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Children’s eyes light adult during a MAN Christmas truck


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MAN TGX visits day nurseries and Christmas markets

Children's eyes light adult during a MAN Christmas truck.The MAN Christmas lorry is on debate via Bavaria adult until Christmas Eve, interlude during many kindergartens, children’s hospitals, Children’s Villages and Christmas markets. As tiny gifts for a children, a vast lorry and festively flashy trailer is carrying gingerbread and small MAN Lion cuddly toys.

The pursuit of pushing a MAN Christmas lorry is one of a many keenly sought-after proffer jobs. Development operative Georg Haselberger from Munich will be during a circle for a initial leg to Reichertsheim nearby Mühldorf am Inn. He afterwards hands over to his colleagues, who will be holding a Christmas lorry to many smaller towns and villages via Bavaria.

Apprentices from MAN Truck Bus in Munich have spent a final 3 weeks wise out a trailer and tractor car with lighting. The trailer will be illuminated by approximately 200 metres of angel lights, and some-more than 250 LEDs will irradiate a MAN trademark on a radiator grill.

The tractor car is a 480 hp MAN TGX in gratifying livery. In sequence that a lorry reaches a end safely and on schedule, even in inauspicious continue and highway conditions over a appearance season, it has been specifically propitious with a MAN HydroDrive front-axle drive, that can be intent when required. The Christmas lorry afterwards becomes a four-wheel expostulate car during a hold of a button, that is really useful when manoeuvring in a snow.