headquarters, 3 informal offices, 3 car public and engine production plants, and dual tools placement centres. Ford employs approximately 8,000 people in Canada, while an additional 18,000 people are employed in a some-more than 400 Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships opposite a country. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Ford Canada

Racing to a Future: How Ford Created a GT Supercar to Test Technologies for Tomorrow’s Vehicles



  • All-new race-winning Ford GT supercar serves as a exam bed for new technologies and modernized lightweight materials that will advantage destiny Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and electric vehicles
  • Patent-pending behind wing improves lane opening by changing figure like an aeroplane wing, augmenting downforce on a car, with minimal impact on drag, to assistance assist acceleration, cornering and braking
  • GT’s aerodynamics furnish certain downforce in all conditions, giving GT fortitude and hold on and off a track

DEARBORN, Mich., May 12, 2017 – In formulating a all-new high-performance Ford GT, a pioneers behind a supercar designed it not usually to win races though also to offer as a exam bed for new technologies and ideas for destiny vehicles opposite Ford’s automobile lineup.

“When we began work on a all-new Ford GT in 2013, a organisation had 3 goals,” pronounced Raj Nair, Ford executive clamp boss of Product Development and arch technical officer. “The initial was to use it as a training belligerent for a engineers as we rise destiny engine record and widen a bargain of aerodynamics. Then, to pull a bounds of modernized component usage, such as lightweight CO fibre. Finally, we set out to win a Le Mans 24 Hours, referred to by many as a ultimate exam of continuation and efficiency.”

At a same time a organisation was building a GT, Ford total several of a opening teams – Ford SVT, Team RS, Ford Racing, opening automobile tools and sell chartering – into a unaccompanied organisation called Ford Performance.

“Without this kind of integrated teamwork and total organization, it would have been unfit to broach a all-new Ford GT in a stream form,” pronounced Dave Pericak, tellurian director, Ford Performance. “This kind of partnership was vicious to not usually bringing Ford GT behind to life though for experimenting with a kind of innovations indispensable to emanate a ultimate supercar.”

GT has proven energy to inspire. The 2005 Ford GT, for instance, featured a lightweight aluminum amalgamate physique that helped revoke weight to urge performance.

Lessons schooled from a prolongation led to a innovative use of high-strength aluminum amalgamate in today’s Ford F-Series pickup trucks and a all-new Ford Expedition full-size SUV – shedding hundreds of pounds of weight, while also improving capability, opening and fuel efficiency.

Putting a energetic in aerodynamics

While GT looks quick station still, a organisation optimized each figure to make it as aerodynamic as possible.

A pivotal idea was to revoke drag and optimize downforce – that helps give a supercar fortitude and hold on a lane while accelerating, cornering and braking.

GT’s aerodynamics change on approach to accommodate varying pushing conditions, interjection to moveable elements around a body, including special ducts in a front, and a vast deployable wing. The flaps open and tighten depending on either GT’s wing is adult or down, so a automobile stays aerodynamically offset from front to behind during all speeds. When a wing is up, a ducts tighten to boost downforce; when a wing is down, a ducts open to diminution downforce.

The supercar’s wing includes all-new Ford record – a patent-pending pattern that changes a figure of a airfoil for limit potency when entirely deployed. The unaccompanied pattern also includes a tiny gurney strap which, when total with a figure change, formula in a 14 per cent alleviation in altogether efficiency. 

Even a engine helps GT’s aerodynamics. The compress six-cylinder pattern of a car’s EcoBoost® engine authorised a organisation to finish a fuselage to some-more fit measure than a incomparable V8 would have allowed. In addition, a low chain of a engine’s turbochargers and outboard chain of a turbo intercoolers forward of a behind wheels assistance to finish a fuselage around a engine.

The GT’s aerodynamics furnish certain downforce in all conditions.  At high float height, a downforce has a change of 30 per cent front.  In low float height, a downforce change is confirmed during 29 per cent front.

Slimming down

Carbon twine is an critical new component that helps GT broach both weight assets and neat physique shapes in ways not probable with steel or aluminum.

Working with partners, including Multimatic and DowAksa, Ford is building new ways to capacitate destiny faster, high-volume prolongation of CO twine parts.

For example, GT’s iconic drifting buttresses that extend from a roof to a behind fenders wouldn’t be probable in steel or aluminum since of a stipulations of required steel stamping. Yet, CO twine can be done into formidable geometric designs since it’s cut to a specific figure as a cloth and strengthened by restorative during a high temperature.   

