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Chevrolet’s Industry-First Buckle to Drive Feature Reminds Teen Drivers to Buckle Up

Chevrolet’s Industry-First Buckle to Drive Feature Reminds Teen Drivers to Buckle Up





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OSHAWA (Tuesday, Jun 4, 2019) Chevrolet Canada has introduced an industry-first Buckle to Drive underline that can assistance remind immature drivers to bend adult before driving. Buckle to Drive is customary in a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, and when active can forestall a motorist from changeable a automobile out of park if a driver’s chair belt is not buckled. Buckle to Drive is usually accessible by a vehicle’s Teen Driver mode and builds on Chevrolet’s Teen Driver system, introduced in 2015, as another step to assistance teen drivers stay protected on a road.

Buckling your chair belt can revoke a chances of genocide in a collision by 47 per cent and a chances of critical damage by 52 per cent (Government of Canada).

 “Buckle to Drive is Chevrolet’s latest underline designed to inspire immature drivers to rise protected pushing habits right from a start,” pronounced Laura Pacey, code director, Chevrolet. “Buckle to Drive is embedded in Chevrolet’s Teen Driver complement and is directed during assisting remind teenagers to bend adult each time they get behind a wheel.”



Because Chevrolet is endangered about a risks of not buckling up, it has conducted endless investigate in a area. The Buckle to Drive underline in Chevrolet’s Teen Driver complement was formed on a new inner commander investigate of a identical underline that Chevrolet offering to name swift customers. In fact, a investigate conducted by a Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that a underline increasing a chair belt use of adults who spasmodic use a chair belt by 16 percent compared to a customary heard carillon chair belt sign in a identical Chevrolet vehicle.

How Buckle to Drive Works:

  • The Buckle to Drive underline is accessible usually when a automobile is in Teen Driver mode.
  • If a automobile is on and a driver’s chair belt is not buckled, a underline is designed to not concede a motorist to change out of park for adult to 20 seconds. When a stop pedal is pressed, a motorist will hear an heard warning and see a summary in a motorist information centre that reads “Buckle chair belt to shift.”
  • Chevrolet’s Teen Driver complement with a Buckle to Drive underline will be customary on a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, Malibu and Colorado, all nearing this summer.

Seat Belt Fast Facts:

  • When ragged correctly, chair belts can revoke a chances of genocide in a collision by 47 per cent and a chances of critical damage by 52 per cent. Government of Canada
  • 27.4 per cent of fatalities that occurred in 2017, a motorist was not wearing a chair belt. Government of Canada
  • It is estimated that about 300 lives could be saved each year if everybody wore chair belts. Government of Canada

About Chevy’s Teen Driver:

  • Teen Driver offers an industry-first in-vehicle news label that that helps inspire protected pushing habits and provides a approach for relatives and teenagers to discuss safe driving practices.
  • Parents can perspective how their teen gathering a vehicle. The news label tracks: 
    • Distance driven, extent speed traveled, over-speed warnings issued, wide-open stifle events and a series of times other reserve systems were activated, including fortitude control, traction control and antilock braking.
  • To use Teen Driver mode, a primogenitor can capacitate a underline by formulating a PIN in a Settings menu that allows them to register their teen’s pivotal fob. The Teen Driver settings are incited on usually when a purebred pivotal fob is used to start a vehicle.
  • When active, Teen Driver automatically mutes a radio until motorist and front newcomer chair belts are fastened. The radio system’s extent volume can also be set to a reduce level.
  • If a automobile is versed with certain active reserve facilities like Forward Collision Alert*, they are automatically incited on.
  • Parents can name a speed warning (between 65-120 km/h) that if exceeded activates a visible warning and heard chime.
  • Parents can select to extent a extent speed of a automobile to 135 km/h.
  • Teen Driver mode in a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, Malibu and Colorado will embody a new, industry-first Buckle to Drive feature.

*Read a automobile owner’s primer for critical reserve or motorist assistance underline stipulations and information.


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