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Challenge for immature inventors from Bavaria during Audi

A passion for hosting: Audi welcomes pupils, students and apprentices from Bavaria to a 40th informal determining turn of “Youth Research” and “Pupils Experiment” in Ingolstadt. On Wednesday, Feb 27 and Thursday, Feb 28, 129 young scientists will benefaction their investigate projects in a fields of biology, physics, informatics and record during a Audi Training Centre. 83 immature people adult to a age of 14 will be competing in a girl difficulty “Pupils Experiment” and 46 immature people between a ages of 15 and 21 will be competing in a “Youth Research” category. The sign of a dual inventors’ compe­titions is “Ask Yourself,” and gives a participants copiousness of artistic leisure for their ideas.

As a partner company, Audi is organizing a informal foe for a 40th time. “Innovation thrives on a questions asked by researchers and inventors,” says Wendelin Göbel, Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources. “I am vehement and assured that a immature researchers will benefaction us a lot of earnest answers during a finish of a competition. The winners will accept certificates from a jury of experts and will so validate for a Bavarian competitions in Apr in Vilsbiburg (“Youth Research”) and Dingolfing (“Pupils Experiment”). The sovereign final of “Youth Research” will take place in Chemnitz from May 16 to 19. This year, some-more than 12,000 participants via Germany have purebred for a girl competition.