Fueling a GT engine – and beyond

Ford GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine is a company’s many absolute EcoBoost ever, delivering 647 horsepower. It was grown alongside a GT competition engine and a 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine used in a F-150 Raptor high-performance off-road pickup, that shares roughly 60 per cent of a tools with GT’s engine.

For instance, during racing, a exam engine’s crankshafts in a Daytona Prototype were enormous underneath exhausting conditions. With small time to get prepared for a Sebring continuation competition that year, a organisation done a pivotal preference to surrogate a Daytona prototype’s competition crankshaft with a pre-production F-150 Raptor crankshaft.  The Daytona antecedent won a initial competition during Sebring that year.

“We pushed a engine’s boundary over what we competence cruise in normal growth programs, that is critical as we continue to allege EcoBoost record as a centerpiece of a company’s tellurian lineup,” pronounced Bob Fascetti, Ford clamp president, powertrain engineering.

The organisation also combined innovative anti-lag turbo record that can assistance maximize a GT’s ability to energy out of corners. This record works by gripping a stifle open when a motorist is not stepping on a gas pedal. The fuel injectors are off though turbo speed and boost are confirmed for faster engine response and acceleration as shortly as they strike a gas.

Further improving engine performance, GT facilities an all-new pier and approach twin fuel-injection setup to lift engine response. The engine is interconnected with a manageable seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle for scarcely immediate rigging changes and well-developed motorist control.

Get low

“All of a weight assets and engine advancements served a unaccompanied purpose – formulating a fastest, most-efficient Ford GT ever,” Pericak said. “Once that was achieved, we reinvested some of those weight assets in truly innovative record that done a automobile even faster and some-more fun to drive.”

That includes GT’s hydraulic suspension, that changes float tallness with a spin of a knob, that adjusts expostulate modes.

The cessation lowers a supercar from normal mode into lane mode – a 50 millimeter or scarcely 2-inch disproportion a motorist can see and feel. Track mode raises a wing and closes a front splitter ducts for optimal downforce for spirited, closed-course driving.

When a GT changes modes from high to low float height, changes in open rates, relating check settings, and active aerodynamics, come together to emanate dual unaccompanied cars in one.

Another underline of a hydraulic cessation – front-lift mode – helps GT transparent speedbumps and driveways. The motorist can lift a front of a automobile on approach during speeds next 25 mph. The complement automatically earnings to normal reduce float tallness when it reaches 25 mph.

Tech for all

GT’s purpose as a record exam bed is clear via a supercar, with some innovations, such as CO twine lightweighting, portion as longer-term possibilities, while others are attack showrooms soon. For example, all-digital dashboard technology, identical to that in a supercar’s, is accessible in a 2018 Mustang, and is entrance to additional new Ford vehicles.

Additionally, a company’s pull into customized driving modes that assistance business fit a vehicle’s opening to specific conditions is expanding rapidly. Ford GT’s lane mode, also offering in Mustang and other opening models, helps enthusiasts maximize racing performance, while a all-new F-150 Raptor facilities Baja off-road mode.

As new Ford GTs continue to hurl into owners driveways, other Ford business can design to find a small bit of a supercar in their destiny vehicles as well. 

Ford Canada

All-New Ford Expedition Makes Towing and Backing Up Trailers Easier Than Ever

About Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Ford of Canada’s operations embody a inhabitant headquarters, 3 informal offices, 3 car public and engine production plants, and dual tools placement centres. Ford employs approximately 8,000 people in Canada, while an additional 18,000 people are employed in a some-more than 400 Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships opposite a country. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Ford Canada

Focus RS Performance Car Fans Inspire New Limited-Edition That’s Even More Fun to Drive

2018 Limited-Edition Focus RS Infographic

  • Ford followed Focus RS fan conversations on blogs, forums and Facebook groups, that helped enthuse a new 2018 limited-edition Focus RS
  • Limited-edition Focus RS to broach extended pushing knowledge with new customary automatic limited-slip differential to urge performance, singular interior and extraneous styling, and new colour combinations
  • 1,500 Focus RS vehicles for United States and Canada offer business final possibility to get their hands on this era of Ford’s critically acclaimed opening hatchback 

DEARBORN, Mich., May 31, 2017 – Ford Performance fans articulate to any other and posting comments online about a Ford Focus RS prohibited induce opening automobile have led to a special 1,500 section limited-edition celebrating a finish of run of this era prohibited hatch. 

