Mercedes-Benz Canada

Child?s play: Safety facilities in a Mercedes-Benz ESF.

Julien Richert is a reserve operative for Mercedes-Benz and a plan lead for a ESF 2019. Together with Tyra, he takes a demeanour during a finished reserve concept.
Tyra learns that lights and colours play a large purpose in creation a automobile promulgate with a surroundings, formulating what we call sensitive trust with other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.
While a bluish colour represents an activated programmed pushing mode, vigilance lights and bright panels can also use orange to warning and advise – discerning and easy to understand. Tyra agrees. The extraordinary 11-year-old explores a ESF and a many facilities on a extraneous and interior and also gets to accommodate a built-in warning triangle robot.
Packed with startling technology, a ESF 2019 aims during demonstrating creativity and potency in terms of shortening accidents. Its facilities could shortly impact an whole swift of new Mercedes-Benz models in tangible trade environments.