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Changes in Human Resources during a Volkswagen Group

Josef Schelchshorn (54), latterly Executive Vice-President Human Resources during SEAT S.A., has been allocated Board member for Human Resources during MAN SE and MAN Truck Bus effective Jul 1, 2015. He succeeds Jochen Schumm (67), who is holding retirement. Schelchshorn’s inheritor as Executive Vice-President Human Resources during a SEAT code effective Sep 1, 2015, is Xavier Ros (44), now Human Resources Director during Volkswagen Autoeuropa.

Josef Schelchshorn began his career in 1978 as a blurb neophyte with AUDI AG. He worked in tellurian resources during Audi from 1982, study part-time to obtain a grade in business economics in 1986. In 1993 he became a dilettante plan manager during Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., and took assign of tellurian resources there as a departmental conduct dual years later. In 1997 Schelchshorn changed to a post of partner to a Board member for tellurian resources during AUDI AG. He returned to Audi Hungaria in 2000 as HR executive and member of a government board, before holding adult an appointment as conduct of tellurian resources in a prolongation multiplication in Ingolstadt in 2001. Schelchshorn became tellurian resources manager for Audi’s Ingolstadt plant in Mar 2003. He was allocated Executive Vice-President Human Resources during a SEAT code in 2010. In further to his responsibilities as Board member for Human Resources during MAN, Josef Schelchshorn will also lead a Corporate HR cross-divisional duty during Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH, so coordinating closer communication between a holding’s lorry and train brands.

Xavier Ros binds a grade in automatic engineering. The Spaniard began his career in 1994, operative in logistics formulation during AUDI AG. Following a position in Audi product management, Ros changed to product government during SEAT S.A. in 1999, before being allocated secretary ubiquitous in 2002 and subsequently holding assign of crew plan and crew growth in 2007. Ros was named conduct of crew during SEAT in 2011, and changed to Volkswagen Autoeuropa in Portugal as Human Resources Director in 2013.

Jochen Schumm is finale a successful career with a Volkswagen Group after 51 years of service. Dr. Horst Neumann, Board Member for Human Resources during Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, paid reverence to Schumm’s achievements: “We would like to appreciate Mr. Schumm for his long-standing commitment. He always sought to find a good change between competitiveness and practice in a interests of a association and a workforce, and therefore done a durability grant to a company’s success.”

Schumm finished a blurb tutelage during Volkswagen AG in Hanover between 1964 and 1967. From 1970 to 1982, he worked in tellurian resources and gratification during Volkswagen AG in Salzgitter. He went on to reason several government positions during Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg from 1982 to 1986, with a final being as conduct of a payroll dialect in tellurian resources and welfare. Schumm afterwards changed to SEAT S.A. in Spain, where he was a conduct of tellurian resources and gratification services from 1986 to 1989. From 1989 by 1994, Schumm hold several tellurian resources government functions during Volkswagen AG in Brunswick and Wolfsburg, that enclosed shortcoming for a executive common negotiate and tellurian resources plan duty and for executive tellurian resources and common bargaining. He was arch tellurian resources officer during SEAT S.A. from 1994 by 1996. 1997 by 2000 saw him as conduct of tellurian resources during Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg and in 1999 he also became conduct of a services business unit. Between 2000 and 2011, he was a arch tellurian resources officer of a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles code in Hanover and in 2008 also insincere a additional purpose of conduct of tellurian resources for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Germany in Wolfsburg. From Jan to May 2012 he was ubiquitous deputy for Group tellurian resources during Volkswagen AG, before being allocated Board member for Human Resources and Labour Relations Director during MAN Truck Bus AG in Munich in Jun 2012. Schumm insincere a additional purpose of Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Relations Director during MAN SE in Munich in Jul 2012.