Passion from a fan village led Ford to deliver an disdainful new chronicle of a critically acclaimed Focus RS for North America. Ford was listening.The new 2018 Focus RS limited-edition prohibited induce adds a few ordinarily requested facilities that singular interior and extraneous styling, and a new automatic limited-slip differential.

Available in new Race Red or signature Nitrous Blue physique colour – both featuring distinguished new shimmer black roof and counterpart caps. The back roof spoiler also facilities shimmer black finish, with blue RS logos on a side wings. Now customary are 19-inch reward embellished fake amalgamate wheels with blue RS core caps.

From a cockpit, a doorway handles, handbrake push and turbo boost sign approximate are wrapped in CO fiber skin, while apparatus from a RS2 Package still customary in Canada, offers black leather-trimmed RECARO® seats with Miko-Dinamica eco-friendly suede microfiber inserts and RS logo, exhilarated front seats with eight-way energy driver’s seat, exhilarated steering wheel, exhilarated extraneous mirrors and voice-activated navigation system.

To unequivocally excite pushing enthusiasts, a tellurian Ford Performance group grown a customary automatic Quaife® limited-slip differential for a front spindle that serve improves Focus RS performance. This limited-edition Focus RS will some-more simply lift speed by a dilemma on a track, and concede for extent acceleration on a approach out.

“To prove clever direct for a ever-popular Focus RS, I’m really vehement that we’re bringing this limited-edition car to North America,” pronounced Henry Ford, Ford Performance selling manager. “We have spent a good understanding of time listening to a customers, vocalization to owners’ bar members, reading comments and suggestions on fan websites, and even study several forum Photoshop renderings.”

A parsimonious hold on performance

By determining a torque delivered to any front wheel, a Quaife limited-slip differential enables 2018 Focus RS drivers to entirely daub a 2.3-litre EcoBoost® engine’s 350 horsepower. The limited-slip differential boundary engine torque delivered to a sold front circle that has reduced traction on a highway surface, redistributing torque to a circle with some-more traction to revoke differences in circle spin that can bushel acceleration and stability.

“Our new limited-edition Focus RS represents permitted opening during a finest,” pronounced Jamal Hameedi, Ford Performance arch engineer. “Improving on a stirring pushing dynamics of a Focus RS is no tiny charge – though a Ford Performance engineers have delivered a drivetrain able of wringing each dump of opening from a engine.”

The new complement seamlessly integrates with customary Focus RS pushing technologies, including:

  • Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive, that varies front-to-rear torque placement to fit a given pushing conditions – monitoring inputs from car sensors 100 times per second and promulgation an normal of 70 per cent of expostulate torque to a back axle
  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring, that uses electronically tranquil purchase packs on a back spindle to send 100 per cent of an normal 70 per cent accessible torque to possibly back wheel, and can switch expostulate from one side to a other in as tiny as 0.06 second – or about a time it takes a humming bird to strap a wings 4 times.
  • Torque Vectoring Control, that automatically relates tiny amounts of stop force to extent circle spin during a front axle, serve enhancing a tractive force available
  • Focus RS Drive Modes, that embody Ford-first drift mode for tranquil oversteer drifts underneath circuit conditions, and launch control for ultimate opening off a start line and 4.7-second 0‑62 mph acceleration

Coming to a lane nearby you

Only one thousand limited-edition 2018 Focus RS opening cars will be accessible in a United States and 500 in Canada, with deliveries commencement in late 2017, imprinting a final event to sequence a stream era Focus RS in North America.

The limited-edition Focus RS joins Ford’s iconic Ford Performance car operation in North America, alongside a recently launched Ford GT supercar, F-150 Raptor, and much-loved Shelby GT350 Mustang, Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

Note: Vehicle horsepower ratings achieved with 93-octane fuel.

Ford Canada

All-New 2018 Expedition FX4 Is a Most Off-Road-Capable Expedition Ever

  • All-new Ford Expedition with new FX4 Off-Road Package adds record and 4×4 hardware to make this family SUV even some-more able on trails and unpaved surfaces  
  • Expedition FX4 Off-Road Package customary apparatus includes off-road-tuned shocks, all-new electronic limited-slip back differential, movement plates, side stairs and FX4 badging
  • New Terrain Management System enables a motorist to name modes to optimize pushing dynamics to environmental conditions – from sleet to mud, silt and more

DEARBORN, Mich., Jun 16, 2017 – For a some-more than 20 per cent of Expedition owners that use their SUV for off-road adventure, Ford introduces a all-new 2018 Expedition FX4 Off-Road Package, creation this a many off-road-capable Expedition ever.

