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Chairless Chair for softened ergonomics in Audi’s prolongation plants

“Audi has played a streamer purpose in a margin of ergonomics for a prolonged time now. The chairless chair is one of many projects that we have implemented in a prolongation processes in new years. It helps us to raise a employees’ well‑being and say their health over a prolonged term. At a same time, an ergonomically optimized operative sourroundings promotes some-more capability and even softened quality,” settled Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production, Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl.

As a employees’ health will be softened by a use of a chairless chair, a Works Council is also in preference of a project. “We contingency implement a technological care also for a well‑being of a workforce. Because technologies that soothe people of highlight are examples of how a destiny has to be done for a good of a employees,” explained a Chairman of Audi’s General Works Council, Peter Mosch.

The chairless chair, that Audi has serve grown together with a Swiss start‑up company, is an exoskeleton that is ragged on a behind of a legs. It is fixed with belts to a hips, knees and ankles. Two leather‑covered surfaces support a bum and thighs while dual struts done of carbon‑fiber‑reinforced cosmetic (CFRP) adjust to a contours of a leg. They are jointed behind a knee and can be hydraulically practiced to a wearer’s physique distance and a preferred sitting position. Body weight is eliminated into a building by these tractable elements. The chairless chair itself weighs usually 2.4 kilograms. Dr. Stephan Weiler, a alloy obliged for ergonomic workplace pattern in Audi’s health department: “The chairless chair is a transparent proof that Audi places priority on appealing and well‑designed workplaces. This construction reduces a highlight and aria on a employees’ knees and ankles in an ideal manner.”

While working, employees wear a chairless chair like a second span of legs to yield support whenever needed. For many public operations, it allows employees to lay in an ergonomically auspicious position instead of station – even with brief operative intervals. At a same time, this high‑tech ancillary structure improves viewpoint and reduces aria on a legs. Chairs and stools, that are now used in some public operations as proxy aids, turn unnecessary. At a same time, Audi hopes that use of a exoskeleton will revoke worker absenteeism for earthy reasons. “With a use of a chairless chair, we are invariably improving ergonomics in public operations. We also expect new applications for colleagues with reduced earthy capabilities,” settled Dr. Mathias Keil, Head of Industrial Engineering Methods during AUDI AG.

Starting this week, Audi employees are gaining knowledge with 3 commander prototypes of a chairless chair on A4* and A6* assembly lines during a Neckarsulm plant – with cockpit pre-assembly for example. Until now, a employees there worked usually while standing. They now have significantly reduction earthy highlight due to a understanding carbon-fiber device, that allows them to swap between sitting and station while working. Audi will start a exam proviso also during a Ingolstadt plant in May. After that, a association will muster a chairless chair in array production.

The commander plan is being upheld by an interdisciplinary group and is partial of a area of activity underneath a streamer of “workplace of the future” within a company’s ergonomics strategy: With “We for us. Active into the future,” Audi is reacting to stream and entrance hurdles brought by a mutation of operative life.