“The FX4 Off-Road package delivers off-road pushing confidence,” pronounced Mike Kipley, Expedition car engineering manager. “The record we’re regulating works to adjust to opposite pushing conditions so business can suffer a journey but worry.”

Expedition’s all-new high-strength, aluminum-alloy physique and redesigned high-strength steel support form a substructure for a off-road and towing capabilities. The use of modernized materials enabled engineers to save adult to 136 kg (300 pounds), with most of a assets reinvested to offer business some-more record and facilities than ever before.

FX4 Off-Road Package includes:

  • Patented electronic limited-slip back differential to assistance urge off-road opening in low-traction situations by automatically varying energy outlay side-to-side, depending on that wheels need additional traction. With 3.73:1 gearing, a electronic limited-slip back differential also improves towing opening and capability
  • Off-road-tuned shocks some-more stiffly tuned to keep wheels in hit with a road
  • All-terrain tires with thicker sidewalls to say a well-spoken float while delivering a traction indispensable over severe terrain
  • Seven opposite movement plates that offer as underbody armor and strengthen vicious areas. They embody a new silt defense to strengthen a turbocharger intercoolers from removing clogged when pushing by high berms in silt dunes, and steel plates to strengthen steering gear, engine, delivery and send box and a full-length ensure for a fuel tank. To assistance stand over high or high obstacles, a chin spoiler underneath a front fender has been condensed to urge proceed angles
  • Unique 18-inch Magnetic Metallic-painted cast-aluminum wheels
  • Chrome using boards
  • FX4 badging on a liftgate and front fender
  • New rubber building liners featuring low side sills that can be private and spotless of any mud, silt or H2O that gets dragged in on family adventures

Expedition’s all-new easy-to-use Terrain Management System™ lets FX4 business name from 7 special expostulate modes that assistance Expedition automatically adjust to opposite highway conditions. This includes normal for around city driving, competition for some-more energetic trips, tow/haul for softened towing and hauling performance, eco for extended fuel economy, grass/gravel/snow for lax terrain, silt for low traction situations and mud/rut for disproportionate surfaces. Expedition FX4 drivers also can manually name possibly 2WD or 4WD modes in a given expostulate mode, depending on their preferences and terrain.

The all-new Expedition provides inexhaustible space, connectivity and intelligent new technology. The Expedition FX4 Off-Road Package has a absolute 3.5-litre EcoBoost® engine ever, rated during 375 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, and customary Auto Start-Stop, an all-new 10-speed delivery and accessible best-in-class towing of 4,219 kg (9,300 pounds).

The all-new Expedition’s roomy, stretchable interior offers seating for adult to 8 people with a far-reaching bucket area to reason their gear, depending on bucket weight and bucket distribution. Expedition facilities a second-row chair with tip-and-slide functionality – providing easy entrance to a third quarrel but a need to initial mislay a child reserve seat. Once in a third row, even adults will conclude some-more legroom and recumbent seats.

The all-new Expedition lineup, including a FX4 Off-Road Package, goes on sale this fall.

Ford Canada

Ford F-150 and Expedition’s New Advanced Engines Maximize Lightweight Materials for Greater Performance, Efficiency

  • Four years after relocating to modernized high-strength, military-grade aluminum-alloy bodies for Built Ford Tough trucks, business are receiving additional advantages – including softened performance, capability and fuel economy
  • All-new 3.3-litre V6 delivers even some-more power, torque and softened EPA-estimated gas mileage than a prior 3.5-litre V6, serve reinforcing how Ford F-150’s light-weighting plan enables business to get some-more finished with twin fewer cylinders
  • All-new Expedition offers a many absolute 3.5-litre EcoBoost® engine yet, rated during adult to 400 horsepower and 480 lb.-ft. of torque; Auto Start-Stop and all-new 10-speed delivery come standard, with accessible best-in-class towing of 9,300 pounds

DEARBORN, Mich., Jun 16, 2017 – Lightweight modernized materials, and new engines and a newly accessible 10-speed delivery move new 2018 Ford F-150 and all-new 2018 Ford Expedition business even softened performance, capability and efficiency.

The latest advantages tie behind to Ford’s investment years ago in a high-strength, military-grade aluminum amalgamate bodies and high-strength steel frames. This helped save adult to 700 pounds of weight on a all-new F-150, permitting business to draw and transport some-more than ever with their trucks.

Since then, Ford has stretched high-strength, military-grade aluminum amalgamate bodies and high-strength steel frames to a latest F-Series Super Duty heavy-duty pickup trucks and all-new Expedition full-size SUV. The weight assets from these clever and lightweight materials is serve extended by new and softened engines.

“Each F-150 and Expedition patron has singular needs, and we can broach even some-more of a capability and potency they are looking for, interjection to a vital use of lightweight materials and innovative V6 engines,” pronounced Hau Thai-Tang, Ford executive clamp president, Product Development and Purchasing. “Our loyalty to this kind of creation helps a F-Series and Expedition business take caring of their flourishing families and businesses, all with fewer stops for fuel along a way.”    

New 2018 Ford F-150

In a US business have snapped adult 75 per cent of new trucks this year with V6 engines. For 2018, a new F-150 arrives with an even some-more able powertrain lineup and some-more V6 choices.

For 2018, F-150 introduces an even smaller, some-more fit 3.3-litre V6 that adds twin pier and direct-injection record to broach some-more energy and torque than a prior 3.5-litre V6, and softened projected EPA-estimated gas mileage – a win-win for customers.

Aiding in light-weighting, a customary 3.3-litre V6 in a 2018 F-150 is projected to offer a 5 per cent power-to-weight ratio alleviation contra a steel-bodied 2014 F-150 versed with 3.7-litre V6 – with softened expected fuel potency and performance.

With modernized twin pier and direct-injection technology, a all-new second-generation 2.7-litre EcoBoost® engine delivers a 25 lb.-ft. boost in torque, and during reduce engine speeds compared to a normal V8. Like a second-generation 3.5-litre EcoBoost that debuted final indication year, a 2.7-litre will be interconnected to a segment-exclusive 10-speed involuntary delivery for 2018.

The 5.0-litre V8 also is extended for 2018. This naturally aspirated engine brings poignant upgrades including modernized twin pier and direct-injection record for 10 some-more horsepower and 13 ft.-lb. of torque. In addition, a engine facilities spray-on gimlet ship record featured in a high-performance Mustang GT350, all to fist out even some-more weight from a aluminum block.

For a initial time, a V8 is interconnected with a Ford-built 10-speed involuntary transmission. EPA-estimated fuel economy will be announced closer to marketplace availability.

F-150 adds an accessible all-new 3.0-litre Power Stroke® V6 diesel – designed, engineered and tested in-house – interconnected with a 10-speed automatic. The initial diesel engine offering for F-150 will be accessible subsequent spring.

In further to a segment-first 10-speed automatic, F-150 is a initial full-size pickup to supplement Auto Start-Stop as customary apparatus opposite all models and engines.

The 2018 Ford F-150 arrives in dealerships this fall. It is built during Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri.

All-new 2018 Ford Expedition

Expedition’s all-new high-strength, aluminum-alloy physique and redesigned high-strength steel support are a substructure for a imperishable off-road and clever towing capabilities. Using modernized materials saved adult to 300 pounds – with many of a assets reinvested to offer business some-more record and facilities than ever before.

Powered by a new 3.5-litre EcoBoost with customary Auto Start-Stop and a Ford-built 10-speed automatic, a all-new Expedition is a many absolute Expedition ever.

Expedition’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost will offer business twin energy ratings, depending on trim level, and adult to a best-in-class 9,300 pounds of towing capability. Expedition facilities class-exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist, creation it easier than ever for business to draw and transport with confidence.

The all-new Expedition is accessible in XLT, Limited and Platinum series, with an FX4 Off-Road Package accessible for XLT. An XL chronicle will be accessible for swift customers, from law coercion to puncture services. All array will be accessible on a extended-length Expedition MAX.

The 2018 Ford Expedition arrives in dealerships this fall. It is built during Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ford Canada

New Mustang GT Owners Can Now Hush a V8 Growl to be Good Neighbours; Brush with Law Gave Engineer a Idea

  • Industry-first Quiet Start – also called “Good Neighbor Mode” by Mustang engineers – allows drivers to report a time of day when their Mustang GT’s V8 engine will bark and when to keep it still to uncover pleasantness to neighbours
  • New Quiet Exhaust mode boundary volume of 2018 Mustang GT’s 5.0-litre V8 engine regulating active valve opening empty complement that closes valves to shorten a volume of sound done by a car
  • According to a new check by, shrill engine revving ranks among a many irritating noises neighbours make, alongside other common nuisances including grass mowers, energy tools, barking dogs and rope practice

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 1, 2017 – Someone called a cops on Steve von Foerster. The former conduct of automobile engineering for Ford Motor Company wasn’t thrilled, though he accepted why.

On an differently pacific morning in his suburban Detroit neighbourhood, von Foerster had only corroborated a Shelby GT350 Mustang out of his driveway. As a car’s V8 engine thundered, an indignant neighbour set aside their coffee crater and dialed 911.

Von Foerster had left before a officers arrived, and he didn’t finish adult with a ticket. Nor did he get angry. What he got was an suspicion for a new Mustang.

“I adore a sound of a V8, though it can be loud, and we can’t provoke people like that in your neighbourhood,” pronounced von Foerster, who now leads Ford’s user knowledge group in product development. “It sounds so cool, though we thought, ‘There has to be a approach to give people some-more control over a engine’s sound.’”

The knowledge fueled a contention between von Foerster and associate Mustang module group members that led to growth of Quiet Exhaust mode and industry-first Quiet Start, famous as “Good Neighbor Mode” among Mustang engineers. The new facilities on scrupulously versed 2018 Mustang GT vehicles concede drivers to keep engine sound during a smallest if they wish and to module still start-up times in advance.

While some sports cars offer active empty systems with on/off functionality, Mustang’s Quiet Start is a initial to concede scheduling of times. Using steering wheel-mounted ride controls, drivers toggle by a menu in a instrument cluster to name when they wish to glow adult their Mustang GT but pity a eventuality with neighbours. For example, between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m., drivers can keep a assent by scheduling their automobile to start, reduction a roar.

Both new Quiet Exhaust mode and Quiet Start facilities will be partial of a accessible active valve opening empty complement on a new Mustang GT, along with opposite empty volumes for Normal, Sport and Track modes, giving business some-more choice than ever before.

“Active valve opening empty gives Mustang owners a best of both worlds – that classical Mustang sound, and a ability to not arise adult your neighbours when we leave a residence early in a morning or arrive home late during night,” pronounced Matt Flis, Ford empty growth engineer.

Neighbourhoods opposite a nation should be thrilled. According to a new check by, shrill engine revving ranks among a many irritating noises neighbours make, alongside other common nuisances including energy tools, barking dogs and rope practice. Only early-morning grass mowing is some-more dynamically despised. With new Quiet Exhaust mode and Quiet Start, Ford is doing a partial to keep a peace.

“When sounds get adult into a upper-70-decibel range, that’s typically about when they start to worry people,” pronounced Flis. “With still start activated, a decibel turn of a new Mustang GT drops by about 10 decibels, to a most some-more gentle 72 decibels – about a turn of a domicile dishwasher.”

On Mustang GT versed with a accessible all-digital 12-inch instrument cluster, a empty mode menu appears within a hack menu. With a customary 4-inch cluster, empty mode is found within a settings menu.

Active valve opening empty is one of many changes Mustang fans will see when cars strech showrooms after this year. In further to a restyled extraneous pattern and polished interior, Mustang will offer an all-digital 12-inch instrument cluster, a 10-speed involuntary transmission, MagneRide damping complement and SYNC® Connect with FordPass.

With a new Drag Strip mode, Mustang GT now reaches 60 mph in underneath 4 seconds – faster than a $94,000 Porsche 911 Carrera – environment a new customary as a quickest Mustang GT ever.

Ford Canada

New Ford F-150: Most Advanced F-150 Powertrain Lineup Ever Enables Best-in-Class Payload, Towing and Gas Mileage

·         With some-more engine choices, a 2018 F-150 is some-more fuel-efficient than ever; a all-new 2.7-litre EcoBoost is rated a best-in-class 20 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg total gas EPA fuel economy label

·         New F-150 debuts with new, best-in-class 13,200-pound draw rating – interjection to some-more powerful, fit engine offerings featuring customary Auto Start-Stop and stretched accessibility of segment-first 10-speed SelectShift® involuntary transmission

·         New lorry sports a worse pattern with bolder Built Ford Tough styling and a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy physique and box

·         Using accessible class-exclusive Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and adaptive journey control with stop-and-go functionality, a 2018 F-150 can support drivers in undiluted trade – even requesting brakes to assistance forestall a collision; accessible Wi-Fi hotspot helps occupants stay connected on a go

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 9, 2017 – Ford’s new F-150 debuts for 2018 even tougher, even smarter, and even some-more able than ever – with a many modernized powertrain lineup ever that delivers best-in-class towing, cargo and potency for America’s pickup drivers.

The new F-150 delivers a best-in-class gas 20 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg total EPA fuel economy tag from a all-new second-generation 2.7-litre EcoBoost engine, and best-in-class towing (13,200 lbs.; 5,988 kg) and cargo ability (3,270 lbs.; 1,483 kg) from a 3.5-litre EcoBoost and extended 5.0-litre V8, respectively.  

“The Ford F-150 lineup again delivers on a guarantee to give full-size lorry business even some-more value, functionality and intelligent record innovations, with best-in-class towing, cargo and fuel economy,” pronounced Todd Eckert, Ford lorry organisation selling manager. “Our new F-150 highlights Ford’s joining to a overworked lorry business and how we listen to their final for their new F-150 to be even tougher, even smarter and even some-more able for work and play.”

Three years after introducing a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy-bodied F-150, a new lorry arrives with confidant new styling, modernized technologies, a segment-first 10-speed involuntary delivery and F-150’s many modernized engine lineup yet, that includes a initial diesel ever for F-150. F-150 is partial of Ford’s F-Series lorry lineup – America’s best-selling lorry for 40 uninterrupted years and a best-selling car for 35 years.

New powertrain lineup for best-in-class payload, towing and gas mileage

The new F-150 offers a many modernized engine offerings ever – all to offer a right engine for each overworked lorry customer.

An all-new 2.7-litre EcoBoost® V6 with segment-exclusive SelectShift® 10-speed involuntary delivery delivers best-in-class EPA-estimated fuel economy of 20 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. With modernized twin pier and direct-injection technology, a second-generation 2.7-litre EcoBoost engine delivers a 25 lb.-ft. boost in torque – and during revoke engine speeds compared to a normal V8. Like a second-generation 3.5-litre EcoBoost, this all-new 2.7-litre EcoBoost will be interconnected with Ford’s segment-exclusive 10-speed SelectShift involuntary transmission.

An extended 5.0-litre V8 boasts a best-in-class cargo ability of 3,270 pounds (1,483 kg). This routinely aspirated engine facilities poignant upgrades for 2018 including modernized twin pier and direct-injection record for 10 some-more horsepower and an additional 13 lb.-ft. of torque. Spray-on gimlet ship record also featured in a Shelby GT350® Mustang has been combined to fist out even some-more weight from a aluminum block. For a initial time, a V8 is interconnected with a 10-speed SelectShift automatic.

For best-in-class towing, a second-generation 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 delivers 13,200 pounds (5,988 kg) of towing capacity, interjection to a 470 lb.-ft. of torque that beats all diesel- and gasoline-powered competitors, including V8 engines with scarcely twice a displacement. With twin pier and direct-injection technology, a 375-horsepower twin-turbo engine provides ideal low-end and rise engine opening for hauling complicated payloads and towing complicated trailers.

Even a all-new 3.3-litre V6 engine is some-more efficient, some-more absolute and delivers some-more torque to get a pursuit done, compared to a formerly customary 3.5-litre V6. Plus, a now customary 3.3-litre provides a 5 per cent power-to-weight ratio alleviation contra a 2014 F-150 featuring steel physique and 3.7-litre V6 – with improved fuel economy and opening bases on EPA-estimated ratings.

Designed, engineered and tested in-house, an all-new 3.0-litre Power Stroke® turbo diesel V6 interconnected with 10-speed SelectShift involuntary joins a F-150 engine lineup for 2018. The initial diesel engine charity for F-150 will be accessible subsequent spring.

F-150’s new powertrain lineup

New F-150 offers a many modernized engine offerings ever, including customary Auto Start-Stop. Specifically:

Raising a bar by segment-exclusive materials and technologies

More than only styling that creates visually bolder and some-more planted stance, a new F-150 continues to offer a segment-exclusive multiple of modernized materials that have proven continuance by endless real-world opening and stop corrosion. A high-strength, military-grade, aluminum amalgamate physique and box that saves weight and adds capability joined with a high-strength steel entirely boxed ladder frame.

The new Ford F-150 serve advances a light-duty pickup lorry marketplace with segment-first and class-exclusive technologies that urge productivity, potency and motorist confidence, while gripping occupants connected to a universe around them. Technologies include:

·         New segment-first extended adaptive journey control with stop-and-go functionality is accessible to concede drivers to set a cruising speed. The complement afterwards uses radar and camera record to guard trade forward to say a set stretch between vehicles – even following a car down to a finish stop

·         New segment-first Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection is accessible to assistance drivers equivocate or lessen collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians

·         An accessible new embedded 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi hotspot enables business to bond adult to 10 mobile inclination during one time, probably anywhere

·         New BO PLAY audio complement is available, charity high-end speakers, sound and tuning for a richer, some-more enchanting listening experience

Existing segment-exclusive driver-assist and preference facilities include:

·         Available Pro Trailer Backup Assist allows F-150 drivers of several ability levels to drive a trailer instinctively regulating a core console-mounted dial to fill-in a vessel launch or park in a driveway

·         Available Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage record is optimized for F-150 to embody adult to 33 feet of trailer length; BLIS® uses radar sensors in a taillamps to guard areas that might not be manifest to a motorist around a lorry and trailer

·         Available 360-degree camera record helps urge motorist certainty when parking and can assistance revoke highlight when joining a trailer – permitting business to see some-more so they can concentration on specific tasks such as backing adult a hitch

·         Available lane-keeping complement is designed to assistance revoke flapping of a lorry outward a dictated lane

The new 2018 Ford F-150 goes on sale this fall. It will be built during Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri.

Ford Canada

Ford Performance to Offer Tribute Livery of Historic 1967 Le Mans Winner with 2018 Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition

About Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited

Ford of Canada’s operations embody a inhabitant headquarters, 3 informal offices, 3 car public and engine production plants, and dual tools placement centres. Ford employs approximately 8,000 people in Canada, while an additional 18,000 people are employed in a some-more than 400 Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships opposite a country. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Ford Canada

King of Work: 2018 Ford Super Duty Is Canada’s Most Powerful, Most Capable Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck Ever

  • For a many perfectionist pickup lorry customers, a 2018 Ford F-Series Super Duty works harder interjection to a newly upgraded 6.7-litre Power Stroke® V8 diesel engine charity best-in-class 450 horsepower and 935 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Super Duty continues as a heavy-duty champ, owning pivotal capability claims in a segment: horsepower, torque, gooseneck towing, required towing and payload
  • F-450 4×2 Crew Cab pickup joins Super Duty lineup for 2018, delivering best-in-class 34,000-pound towing ability with scrupulously versed gooseneck connections

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 5, 2017 – Ford, Canada’s lorry personality for 51 true years, delivers for business once again for 2018, formulating Canada’s many absolute and able heavy-duty pickup trucks ever – interjection to best-in-class horsepower and torque from a newly upgraded 6.7-litre Power Stroke® diesel engine.

“Super Duty business design a best, and for 2018 we’re giving a business even some-more energy and torque from a 6.7-litre Power Stroke diesel – delivering a many horsepower and torque accessible among all heavy-duty pickups,” pronounced Todd Eckert, Ford lorry organisation selling manager. “Plus, a new F-450 pickup now includes a 4X2 model, enabling a business to get some-more finished with a segment’s best cargo and towing.”

The 2018 Super Duty continues to broach Built Ford Tough durability, capability, and functionality while now owning 5 pivotal best-in-class heavy-duty lorry shred claims:

  • Best-in-class 450 horsepower (a 10 horsepower alleviation over 2017)
  • Best-in-class 935 lb.-ft. of torque (a 10 lb.-ft. alleviation over 2017)
  • Best-in-class 34,000 pounds of gooseneck towing, when scrupulously versed (a 1,500-pound alleviation for a new F-450 4×2 model)
  • Best-in-class 21,000-pound required join towing
  • Best-in-class 7,360-pound cargo capacity

Upgrades to a 2018 Ford 6.7-litre Power Stroke engine embody redesigned cylinder heads for combined strength underneath aloft loads, and optimized fuel and turbo boost calibrations to take advantage of a increasing cylinder conduct ability for increasing horsepower and torque.

Ford is a usually heavy-duty lorry manufacturer that designs and builds a possess diesel engine and delivery multiple – ensuring a powertrain works seamlessly with all framework components and car calibrations. This proceed enables Ford engineers to optimize car opening opposite a whole lineup and to serve labour a powertrain to a specific needs of a customer.

34,000 Pounds of Towing Force

For those who rest on their pickups to transport large trailers to get a pursuit done, a new F-450 Super Duty 4×2 dual-rear-wheel lorry is now accessible for both sell and swift business – charity larger strength, potency and durability.

Leveraging a advantages of a high-strength steel box frame, integrated gooseneck join mounts, and combined bucket ability interjection to Ford’s exclusive high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body, a 2018 F-450 4×2 tows even some-more with a lighter, some-more fit driveline. The outcome is a many capable, strong and fit Super Duty draw appurtenance ever, delivering a best-in-class 34,000 pounds of gooseneck towing capacity.